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#2182292 State of the Dungeon Crowd - Good or Bad?

Posted dannywolt on 21 March 2013 - 11:32 PM

View PostRickter, on 21 March 2013 - 09:36 PM, said:

and its not about popularity ofthe dungeon, look at the demands i nthe first screenshot.

im talking about the personality of player base, not preferred dungeons

These are two totally separate issues and we must be careful in trying to relate them. Does assembling a specific team equal bad personality? Not at all. There are many valid reasons for restricting the team composition.

So we are left with two separate questions:

1. Have meta team builds replaced the ability of a regular pugger to find a dungeon group? My experience says no. I pug 99.5% of my dungeon runs. I pugged my way to Dungeon Master. I do random pugs in FotM regularly. In over a thousand runs, I have never been kicked from a group.

2. Is the personality of dungeon runners bad? You'll find jerks anywhere in the game. Actually, I have found fewer in the organized teams than in random pugs. I can remember only one occasion where someone was setting up a CoF speed-farm group and being a jerk about it.

By setting a minimum bar to entry you eliminate the players who don't care enough to work hard for something. When I first started running CoF, I didn't have the gear or skills to run at the level I do now, so I invested time and effort to getting what I needed. Now I run with pro groups.

Profession restriction has no definite link to the personality of a player or group. If you want to run with the designed teams, meet the requirements and they will be happy to have you; the majority are quite friendly. If you can't be bothered to put in the effort to meet the requirements, there are plenty of random pugs that run dungeons perfectly well.

#2141844 Cheaper storage

Posted draxynnic on 14 January 2013 - 04:04 AM

Hrrrmn. So to set some fixed gold prices for storage:

50 slot guild bank: 2500 influence -> 5g/50 slots -> 10s/slot if you do it purely through buying influence.
Extra 50 slots: 20000 influence -> 40g/50slots -> 80s/slot if you do it purely through buying influence.

Of course, if you're patient and have no better uses for influence, these are effectively free.

Crafting bags (assuming price of materials negligible cf rune of holding, which is probably a reasonable assumption except for T6 and maybe T5 materials, and assuming starting with 8-slot bags since they cost coppers to acquire):

Upgrade 8-slot to 10-slot: 4s96c buys you 2 extra slots -> 2s48c per slot
Upgrade 10-slot to 12-slot: 14s80c buys you 2 slots -> 7s40c per slot
Upgrade 8-slot to 12-slot: 14s80c buys you 4 slots -> 3s70c per slot
Upgrade 12-slot to 15-slot: 50s buys you 3 slots -> 16s67c per slot
Upgrade 10-slot to 15-slot: 50s buys 5 slots -> 10s per slot
Upgrade 8-slot to 15-slot: 50s buys 7 slots -> 7s15c per slot
Upgrade 15-slot to 18-slot: 2g buys 3 slots -> 66s67c per slot
Upgrade 12-slot to 18-slot: 2g buys 6 slots -> 33s34c per slot
Upgrade 10-slot to 18-slot: 2g buys 8 slots -> 25s per slot
Upgrade 8-slot to 18-slot: 2g buys 10 slots -> 20s per slot
Upgrade 18-slot to 20-slot: 10g buys 2 slots -> 5g/slot
Upgrade 15-slot to 20-slot: 10g buys 5 slots -> 2g/slot
Upgrade 12-slot to 20-slot: 10g buys 8 slots -> 1g25s/slot
Upgrade 10-slot to 20-slot: 10g buys 10 slots -> 1g/slot
Upgrade 8-slot to 20-slot: 10g buys 12 slots -> 83s34c/slot

You'd need to look at the material prices before making the call, but it's probably a safe bet that you'd want to deck out your characters with 15- or at least 12-slot bags before looking at buying influence for the initial stash, and even if you're already fully decked out with 15-slot bags the 18-slot bags are reasonably competitive with buying influence to upgrade to a trove.

Buying inventory slots with gems will normally cost you about 20 gems/slot if you buy a bank upgrade, which translates to roughly 30s/slot in the current market (it's about 1g50s per 100 gems, or 1s50c per gem, if I recall correctly). Buying a character slot for a mule is cheaper - comes to about 15 (22s50c) gems per slot if you outfit the mule with 8-slot boxes, 10 gems and 2s50c per slot (17s50c total) if you give them 15-slot bags. So if you want to maximise total inventory space for minimum gold cost, in the current market you probably want to take the following approach:

1) Outfit all characters with 15-slot bags/boxes.
2) Convert gold to influence to get a 50-slot guild stash, if you haven't already got it.
3) Convert gold to gems to buy mules, then outfit those mules with 15-slot bags/boxes.
4) If you need to go to 4, you're really keeping too much stuff, and I'm saying this as a hoarder myself.

If the gem price inflates, it might start becoming more attractive to get 18-slot boxes. If it inflates a LOT, buying influence for a treasure trove might start looking worthwhile, if you haven't already got your trove without buying influence by then, and maybe even 20-slot boxes, but that would require a gem price on the high side of the 8g/100 mark.