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[Answered] Build Tool -- For 5 man groups

15 February 2013 - 01:48 PM

Hey, I know of the many various build tools online but I haven't come across one that allows you to do multiple builds at the same time. So, I was wondering if one existed?

I am looking for one that would allow me to do 5 builds at the same time allowing you to create 5 builds simultaneously to create builds that could synergize. Preferably it would allow you to do skills, and traits and equipment(including weapons), with race being less important. That way I don't have to have 5 browser tabs open at same time and keep flipping between them.

I don't know how it would look or how well it could be put together since it would be difficult to see everything at once because of the depth of everything. If there isn't a tool like this I was thinking about making one once I get a little down time. In the middle of a semester at the moment so it wouldn't be soon but I would definitely be interested in creating something like this.

Build Help

09 January 2013 - 02:30 AM

So, I have been reading through builds and looking at various ones on build sites and I came across this one that I like.


However, I had a few questions about it because I have only been playing mesmer about a day.

First, he suggests dwayna runes to proc regen which then procs protection. However, it is a 5% chance to proc regen and because the end goal is protection anyway wouldn't grove runes be better? 25% chance to proc protection when hit instead of 5% when hit and both have same 30 sec cooldown.

Second, he states "You get regeneration by jus standing near your phantasms and 6pc Superior Rune of Dwayna grants it every 10s with heals." I see the 15 into inspiration grants regen. However, he then states with heals the 6 dwayna runes grants regen every 10 seconds. Does this proc off any heal? For example, the trait Restorative Illusions would heal me everytime I shatter illusions but does that proc the Dwayna runes? I thought only the 6 skill (the heal skill) would proc it.

I am pretty sure I understand how the rest of the build works mechanically.

I also was curious about what people though armor/tricket wise?

I was thinking knights armor with zerker trinkets? I am assuming I need to be tanky enough to be in frontline/close midline range but I need to deal enough damage to be useful :)

Jade Quarry Looking for PvE/Dungeon Focused Guild

20 September 2012 - 01:57 PM

My name is Songbringer, my girlfriend and I are looking for a PvE guild that focuses on dungeon runs but that also does WvW to some extent in a organized manner. While we do not spend a lot of time in WvW we do work on the Montly Achievements and want a guild that can work on the WvW side of that in an organized, intelligent fashion.

We are east coast, GMT -5, and play in the afternoon to late night usually.

We currently have a lvl 80 Warrior(me) and Ele(her). We also have gotten to 400 in Armorsmith, Chef, Jeweler(actually like 398), and Hunstman. We also have about 200 in Leatherworker and are working on finishing that next. Our other professions that we are working on and are at various levels are, my ele, my guardian, her engineer, and her guardian. We have other characters but they are still under lvl 10 so I didn't include those.

We are both at about 90% map completion at the moment; however, we don't plan to completely finish because we don't want to get the Gift of Exploration until we are ready to craft our legendary weapons...don't want them taking up space.

Some of the things we are looking for:
  • A guild on the Jade Quarry server.
  • People that are willing to group up for different things like dungeons, WvW, and map completion.
  • A vent or other VoIP service.
  • People willing to share knowledge. For example, if you know a great place to farm Powerful Blood, know an event chain that offers great karma.  or things like that. Basically, people willing to talk about the game and who are looking to accomplish some goal and not people who are standing in LA doing roleplay.
  • People active during the times we play.
  • People who don't mind a little cursing or a little poking at each other when it is all in good fun.

While I feel like the things we are looking for are kind of strict but I also feel like the community is large enough that it is not asking to much. I don't feel like asking for people who have similar interests and are looking to play with a strong community is that unrealistic. However, I will apologize in advance if I came off rude or like an e-bully as I am not.

As I am writing this I feel like it comes off reading as though we are two people sharing an account and that is not the case. We have separate accounts but I lumped our characters and finished professions together in the same sentence. Just wanted to clarify that :D.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk feel free to message me on the boards or in game. My warriors IGN is Songbringer.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


Heroes Band but no Rytlock

25 August 2012 - 05:35 AM

So, I got my Heroes Band but no Rytlock and was curious is anyone else had the same issue. I didn't receive any of the other items either(banker, IP boost, etc).

I bought the CE.