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#2194853 Load times

Posted Darkobra on 24 April 2013 - 12:02 AM

Starting to wonder if GW2 should change their Lion's Arch loading screen to something similar:

Posted Image

#2187057 Explorer and Weapon Master achievement?

Posted Beta Sprite on 03 April 2013 - 01:31 PM

View PostDesild, on 03 April 2013 - 12:44 PM, said:

Good luck getting 5000 kills with a Shield. Just saying.

I'm actually doing all right with the shield (around 2000 kills, I think), due to killing all of the 'ambient' creatures I see with my warrior and engineer's shield skills.  The engineer can kill them with either 4 or 5, and the warrior can kill them with 4.

Warhorn is really far behind for me.  Half of the time, my pet runs up and kills the rabbits before the birds have a chance to get down and peck it.

#2147969 [Build]My DPS Mesmer Guide for Organized Dungeon Groups

Posted Strife025 on 22 January 2013 - 06:27 AM

DPS Mesmer Guide for Speed Dungeon Running

So I currently have guides for guardians and warriors that I use for organized dungeon groups, which all my speed run guides are based off of. I finally got around to completing my mesmer guide to complete the entire group comp that we use for organized dungeon runs. Included are my other guides:


I have been asked quite a bit what the mesmers in my groups run, so today I bring you the mesmer build that I currently use for dungeons. This build provides alot of utility to the group that guardians/warriors don't have, as well as providing very good damage as the non-primary dps class (warrior) as well. The video guide can be found below:

Also you can find this build in action on my youtube page with various dungeons from guardian, mesmer, and/or warrior perspective. More will be coming in the future:

So while I don't have nearly the amount of experience on my mesmer as my guardian and warrior, I've learned alot just from running dungeons hundreds of times and observing what it takes to make a successful group comp. This guide should provide a good starting point with real world examples through my dungeon guides to show the usefulness that this mesmer build brings to organized dungeon runs. It provides very good personal damage, as well as a huge benefit to the group for bursting down bosses and clearing dps check events, all while providing alot of utility through various skills such as portals, stealth, boon stripping, and boon transfers. These things are all very important for dungeons and really fill in the missing holes for a guadian/warrior group.

Build and Equipment:
Build: http://gw2buildcraft...1.34.3m.38.3q|e
If you prefer, you can go a shatter build as well, which would be 20-20-0-0-30 or 10-30-0-0-30. If you are not using glamour skills or reflects, then ultimately shatter build will do more dps at the cost of utility you aren't using, so something like CoF1 farming would benefit from a pure shatter build. In an organized group with 3 warriors who do significantly more damage then you though, in harder dungeons and instances where reflects do help (i.e. Arah, Fractals) then giving more group survivability through reflects at the cost of a small amount of personal damage so the 3 warriors can maximize their dps offers more to overall group dps. This is what my build and guide will be in relation to.

This build focuses on keeping illiusions/phantasms up to increase your personal dps, especially before using timewarp. You still want to use shatter for damage and vuln stacking when you think your illusions are going to die as well. I prefer the added utility and cooldown on focus that the inspiration line brings over slightly higher dps from shattering.

While the build above has some basic utility skills, unlike guardian and warrior you will be using many more different utility skills based on the current dungeon and specific boss/event in a dungeon. There's not really one set skill setup or a few skills that you would keep to like guardian/warrior. I will get to the skills more later.

As far as gear goes, you want to go straight berserker gear on everything. Since Mesmer is a light armor class and has quite a few skills to avoid damage (stealth, invuln time, illusions, better ranged options) I find it useless to balance any gear with knights when you are going for a berserker dps build. Berserker stats can be crafted, certain pieces can be obtained with karma, or you can use CoF, CoE, and Arah dungeon tokens. So there are quite a few options for berserker gear.

For jewelery, again all berserker and if you do manage to get ascended gear, you want berserker for that as well.

For armor sockets, I run all ruby orbs, which are the best and cheapest option for straight damage builds.

For weapons, again berserker, with sword/focus mainhand, and Greatsword as your offhand to swap if you find yourself in danger. You do want to try and stay in melee as much as possible, because the auto attack on sword has ~3x the dps as greatsword, and provide group benefits through vuln stacking and boon stripping.

I use Sigil of Accuracy on my sword, Sigil of Bloodlust on focus (can use force or night as well for straight % damage if you get downed alot), and Sigil of Energy on Greatsword. Sigil of Energy is great because it gives you an immediate escape if you need to get to ranged and have no endurance, and it also gives you an extra dodge to create an illusion which is highly beneficial in this build, for both shattering and keeping illusions up for % damage.

You should have 59% base crit chance and 99 crit damage, with warriors in your group giving almost 100% fury uptime, banners, and omnomberry food, this should be boosted to ~86% crit chance.

The MOST important thing that you need to remember in dungeons, is to eat FOOD. Omnomberry Pies/Ghosts give a 66% chance on crit to heal 338 health, they are amazing on every crit based dps build. Food is what will give any dps class very good survivability without sacrificing dps.

Skills & Mechanics:
Now as I mentioned earlier, the skills for mesmer are much more broad, and really depends on what you are doing in a dungeon. I will go through the more useful skills that I have used and give examples of when I would equip them:

General/Stun Breaker skills
Decoy: This is a good all around skill, whether you are fighting or running through trash. The fact that it is a stun breaker, provides a clone, and gives stealth to relieve pressure or run through mobs to delay or lose agro really makes it a great skill. I will use this most of the time when I don't need other specific skills, and I will almost always use it when running through trash. You always want at least one stun breaker, so if you don't take decoy, take one of the next two skills.

Blink: Another great all around skill, this again is an excellent 'running' skill and will be very useful for escaping mobs, getting out of things which would normally trap you (i.e. Subject Alpha Crystal, GL green dome in phase 3 if you don't have stability, anything that stuns you, etc.) and again, it's a stun breaker.

Mirror Images: The third useful stun breaker. I don't use this skill as often as decoy or blink, but I will put it on my bar for a dps check event when I know I want to constantly spam and have illusions up since it provides 2 illusions along with it's stun breaker.

'Running' Skills
Besides the above skills, there are a couple other skills that I specifically use for running through trash

Veil: An extremely good skill for running trash in dungeons when speed running. This isn't a skill you usually want to use before starting your trash run, instead you want to use it to lose agro at the end of runs. A good example is in CoE Path 2/3 when running to the 2nd Subject Alpha fight. You can use it at the end of the run to release all agro and not have to fight anything running from the Cannon event to the second Alpha fight. It is also extremely useful for many trash runs in Arah.

Mimic: Along with being able to store a projectile that an enemy casts at you, another major benefit of this skill is the projectile absorbtion when running through trash mobs that damage you via projectiles. This can be a situational skill that may sometimes be useful over something like decoy.

Situational Skills
Portal: Portal is a highly valuable and highly situational skill that is unique to mesmer. I think most people are aware of how powerful it is in WvW/PvP, but it can be extremely useful when speed running dungeons as well. It can quickly help your party get across trap rooms like in CoF1 or the CoE laser trap, as well as speed up many dungeons by allowing mesmers to run ahead with stealth/blink to advance the rest of your party through harder sections of dungeons.

Arcane Thievery: This is an amazing skill for bosses that have long uptime boons on them. You can use this skill to steal their boon and give it to yourself (and your party with the next skill I will talk about). Examples of bosses where this is useful is the Golem Turret boss in all 3 paths of CoE and many fractal bosses like the Dredge Champion in Dredge Fractal, the captain at the end of Ascalon Fractal, and the Jellyfish in the Underwater Fractal.

Signet of Inspiration: This signet can be amazing for both spreading long duration boons with Arcane Thievery, and for stacking might intensity and fury duration when you have multiple warriors casting 'For Great Justice'. I always use this in conjunction with Arcane Thievery, and for dps bursting easy bosses for spreading around might and fury stacks from the warriors in my group. If you are only using this Signet for the passive you are making a huge mistake.

Signet of Illusions: I don't personally use this in my build, but it can be very beneficial for a shatter build to recharge all of your shatters, especially distortion for more survivability.

Feedback: This is another great skill and I use it quite a bit. Along with Guardian reflections, and your focus skills, you should have near 100% uptime for projectile reflection/absorbtion for any fights that have alot of projectile damage. Especially useful for dungeons like CM, Arah, and Fractals, as well as pretty much any boss that has huge projectile attacks that can be reflected for massive damage.

Null Field: I admit that I don't use this skill very much because we already have plenty of condition removal in a guardian/warrior group. But this skill is great for heavy condition damage fights, especially if you don't have a guardian with soldier runes and your warriors using 'Shake it off'. It's just that shouts are much more practical when running through trash or fighting without needing to stand in a field to remove conditions. Still can be useful for certain groups/events.

Mantra of Concentration: This is really the only mantra I use, but it is a huge help because it is your stability option when you need it. It is pretty much required when running through certain Arah trash (like path 2) and if you want to melee GL like I do. Use this when you need stability and it stun breaks as well which is useful. It has a charge time, but you get 2 casts of it and you can charge it well in advance because it pretty much stays on your bar forever unless you get downed or zone.

So as you can see, Mesmer has a huge range of useful skills that bring quite a bit of utility to the group. These are the main skills I use, although many of the other skills can be useful as well depending on your group. While Guardians mainly use shouts and reflection skills, and Warriors use dps shouts, banners, and some stances, Memsers have an array of skills that require you to constantly think ahead and switching skills based on the dungeon/event/boss. I find myself switching skills much more then either my Guardian or Warrior. This is the type of role that Mesmer fills out in a heavy armor group.

As far as combat mechanics go, you do want to try and stay in sword range as much as possible, because of how much more damage it provides over greatsword. The vuln stacking and boon stripping is also a huge benefit for your group. Usually you want to use your F1 and F3 shatter when you know your illusions are going to die, and try to keep them up (especially for time warp) for the 3% more damage per illusion. I usually start the fight with Greatsword, quickly cast Mirror Blade, iBerserker, Mindstab (and possibly the knockback) before switching to sword/focus to melee and use focus pulls or reflects. Focus pull is highly underrated and if you aren't using your focus to pull, you are not maximizing your potential with mesmer. My video guide does a good job showing the potential of mesmer focus pulls, and the huge increase in dps for your party by grouping up mobs for maximum AoE and Cleave damage. It is also great to interrupt mobs and pull them behind you when running through trash. If you know you're in a dungeon/boss fight where you won't use Greatsword at all, another option is Sword/Focus + Sword/Sword using the same sword for both loadouts which will give you more options while in melee range without interrupting your attacks. You can also throw a Sigil of Battle on your mainhand sword, and everytime you swap sets you will get the benefit of battle by only having it on your mainhand weapon.

The mesmer playstyle is very dynamic, and you have to manage alot more things between utilities, positioning, illusions, and shattering. This is something I am still practicing as I get more experience on mesmer, but it is a nice change and gives you options along with your guardian and warrior.

Hopefully this guide helps to show what a Mesmer can bring to a dungeon group. Their  burst damage, great utility, and boon stripping is a huge benefit for the ability of a group to quickly and efficiently clear dungeons. They are what a Guardian/Warrior group really needs to fill out the party so that it can synergize to clear the current content quickly and efficiently. Don't let the lack of a pure trinity and random uneducated dungeon runners let you think that classes and roles don't exist. If you want to run dungeons easily without pulling your hair out, there are still optimal classes and roles just like any MMO. The pseudo trinity is still tank/dps/support as it currently stands, and this mesmer build is the prime example of the dps/utility role in a group. This trinity is much looser then most other MMOs, but it still exists in GW2. If you think otherwise, you probably haven't run dungeons in an efficient, team-work based group before.

Thanks for reading, and good luck out there

#2124214 Present Etiquette - snatch and run?

Posted astromarmot on 20 December 2012 - 02:01 PM

View PostTenderFoot, on 20 December 2012 - 12:55 AM, said:

With this thread Guru has sunk to a new low, who cares if someone just runs off with the gifts and leaves the mobs there. Are you going to tell each and every person in a restaurant to chew with their mouth closed or tell a teenager to stop smacking their gum on the bus/subway the list goes on. The point just shrug it off and move one and don't get uptight about something like this and people are going to do what they want reagdless if its on the internet or in real life.

The airing of grievances is an integral part of Festivus...

#2101189 Candy-Powered Matter Meter

Posted Vysander on 29 November 2012 - 03:37 PM

I always have event stuff ilke this. If i get rid of it, there will be some kind of upgrade or other benefit to having it in the future (nothing major, but enough to be annoyed that i deleted it) And if i hold onto it, not a damn thing will use it.....

#2083273 New Chest - The Consortium Chest

Posted Jairyn on 16 November 2012 - 03:14 PM

I would drop more money than sounds sane on *pretty* gear, that I'm guaranteed to get. I will spend $0 on things that are ugly and RNG. I wish their cash shop "expert" understood this.

#2005747 Jumping puzzles in GW2 - a guide & discussion

Posted dulfy on 09 October 2012 - 03:01 PM

Hey everyone, I recently completed all 37 jumping puzzles (those with achievements) and I thought I would share my experiences of them with the GW2guru community as well as providing guides for each individual puzzles for those who are stuck.

What are Jumping Puzzles?
Think of them as elaborate hidden vistas - some of them are even part of certain vistas! You can find them in almost every leveling zone (there are some exceptions) and Lion's Arch. Certain zones like Caledon Forest, Diessa Plateau, Lion's Arch have more than one jumping puzzle.

There are two types of jumping puzzles: Regular jumping puzzles that provides achievements and mini jumping puzzles that do not provide any achievements (only a couple of those exist).
Completing each of those regular puzzles will reward you with an achievement, totaling 38 achievements over 37 puzzles (there is one puzzle with two achievements) under the Explorer section of your achievement menu.

Jumping puzzle difficulty
Jumping puzzles vary in difficulty and length. Some are super simple and short while others are long and feature difficult jumps. If you are just starting with jumping puzzles, it is highly recommended that you start with the easier ones rather than banging your head on the more difficult ones right away! (Save those for later). As you do more jumping puzzles, you will get better and better. Soon enough, you will be able to gauge what distances your character can and cannot jump, how to make really long jumps, and improve your finger dexterity.

If you are really bad at those jumping puzzles, don't worry! I was absolutely terrible with them myself in the beginning and would fail every other jump. With enough practice and time, I was able to complete all 37 puzzles! I have compiled a list of the jumping puzzles sorted by difficulty at the bottom of this post. Keep in mind that difficulty is arbitrary, some people will have some puzzles easier than others so your experience may not agree with my.

Jumping Puzzle list & guides

All of the regular jumping puzzles are listed below. To not take the fun out of the discovering the puzzle by yourself, I included in the beginning of every guide a map location of the puzzle and a brief description of how to start the puzzle. This should be enough to get you started in most cases if you hate spoilers.

If you like a more guided approach, all of them have videos and most of them (there are a few where I got lazy) have written walkthroughs along w/ pictures if you don't like watching videos. None of my videos have commentary or music as I personally found that a bit annoying.

Here is a link with a list of them if you like something to bookmark etc.


Lion's Arch/WvW

· Troll's End[2] - Lion's Arch (Trader's Forum) - Medium to hard (for tall races).

· Urmaug's Secret[3] - Lion's Arch NE corner - easy puzzle

· Weyandt's Revenge[4] - Lion's Arch SE corner - medium difficulty

· Obsidian Sanctum[5] - Eternal battlegrounds - Hard (long and potential to get griefed)

· Sapphire, Garnet, Emerald Sanctum[6] - Borderlands - Medium (potential to get griefed)


· Loreclaw Expanse[7] - Plains of Ashford - SE corner, Loreclaw Expanse (easy to medium - some traps)

· Crimson Plateau[8] - Diessa Plateau - South, north of Breached Wall (easy)

· Grendich Gamble[9] - Diessa Plateau - Middle, Blasted Moors - Easy

· Wall Breach Blitz[10] - Diessa Plateau - South, part of Breached Wall Vista -Easy

· Behem Gauntlet[11] - Blazeridge Steppes - East end, Behem Gauntlet- Very Easy

· Branded Mine[12] - Fields of Ruin- NW corner, south of Varim’s Run- Medium

· Craze's Folly[13] - Blazeridge Steppes- NE corner, Terra Carorunda (easy to medium)

· Chaos Crystal Cavern[14] - Iron Marches - SW corner, Old Piken Ruins Waypoint (easy to medium)

· Pig Iron Quarry[15] - Fireheart Rise - SE portion, Pig Iron Mine - Easy to Medium


· Demongrub Pits[16] - Queensdale - SE corner - Easy (Chest room hard to solo)

· Collapsed Observatory[17] - Kessex Hlls - South, Cereboth Canyon -Easy

· Swashbucker's Cove[18] - Gendarran Fields SE corner- Medium (bring a friend)

· Fawcett's Bounty & Revenge[19] - Harathi Hinterlands NW corner, east of Feral Dens - Medium (bring a friend)

· Professor Portmatt's Lab[20] - Bloodtide Coast West, near Sorrowful Sound (Underwater) - No jumping involved.

Maguuma Jungle

· Morgan's Leap[21] - Caledon Forest - SE corner, Morgan’s Spiral- Easy to Medium

· Dark Reverie[22] - Caeldon Forest SE corner, Morgan’s Spiral - Medium to hard (bring a friend)

· Spekk's Lab[23] - Caeldon Forest - West end, Sandycove Beach -Medium (timed jumps)

· Spelunker's Delve[24] - Caeldon Forest - SE corner, Sleive’s Inlet- Easy

· Goemm's Lab[25] - Metrica Province- East end, south of Cuatl Waypoint- Medium to Hard

· Conundrum Cubed[26] - Mount Maelstrom - NW corner, Govoran’s Waypoint - Easy to medium

Shiverpeak Mountains

· Shaman's Rookery[27] - Wayfarer Foothills West end, Osenfold Shear-Easy

· King Jalis's Refuge[28] - Snowden Drifts- East end, near NE corner - Easy

· Griffonrook Run[29] - Lornar’s Pass West end, near False Lake - Medium to Hard (if chest)

· Tribulation Rift Scaffolding[30] - Dredgehaunt Cliffs- SW corner (behind Vista) - Easy to Medium

· Only Zhul[31] -Timberline Falls- NE, Foundation 86 Waypoint- Easy to Medium

· Shattered Ice Ruins[32] - Frostgorge Sound- North, Shattered Ice Floe- Easy to Medium (lots of trash)

Ruins of Orr

· Vizier's Tower[33] -Straits of Devastation -South end, part of Vista- Easy

· Antre of Adjournment[34] - Malchor’s Leap - South end, east of Valley of Lyss - Easy to Medium

· Scavenger's Chasm[35] - Malchor’s Leap - South end, east of Valley of Lyss- Hard (lengthy)

· Buried Archives[36] - Cursed Shore SW corner, extension of Vista - Easy, chest hard to get

​Arbitary Jumping puzzle difficulty list

Super easy ones - jumping puzzle 101
  • Professor Portmatt’s Lab (Bloodtide Coast – no jumping involved)
  • Urmaug’s Secret (Lion’s Arch – safe environment to practice rock jumping)
  • Shaman’s Rookery (Wayfarer Foothills – teaches you about dodging circles )
  • King Jalis’ Refuge (Snowden Drifts)
  • Behem Gauntlet (Blazeridge Steppes – teaches you about jumping down)
  • Spelunker’s Delve (Caledon Forest – good puzzle to get hang of jumping)
  • Demongrub Pits (Queensdale – some basic jumping involved but quite a few mobs in the final room)
  • Crimson Plateau (Diessa Plateau)
  • Buried Achieves (Cursed Shore, more of a climbing rather than jumping puzzle)
Fairly easy ones – may take a few tries
  • Loreclaw Expanse (Plains of Ashford – trap dodging 101)
  • Grenrich Gamble (Diessa Plateau – a few weird jumps)
  • Wall Breach Blitz (Diessa Plateau – standard jumping puzzle, also required for vista/skill point)
  • Collapsed Observatory (Kessex Hills – confusing at first until you know where to go. Some tricky jumps)
  • Pig Iron Quarry (Fireheart Rise – Conqueror your fear of heights!)
  • Vizier’s Tower (Straits of Devastation – required to get the vista/skill point).
  • Conundrum Cubed (Mount Maelstrom – takes a bit of jumps to get used to this cubed environment)
  • Tribulation Rift Scaffolding (Dredgehaunt Cliffs – required to get vista, a few tricky jumps).
Medium difficulty – Best to do them once you get a few jumps under your belt
  • Troll’s End (Lion’s Arch – very annoying for tall races – i.e. Norn/Charr due to low ceiling)
  • Branded Mine (Fields of Ruin – some jumps are a bit difficult, high chance of dying if you miss a jump)
  • Craze’s Folly (Blazeridge Steppes – a bit long and some difficult jumps)
  • Chaos Crystal Cavern ( Iron Marches- a bit of RNG dependent)
  • Swashbucker’s Cove (Gendarran Fields - need to fight through quite a bit of mobs)
  • Fawcett’s Bounty/Revenge (Harathi Hinterlands – lots of mobs to fight through, some hard jumps)
  • Morgan’s Leap and Dark Reverie (Caledon Forest – failing Dark Reverie forces you to repeat Morgans’ Leap)
  • Griffonrook Run (Lornar’s Pass – puzzle is not too bad if you don’t do it with the bomb)
  • Only Zhul (Timberline Falls – quite a bit of trash and traps)
  • Shattered Ice Ruins (Frostgorge Sound – annoying trash)
  • Antre of Adjournment (Malchor’s Leap – some tricky jumps)
Lengthy/Elaborate puzzles (prepare to have some time invested)
  • Weyandt’s Revenge (Lion’s Arch- has a few parts but not too bad in terms of jumping)
  • Obsidian Sanctum (Eternal Battlegrounds – very long puzzle, some difficult jumps, risk of grief from enemy players)
  • Sapphire/Garnet/Emerald Sanctum (Borderlands – shorter and easier than Obsidian Sanctum but still risk for grief)
  • Goemm’s Lab (Metrica Province – long puzzle with a few tricky bits)
  • Scavenger’s Chasm (Malchor’s Leap - very long puzzle, Easter Egg hunt)
Timed Challenges
  • Spekk’s Lab (Caledon Forest – platforms only exist for a short duration after you activate them but has checkpoints)
  • Griffonrook Run w/ bomb (Lornar’s Pass – can be pretty annoying if you try it bomb but not required for achievement).

#1819846 Why are guardians and warriors considered overpowered?

Posted JWZ on 25 August 2012 - 05:08 PM

Because people think in this way:

You get killed by class X, you play class Y. Class X is overpowered. Class Y is underpowered.
You get killed by class X, you also play class X. The other player has no life.
You kill someone. He is a noob and should l2p.

#1802004 Get your PC squeaky clean for the best experience tomorrow!

Posted jezuitx on 24 August 2012 - 01:01 AM

CCleaner is a nice free tool to whip your registry into shape and also has a nice section to help you turn off programs that start with windows if you're not to comfortable going into msconfig.

#1780259 August 21 stress test game changes

Posted garthule on 21 August 2012 - 07:27 PM

Well ive tested all the error codes out and they all work fine :).Now , can i get in ?:-(

#1725920 Only one character ?

Posted KodakMoment on 13 August 2012 - 04:48 PM

Playing them all you get a better idea how a class works by playing it which helps in pvp

#1688312 The little things can be annoying too - Weapon grip

Posted Kaylos21 on 07 August 2012 - 12:23 AM

View PostNicator, on 06 August 2012 - 07:43 PM, said:

There is nothing wrong with how he holds that sword. Depends on what he intends to do with it. If you want to be really picky, that specific sword isn't even the most suitable thing for sword&shield combat, but this is a fantasy game. Focus on having fun instead of trying to figure out the details of how they hold their swords.

Posted Image

I have that book and I would think even the author would agree that much of it is outdated historically speaking since it was published.  There are multiple problems with not holding a sword in the proper place when used with one hand.  The obvious one is the overall weight balance is thrown off, making the blade awdward and slow in the hand.  The other less obvious problem realtes to something called harmonic balance.  Due to wave mechanics, there will be 2 nodes along the sword that do not move when the sword is smacked along the flexible side.  One of these should be at the prime cutting portion of the blade, normally 2/3rds of the way up the blade towards the point.  Made properly, the other should be at the hand.  In this way, a non optimal blow or many other types of blade contact do not cause the sword to vibrate out of the wielder's hand.

Ideally the hand should be just below the cross guard to protect the hand, but not so close the wielder is forced into a hammer grip, but can instead maintain a handshake grip, allowing for maximum mobility of the sword and proper power transfer through the bottom of the hand.  You can read Jack Dempsey's book on bare fist boxing if you want to understand why the bottom of the hand is so important to the power line.  Of course a punch should never go through the pinky, but with a stick or blade in the hand, it should.  Later period swords many times would have this harmonic balance poitn and overall balance poitn moved up close to the cross guard so the wielder could "finger" the gaurd.  These swords also had circular protrusions to help protect the finger.

So put me in the camp of moving the hand to a more realistic position on the handle.  However, what really bugs me what the first video I saw, a shield user pulled the shield completely behind them as they made a blow!!!!  OMG, you never do that.  Maybe its my 6 years fighting in the SCA and actually studying medievel swordsmanship, but the shield should pretty much always be somewhere in front or to the side of you.  The closest in the SCA that you ever get to dropping the shield behind you is against "wrap" shots, which is a false edge blow meant to go around your defense and hit you somewhere in the back of the head, back, butt, or leg.  However, even then the shield is either moved tightly to cut off the angle or move out to intercept the blow.  And even then the practicality of "wrap" shots at all is arguable historically speaking, thoguh they work well with the 2-3 pounds sticks the SCA uses.

#1669437 Dual Pistol Thief !<>NeRfEd<>! in the last stress test.

Posted Tenderly on 03 August 2012 - 01:14 AM

They nerfed the time dilation when playing.

I sat down to play for 4 hours at 3pm EST.

Five minutes go by. I look up at the clock, it's 6:45pm.

I want it reverted! Fix this game changing bug!

#1668536 Stress Test Weapons and Armor (Massive Upload of Raw Images)

Posted Absolutionis on 02 August 2012 - 10:17 PM

Human Male Heavy Armor
Human Male Medium Armor
Human Female Medium Armor
Human Female Light Armor
Charr Heavy Armor
Old Raw Images Here:
*If images are 'private' for you, check here:

VLDTDR's Heavy and Medium Male Human armor along with weapons:
Donoftheslum's Light, Medium, and Heavy Human Female Armor along with all the weapons
imheretocomment's Light Human Female and Medium Human Female armor:
Staticdynamic's Female Sylvari Armors:
AndrewSX's Female Charr Light Armors:

EDIT2: Recropped images.

#343015 Join the ArenaNET [email protected] Team!

Posted Brett Kuntz on 10 September 2010 - 03:29 AM

Help fight the good fight by donating your idle CPU cycles to science! Simply download and install the BOINC client here and attach to the [email protected] project. After that, search for the ArenaNET team and join it! It's as simple as that!

You can customize the client in various ways so it does not interfere with your every day computing!