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In Topic: Guild Wars 2 getting a first-person camera

26 February 2015 - 03:21 PM

Dat FPS while on 1st person in WvW DOE.

In Topic: Warrior specialization speculations

15 February 2015 - 02:12 AM

I'd say warrior will get daggers and the skills will ignore a percentage of the target's toughness, GW1 warriors had armor-ignoring damage so I don't see why it wouldn't work here, especially with all the people going bunker.

Combining the precision of daggers with the strenght of a warrior, I'd say the result would be piercing, devastating attacks, probably slower than a thief but harder-hitting, think of backstab-like damage but on demand and moderate cooldown. Don't wanna sound like a CoD fanboy, but I picture a warrior with daggers like a commando or maybe as Snake (metal gear), so maybe we will also have flurry of dagger strikes, think of hundred blades with with dual daggers.

I can see one skill for a warrior with dual daggers, something that recycles ranger's whirling defense animation, but with a functionality like: Slash foes around you, doing damage and making your enemies bleed with each strike.


Maybe even unarmed combat? a warrior's strenght and heavy gauntlets would make it reasonable.

In Topic: Statistically irrevenant

13 February 2015 - 07:28 AM

My guess is that so called legens will be elite skills, sort of the dervish avatars from GW1, so you either go condi or dps.

I guess revenant will be another "PvP" oriented class with mediocre PvE potential, kind of Mesmer, Ranger or.... well, anything besides Guard, War and Staff Ele, because, even though I hate to sound like a "zerker or gtfo" guy, the reality is that as it is right now, anything other than zerker direct damage is not optimal.

On topic: We will see, if the revenant plays like a rit, seems like it will have a bunch of very high spike damage with long cooldowns, or gimmicky mechanics (Looking at Spirit rift from GW1), so I guess zerker.

What Anet needs to do, ASAP, is to split skills so they have PvE and PvP versions, because right now, I don't see any reason to play anything else than DPS staff ele. I used to think War was OMFG DAMAGE, but when I tried staff ele, War seems to be hitting like a wet noodle.

In Topic: If Charr and Asura went into all out war.

10 February 2015 - 08:03 AM

I'm sure the vigil megalaser in teq's fight is asuran tech. If it can strike down a dragon champion in plain flight and stun them for several seconds, imagine what a similar weapon would do to a charr stronghold. I don't see any charr weapon comparable to that, the most impressive/powerful thing I've seen from the charr are the tanks and choppers used in the late Arah's story missions,,, and the tanks got immobilized with a mine.

Even though the glory of Tyria is a joint achievement by the races, it's clear that the propulsion and weapons are asuran. Charr do not have "plasma/pulse/energy" weapons, their's are more ballistic, gunpowderish. Just remember that they were asuran weapons the ones that removed the tail of Zaithan and destroyed him when he was immobile.

Also, Asura's have stuff like the atmospheric converter, the infinity ball etc. I'd say asura, but they would have to act quickly, because if they take too much time planning a strike, the charr will be at their door.

Plus, the asuras are kind of "holding back" from more destructive research because of morals. I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that the inquest's golems are far more powerful than the lawful asura's ones because Inquest don't hold back for ethics. That's why you see tons of champon inquest golems who are pretty darn potent by themselves, like the ones at sorrow's furnace. If the Inquest involves themselves in this war, it's pretty much a guaranteed win for the asura.

Asura's are pursuing knowledge and scientific advance right now, that's why you don't see much "war stuff" from them. But if they focus in war, boy, they would dominate.

In Topic: Point of No Return Trailer and T-shirt Contest

06 January 2015 - 09:26 PM

Was that ghost Turai Ossa? Looks an awful lot like him.