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Possible way to make condi damage viable in PvE?

27 July 2014 - 01:35 AM

I was thinking that maybe condition damage could get a native boost in damage depending on the number of conditions the enemy is suffering... Probably 1% more damage for each condi?

Also/or, bleed damage probably could get a boost depending on the number of stacks. Maybe change the facts of bleeding to: Loses damage over time. Target enemy suffers +4% bleeding damage for each stack of bleeding.

So if you and people cap bleeding to 25, enemy receives 100% more bleed damage. And make weaker condis from players not able to overwrite the highest condi damager.

Also, the healing effect of poison in PvE is kinda useless. Probably add: Target enemy receives 20% more condition damage.

Generic models in PvE

23 August 2013 - 06:18 PM

Personally, I believe this sucks.

Part of the pleasure of, say, getting a T3 armor is showing itoff to everyone to see. Call it E-Peen, but you cannot deny it feels good when someone tells you "Wow, nice armor man!".

Now with this patch, people see you as a generic, staple WvW model, not even the face of your character is seen. Was this reaaaaaaally necessary? My laptop is not the best gaming machine ever, but it never had a problem with character model loading before.

Is there any way to disable this? I couldn't find it in the options.

How do you feel about this?

Mesmer clones on any class!

18 June 2013 - 01:05 PM

Well, I just want to share some funny thing I discovered today.

when you reflect the last projectile of the chain of a mesmer's scepter autoattack, a clone gets created of your character, no matter the profession.

The cool thing is, you don't have a limit of 3 clones like a mesmer lol.

Here are some screenies, there were more but someone killed a great bunch.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Having serious problems against rangers.

11 June 2013 - 11:24 AM

Well yeah, I know they're kinda imba right now... but BM rangers (Bunker ranger, DPS pet) are givinf me headaches as a D/D ele.

I've tried every possible amulet and there is simply no way i can beat them. If I go DPS to scratch the ranger, the pet destroys me. If i go bunker to tank the pet better, the bunker ranger outlasts me.

So, any of you guys have any tips, tricks or strategies against these guys? I've started to just turn around when I see a potential 1v1 against a BM. It's just too strong.

New classes problem with expansions

26 May 2013 - 02:18 AM

I've been thinking about this issue for a while and I want to know what you guys think.

Well, in GW1, new classes came with expansions, it made sense because they were classes native to their continent of origin (example: assassin, a ninja like class from, well, an asian themed world). The catch is, all you could play as in GW1 was human. (No charrs/asuras in Elona or cantha, and sylvari were pretty much inexistent). Their missing status in the core game (prophecies) were justified by the fact that we hadn't seen the other parts of the world, where said classes were common.

However, in GW2 we can play as different races, races that weren't in any other part of the world except in the main continent of Tyria.

My question is, how would anet adress this problem? Would they have to introduce new races aswell in order to introduce new classes? (exapmple, new classes from Elona like warlock or lich only available to undead, seeing that Elona is ruled by palawa joko at this moment, or maybe Assassin and Stalker made only available to Largos)

Would all the new classes would be available only to humans? (since only humans and no charr, asura, sylvari or norn were present in cantha, elona)?