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GW2 Launch Party 8/24/12

24 August 2012 - 04:54 PM

Hello everyone, I am the guild leader for Team ALFA - Almost Famous, and I just wanted to invite everybody to stop by and check out our Guild Wars 2 Launch party this weekend on our twitch channel. We will be streaming all weekend long for the launch of GW2 and have a ton of prizes and gifts to give out to some viewers who are following the channel and supporting us throughout the weekend! I know most people here will probably be playing but we would really appreciate at least stopping by and checking us out when you have a few minutes!

The party kicks off at 9PM PST Friday, August 24th (8/24/12) and should run throughout the whole weekend. Below is a list of stuff we are giving away to viewers.

*Two copies of Guild Wars 2
*G11 Logitech Pro-gaming Keyboard;
*Nabaztag 'Smart Rabbit;'
*Logitech mouse, and headset
*A few webcams
*Guitar Hero World Tour - Wireless Guitar Controller (A Limited Special edition version)
*GW2 posters and promos
*Beta codes to up and coming games you may want to try out

** If we reach 1k viewers, one of our team members has offered to also give away a full computer (i7 processor, EVGA MOBO, 6GB Mushkin ram, 700W Corsair PSU & a GTX graph card) So if you need or want a new computer be sure to spread the world and tune in and support us this weekend!

The biggest prizes will go to those who have been actively following and supporting the channel throughout the weekend so keep that in mind as well. Thanks guys! I hope some of you will join in and support us and Guild Wars 2!


Jade Legion Alliance [WvW-PvP]

31 May 2012 - 08:00 AM


[NA-PvP] < Almost Famous > Competitive E-Sport PvP Team

26 February 2012 - 04:53 PM

Posted Image

About Us

Almost Famous is a team founded by a core group of friends that have been gaming together for over 6 years, dating all the way back to Star Craft 1. Through out the years we've moved onto various games together and expanded our core over the years. We have years and years of experience at top-notch competitive PvP in RTS and MMO's and have been battle tested thoroughly. Formerly Team Slayers [sLaY] from Guild Wars 1 who mainly focused and made a name for ourselves in HA PvP by being very high ranked and consistently winning vs. other top notch, high level guilds. We pride ourselves in having great fundamental team work, being very strategic, very competitive, dedicated and playing at a very high level.  Also feel free to check out some of our recent interviews and feature articles from some of the various top GW2 fan sites!




Yes we strive to be the very best players and very well known but we are not elitist who just rage and yell at people and have that *y attitude of thinking that we are better than everyone. However, we have very high goals set for the team, such as competing in Automated and/or Private-hosted tournaments and leagues daily. Qualifying and competing in the Monthly Automated Tournament (MATs) every single month. Plan on being one of the qualifying teams in the big prestige Yearly Tournament for all MAT winners. We believe with our roster, these goals are very realistic and attainable.

We don't want to get ahead of ourselves and get our hopes up but if Guild Wars 2 becomes an E-Sport, we fully expect to have our team/guild be sponsored and featuring at many events and tournaments. We feel as if this is something we have been working hard for as well as have the skills and talent to realistically achieve this. It has been our goal lately and strive to do so on Guild Wars 2. Our #1 goal and focus will be to become a prestige E-Sport Team.

Even though our core focus is 5v5 PvP, we plan to make our mark in WvW by taking all members in the guild interested in WvW and helping our server succeed and be a high-ranking server. We will be looking to be in a very competitive, active, organized and skilled alliance that is constantly communicating and working together.

We understand that to be competitive and effective in WvW you have to progress in PvE, and when we have downtime from PvP we will be doing the end game high-end dungeons with full guild teams, to remain organized and make sure they are done correctly and in a very timely matter.

We are highly recruiting some very active, hardcore, team oriented and skilled WvW players! Looking for players that want to be on a top competitive WvW server. Feel free to head over to our website and apply!

Still Interested?

We are only accepting appealing applications and then we will play with these players in game and see how they act in-game/on our VoIP and how skilled they are. We will be making cuts and weeding out people as the game progresses. When people see our guild tag at the end of your name, we want people to automatically know that person is a very highly skilled player and held to a high standard. Hope anyone that applies is up to the challenge!

** We will not be allowing multiple competitive guild membership . We are strong believers in loyalty.

** We also do not condone any type of cheating, hacking or ghosting of any sort. Anyone caught doing so will be removed immediately.

Desired Qualities

•Loyal, Respectful, Mature & 18+
•Competitive & Intense PvP Experience
•Very Active
•Highly skilled PvP Player
•Doesn't have an elitist/cocky attitude
•Great Teamwork
•Mumble & Headset
•Reliable Computer & Internet
•Has thick skin & can handle constructive criticism
•NA Based or very fluent in English

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How to Apply