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How to beat the hardest boss in GW2?

07 October 2012 - 02:50 AM

If any of you have done the Seers' path in Explorable Arah, then you need no explanation or names to figure out which boss I'm talking about.
For those that don't know, avoid this path.

I'm talking about the Simin, the Corrupted Priest of Dwayna. How in Tyria are you supposed to beat this boss???

Let me tell you exactly what my group did, and what strategies we developed (over 2 hours of fighting, I might add)

After Simin gets to 45% health, she vanishes and starts regenerating ungodly amounts of health. Sparks appear, you kite them around a tree with little traps and the sparks get trapped and Simin reappears. Got it.

Initially we had each person designated to kite a spark. Didn't work. Too much petrifying and aggro-loss. Then we tried the most fail-safe method, yet to no avail. We had 1 person designated to cleanse petrify, 2 people focused just on tanking/dps (we tanked her against a wall) and 2 designated kiters. When she vanished, the 2 dpsers would sit on that wall to avoid getting aggro from sparks, the cleanser also hid on that wall, the 2 kiters went their separate ways to each sides of the room, grabbed the groups of sparks, and headed directly to the traps (with swiftness, of course)

As fast as humanly possible, they got the sparks into the traps, she respawned, and we continued to beat on her. Rinse, and repeat. She just heals and heals and heals and does the same exact thing at the same amount of health.

How do you beat this boss?!?

I'd also like to note, nobody had a problem surviving. We were in combat for a solid hour before we decided to take a break and collect our thoughts. Survival is not the problem here.

Why does Healing Power exist?

01 October 2012 - 09:09 AM

I originally thought this was a pretty interesting stat to play around with - until I actually got to playing around with it.

Just for fun, I tested out a full on healing build. Completely traited for healing with pure healing gear. And I figured out, it is by far the most useless stat in any game I have ever played.

By fully stacking it out, I managed to get about... +200 or +300 to my 40 second long heal. Thats less than a non-traited regen, and thats by going all out for healing power. My regen was increased by maybe 50 or so, and my passive regen was increased by maybe 10.

I can't imagine the worthlessness of this stat if you hardly have any...

So to my question, why does this stat even exist, can someone enlighten me as to how you can actually get good use out of it? Is there something I'm completely missing?

Difference Between Normal and Tournament Tokens?

06 September 2012 - 09:28 PM

I've managed to scrounge up a few free tournament tokens, but for the life of me can't figure out what the difference between them and other tokens is.

I understand you use them at the forge, thats not what I'm asking. What do free tournament tokens do differently than say, rabbit or deer tokens?

Beyond Frustrated

05 September 2012 - 03:56 AM

I've been able to put off all the big annoyances of launch, like the TP not working, massive lagg,  lower FPS than the betas, and overally buggy behaviors - but now with all this constant crashing I'm becoming very frustrated.

Was having an awesome time in a sPvP match talking to someone and trying to get a 1v1 duel going on, and the game just so happens to crash.

Well I log back in and it donned on me - there's absolutely no way of contacting someone after crashing. No /who no /search no nothing. I just lost the opportunity to have a battle-buddy not only because the game constantly keeps crashing (1 week after release, I get it, but it's frustrating regardless) but also because there are no current features to find people. I thought I remembered the name, but apparently "That email address does not exist"

The game is awesome, I'm just tired of constantly crashing right when I get in the middle of doing something more fun than simply playing the game. I suppose this could've gone in the "suggestions" forum to get a /who or /search function placed in...

Auto-Balancing Failure.

30 August 2012 - 11:21 PM

If you've ever done sPvP you've probably seen the "Auto-Balancing" text at the top of your screen when someone leaves the match. I thought this was a pretty cool feature, until I realized I was being punished for being a good player.

When it's glaringly obvious my side is going to win, someone on the other team always leaves because they can just join another match with no consequences. Suddenly I see the dreaded "Auto-Balancing in 3... 2... 1" and I get switched over to the losing team, with absolutely no hope of retaking enough points in time.

So I perform incredibly well, and I'm punished for it? I can't tell you how irritating it is to be penalized for playing well.

Anyone else experiencing this?