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need help, have problem with new GPU...

01 November 2012 - 02:08 PM

I just got new gpu, instaled lates drivers etc, after some time off playing (15-40) i randomli get  2 problems i will state down:

1) my monitore turns off, PS still working but no picture, have to restart...
2) i get black screen for 1 sec then:
Posted Image
(this is picture taken with my self phon cose everything freez) onli restart help.

With my old Gpu everything work fine (but lower FPS, in wvwvw and with 20+ players, ofcours :D )

PC spec:
intel core2duo 7400 @2.8ghz
4g ram
new GPU: msi HD7850 1gb  latest drivers 12.8
old GPU: ati radeon 4670
new power supply: LC Power 600W
old power supply: blueberry 450W
win XP

i am not expert, thats why first thing that came on my mind is that card have defect or something, i try v12.6 and v12.8 drivers same probem.

Any1 can tell me what are possible problems, and what can i try do to fix it?
thx for help in advance.