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#2057087 Something will likely get permanently destroyed.

Posted Darkobra on 02 November 2012 - 03:01 AM

Nuke Fort Trinity. Aim for Trahearne.

#1958273 why are there so few people around now?

Posted Domynic on 22 September 2012 - 12:08 PM

1. Name your server so we can actually discuss that part of your question.
2. You're in a dead zone. A place the majority of players haven't yet reached. Or the majority of players have already moved on from.
3. You're in a crappy zone. A place where people have access to but don't because, well.. (I'm looking at you, Lornar's Pass)
4. You're playing outside of prime time.
5. The people in that zone simply don't want to do whatever you're doing. (I'm looking at you, Megalodon's)
6. Everyone is dead. You're the last person on Earth. This is an automated message.

#1951855 I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression, but we love this game.

Posted Proseidon1 on 20 September 2012 - 02:19 PM

I hear a lot of whining on the forums. Okay, fair enough, I expect that. However, these people that have problems with the game towards the point that they regret their purchase are beginning to think that they are part of the majority. They couldn't be more wrong.

I'd just like to take a moment here to say something for the silent majority.

We love this game.
We're having lots of fun.
Yeah, there are some bugs that suck, but for the most part, it's a great way to spend a few hours.

Sorry if you thought we didn't like it, but we do. Sorry if you thought ANet is losing customers left and right, but they aren't. They have us. So whine. Complain and threaten and troll and do whatever you wish. Just know that you are a minority, a hedge case, and just because you don't love this game, doesn't mean we don't.

I'm not saying this game is perfect. I'm saying that I agree with the design decisions and the direction. If you don't, please play something else, because you're going to ruin it for us.

**edit for clarity**

#1917854 Game is more "Diablo" than GW or WoW..

Posted BloatedGuppy on 11 September 2012 - 04:02 PM

View PostDulu, on 11 September 2012 - 03:55 PM, said:

It is grindy.

No, it isn't. This is a nonsense word. It used to mean something, like 12, 14 years ago. Now it's a completely nonsense word. It means absolutely nothing at all.

Today I woke up and ground my way out of bed after grinding sleep for 8 hours. I ground through breakfast and then ground my way into work. I'll grind through my day here, maybe taking some time outs to grind on the internet and grind through lunch. Then I'll grind home, grind through dinner, maybe grind through a book, and then grind out some love makin' with the GF. What a grind!

The word "grind" now supposes the ONLY REASON ANYONE DOES ANYTHING is progression. The only thing we exist for is the little stat bumps. Everything else is a grind. Crafting? Grind? Exploring? Grind. PvP? Grind. PvE? Grind. Events? Grind. Dungeons? Grind. This is not sarcasm, I have quite literally heard all of these things described as a grind. Some of them by players UNDER LEVEL 10.

Get to level 80? Get some bloody perspective. Go play Classic Everquest. Go sit on a hill for 24 hours, killing Tumps. Nothing but Tumps. Tumps, Tumps, Tumps. Kill a Tump, sit down for 20 minutes and LOOK AT YOUR SPELLBOOK while getting mana back. Then kill more Tumps. No events. No quests. No exploring. Just Tumps. You're in a hell level, by the way, you'll be doing this for several weeks.

Then come back here and tell me the event you did was a "grind" because you had to do it a few times. Oh noes, what a grind. WHAT A LOATHSOME GRIND.

I had to click the mouse button to shoot this guy, I'm grinding!
I had to turn the wheel to go around the track, I'm grinding!
I had to tap the button to jump over this turtle, I'm grinding!

Grinding, grinding, grinding, oh the grind! Oh, who will save us from this terrible grind!

#1779532 Anyone else find the whale? :)

Posted Nedra on 21 August 2012 - 05:27 PM

View PostDibrom, on 21 August 2012 - 05:23 PM, said:

Terrifying, were you able to take it out?

My guild [sea shepherd] will protect these whales from the terrorists who want to kill them :angry:

#1668308 Witches Hat

Posted roachsrealm on 02 August 2012 - 08:23 PM

View PostKichwas, on 02 August 2012 - 08:19 PM, said:

So I can put a charr into one of those skimpy cloth outfits made for human females? Cause that's just lol enough that I have to do it if I can. :)

ok, I want a refund.  now.  =P

#1611254 No doubt , ppl looking for healer at dungeons.

Posted Rukioish on 18 July 2012 - 11:15 PM

I'll make an effort to ban guardians from my groups to prevent such noobery.