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Guardian Trait Tree rework

08 April 2013 - 05:12 PM

The Guardian Traits have a tremendous flaw in them which restricts viable builds for the Guardian class, mainly in regard to handicapping the guardian in making a viable Condition Damage build.

   The problem lies in the fact that Zeal and Radiance provide additional condition damage and duration.

  However, these trait lines do not provide traits that a Conditions build would want or need, which are all contained in the Valor and Virtues line.

   In order to give Guardians a viable and effective conditions build, the following traits need to be removed from Valor and Virtues to Zeal and Radiance..

Defenders Flame from Valor

Supreme Justice and Permeating Wrath from Virtues

In requiring Guardians to go 30 points into Virtues to get Permeating Wrath, and at least 20 to get Supreme Justice, a guardian players is forced into either putting points in to get additional condition damage WITHOUT Traits that synergize, or get the Traits that synergize WITHOUT the additional condition damage that would synergize.

  Guardian is the only class that I am aware of that puts the raw attribute bonuses in two trait lines, and then puts the corresponding traits in two OTHER trait lines.

   This forces guardians to choose whether to have more conditions, or to do damage with conditions, but not both.

WvW Titles

05 April 2013 - 01:43 PM

For those of you out there who are like me, almost exclusively WvW playtime, are you as annoyed as I am about all the cool titles the PVE'rs run around with, while we get nothing?

   Is it too much to ask to at least be able to display my WvW rank, or give us some title for every Tier of WvW achievements we get?

  If someone kills 1000 Yaks, they should get some kind of Title...if they kill 10,000 yaks, they should have another title.

  If someone gets 1000 kills, they should get a title, 10,000 kills another.

  Why is it so bad to have WvW'rs at least be able to flash a Title that says "Hey, I accomplished THIS in World vs World".

   If there is someone on my server that has 25,000 kills, I would like to know about it, also....it;s not just a self ego thing......we would like to know who the rookies are and who the veterans are.

  WvW Titles, please, ANet......people like me are just not going to run around sporting the stupid "Volunteer" tag, and since you don't give me ANY options for WvW Titles, I just look at those with titles and say "Wow, there are a lot of PVE'rs here".

[Rage] WvW guild, Jade Quarry

13 February 2013 - 04:48 PM

Rage is looking for players with a desire for a WvW guild, in a mature and experienced guild.

  We do not recruit toons and classes, we recruit people. We have members that range from age 20 to age 50.  We have been kicking asses a long time.

  We are not a zerg guild, though we sometimes support commanders when we think we are needed, and sometimes we split off and raise Hell and havoc on our own as a diversionary or secondary force.

   We are international, are present in WvW roughly 12 hours a day, more on weekends.

   We have one day a week that we set aside as downtime "Carebear Thursday's", but if members need help with dungeons we get it done, especially when WvW is dull and not much action. We suck at PVE and it is often equally disastrous and entertaining.

    What we are looking for are players that enjoy serious PVP, and a not so serious social environment.

   We do not have mandatory anything, outside of an expectation of doing a lot of WvW, and a general attitude of "We don't care how much playtime you have, but when we play, we play hard."

   Currently, we are working hard on group tactics, using support builds, buffs, and combos to good effect in a tight knit group. This is not required of members to participate, but a large portion of us want to always improve our game, and we do it any way we can.

  We are looking to boost our membership so we can become a more present and effective force on the field of battle, and give us more options to kill and destroy things at will.

  If interested, check us out at;


Or contact me in game..IGN: Vihar

   If you would like to join us sometime in our guild groups, and/or our VOIP, give me a shout here and I will happily set up a time for you to join us and see what we are about.

  Also, if you are a new player, or an experienced player but lack WvW experience, we would be delighted to set up a WvW tour and show you the ropes, from the most basic WvW mechanics, to WvW tactics we use.

  Even if you are a small guild, of a few friends, that like to do WvW and just want some more friends to roll with, come join us, we will have a blast and see how much trouble we can get into together.

  All we ask is that you do not run from a fight, and don't be afraid of getting wiped. Better to wipe than run like a bitch. That's us.

3 things I would like to see in WvW

29 January 2013 - 08:33 PM

There are lots of things, but I am going to name 3 that are not often discussed (one used to be, but not any more)...

1. Bring back Orbs

   I kind of miss the Orb rushes, and the strategic aspects that the Orbs brought into otherwise bland maps.

   Instead of buffs, though, simply make possession of the orbs +10 PPT. Still worth fighting over, for sure, but the orb will not determine the outcome of the fight.

   If we can make the altars unhackable, or eliminate the need to destroy them, the Orb mechanic would make borderlands much more fun to play in.

2. Do something about defending from walls!

   It is so much easier to attack from below, players and siege on walls, than it is to defend from walls. (obstructed, obstructed, obstructed).

   That is not the way fortifications are supposed to work. GET RID OF THE OBSTRUCTIONS for people trying to defend, and make it harder to attack things from below.

   If this were the way fortifications worked, noone would actually build them. It's stupid.

   If necessary, get rid of the terrain aspects that block line of sight, and replace it with defensive buffs for anyone inside.

   It is ridiculous to be standing on a wall, the enemy is unloading on you, and you have to find just the right magic spot to get a line of sight, when your screen is filled with red targets.

3. Make ballista ground targeted!

   These things completely suck at hitting moving targets. If you hit something, you do lots of damage to lots of people.....but if your target is moving, it is like the bolt just vanishes into thin air.

   A ballista shot should land somewhere, wherever you were aiming it. It shouldn't just disappear.

   This would also solve the problem of trying to find a rabbit to shoot at just to refresh the rot timer.

   These are the only siege that require a target to shoot, and they are terrible at hitting anything that isn't posing for you.

   Just make them ground targeted like everything else.

WvW philosophical question

07 December 2012 - 06:10 PM

You are in a battle trying to hold off an overwhelming force, say, defending a breach in a wall or holding an archway against superior forces.

   You are making a pretty good fight out of it, moving into and out of LoS of the enemy forces, raining death and destruction on their heads as best you can.

  The enemy is gaining ground and about to push through.

   A couple of loot bags drop right in the line of fire of the enemy as you were kiting.

   Do you go for self preservation, or do you go for the loot bags, which will bring certain death?

  Secondary question....

   If you go for the loot bags....do you really care what's in them? Why?

   The problem is, I am personally compelled to go for the loot, even though I know it is going to be some crap I don't need and not worth that much. Inevitably, I will go for the loot.

   It's not that I need anything from the loot bags...even badges. But, for some reason, I just can't stand leaving loot laying around.

  My movement in PVP is oftentimes dictated by the placement of loot bags and not what would be the best maneuver for combat. I'm not sure why that is, since only about 1 in a thousand will have anything that's worthwhile.

   It's kind of like diving for a lottery ticket in the middle of an interstate highway...but I can't help it.

   How about you?