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Bomb Kit: A brief summary and sample build for PvE

18 November 2012 - 02:10 AM

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying GW2!

I’ve been noticing that there are quite a few people out there who are disgruntled about the tool kit and want a melee option for engineers. However, I think many people overlook the bomb kit and do not appreciate the kit for what it does.

The bomb kit is a defensive kit, one that excels at defending small areas and/or inflicting heavy punishment with a PBAoE range. The kit replaces your first five skills with new skills, as listed below:

Bomb- Set a timed charge that damages nearby foes.
   -This skill has the highest base-damage auto attack out of all the engineer skills, with grenades out-damaging it with the grenadier trait. It’s great when you’re waiting for cool-downs, but I would not use this skill heavily.

Fire Bomb- Set a timed charge that burns nearby foes.
  -Fire bomb is quite amazing because it not only has a lengthy AoE burn, but it creates a fire field and has a very short (10s) cool-down.

Concussion Bomb- Set a timed charge that causes confusion to nearby foes.
   -This is a rather hit-or-miss skill. It applies five stacks of confusion (which can really rack up damage), but it depends on whether or not a mob decides to attack you.

Smoke Bomb- Set a timed charge that creates a cloud of smoke, blinding nearby foes.
   -Easily the best skill of the kit, smoke bomb lays down a smoke field for 4 seconds, and blinds adjacent mobs every two second seconds. You can easily use one of our numerous blast finishers to give stealth to party members (or yourself) if a fight is going bad.

Glue Bomb- Set a timed charge that creates a puddle of glue, immobilizing and crippling nearby foes
This is probably the worst skill out of the five in PvE because most mobs will run up to you and stop moving until either you move or they die. It’s nice as an escape plan, but very situational.

There are also quite a few traits that affect bombs:

Forceful Explosives - Bombs and mines have a larger explosion radius.
If you are going to run bombs, this trait is mandatory. Bombs suffer from having a terribly small AoE without this trait (mobs in melee can actually out-reach you).

Short Fuse - Reduces recharge for bombs and grenades by 20%
   -It’s a great trait which gives you the ability to maintain burning on mobs due to the recharge of Fire Bomb (more on this later).

Steel Packed powder:
-For a grandmaster trait, this trait is pretty mediocre. The only bomb that really benefits from this trait is the autoattack, because the damage for the other bombs is very low. However, this trait does shine in a team-situation.

Incendiary powder:
   -This skill is a bit redundant thanks to Fire Bomb. As a side-note, this trait has an internal cool-down of 4 seconds.

Elixir-Infused Bombs:
-This trait is garbage. It does not heal for very much and requires a huge investment in inventions to get it to work. The elixir gun is much better as a healing option (more on this later).

So where exactly does the bomb kit fit in?

This is the defensive version of a bomb build I’ve been using.


This build covers a lot of different roles, and is extremely flexible. I’ll attempt to explain the method behind the madness.

Why P/S?
- P/S is the superior option for defensive builds. The shield has an on-demand blast finisher (Magnetic shield) which you can use to combo in an emergency for AoE healing or Stealth. The shield also has static shield, which dazes twice if you throw it. Minor corruption and superior life are used as sigils because you will be using kits more often than P/S.

Why Healing Turret?
- While Med kit is a great option for solo-play, the Healing turret offers perma-regen as long as it’s up. It also has a water-field when it’s not placed down (as our tool-belt skill). Additionally, when the turret shoots out water is functions as another water field (for about half a second). Overcharging the turret removes a condition and provides additional regen. As a warning, the regen from overcharge is glitched so that it isn’t actually using your healing stat.

Why elixir kit?
- The Elixir kit is the reason why engineers are the best condition removers in the game. Fumigate removes up to 5 conditions in a Cone-AoE every 12 seconds, super elixir removes a condition on impact and ties with wall of reflection as the longest-lasting light field in the game (10s). Super elixir also heals for ~300 health every second, and can be stacked with regen. Additionally, the auto-attack can permanently maintain weakness on a single mob. Acid bomb is also a great skill to retreat from combat and functions as an amazing positional skill.

Elixir R?
-Elixir R should be on your bar if you are playing in a group. The tool-belt skill functions as another light field, and can res downed players very quickly. If you are near death you can throw it below yourself, and it will generally res you when you get downed.

Runes+ Jewelry:
Because I focus so heavily on support, shaman’s is the best choice. I use runes of the undead because it gives me extra toughness and condition damage (and not having anything to do with being the cheapest runes on the TP :D ). Alternatively if you want to invest in more condition damage carrion jewelry works just as well, just make sure you take blood injection instead of protection injection.
Because bombs are condition-orientated, I designed this build with conditions in mind, although my build lacks bleed so that it does not clash with another condition-specced class. The focus is on supporting your teammates with condition removal and healing, meanwhile using offensive cc in the form of blinds, weakness, and daze/kb. Most of these traits are self-explanatory for why they’re useful, although I’ve been split on what to run in the firearm tree. If you want perma-burn you can swap to napalm specialist and invest in +Burn duration runes.

Running the build:
The main point to remember is to constantly swap kits to fit the situation you are in. The bomb kit is great as an initiator (use skill 4>2>3), to which you can swap into the elixir kit or P/S. If your team is having problems with bosses you can stick to elixir kit and maintain perma weakness. Alternatively, if your team is having problem with trash mobs, you can stick with bomb kit and P/S. You are sitting on 3k armor with 800 HPS (right now the elixir gun is healing for ~200 more than it should for about 1.2k HPS), which makes you very tanky. This build is my favorite support-orientated build for the engie, and great for general PvE.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.