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In Topic: Elitist vs. Objective

02 January 2013 - 03:16 AM

I would here propose that we are discussing the issue from a wrong agle.

Elitism at it's core is accepting only the "chosen" into your company. It's the attitude that "If they don't measure up to my standards, I won't play with them." This limiting of your acceptance, of the company you keep, is the core of the term. Also, ss such it is not a binary state of "I'm elitist or I'm not elitist", but rather "How elitist is one". The degree of elitism is the issue.

But the real issue is "How does elitism affect the game". This is the crux of the issue. Some elements of a lithmus test for this that I'd consider are:
-is most content done in a specific way that players find restrictive? Do you by now need to have a specific build to be allowed into a group? Can you still explore the dungeon, or must you take a specific path that avoids monster X?
-is it hard for someone to find a group that wants to do content the non-standard or casual way? Is it hard to find a group that will actually fight Kohler? Is it hard to find a group that would like to try to actually defend Magg by fighting? Is it hard to find a group that will do a full dungeon clear?
-is the speed at which the elite are accomplishing things leaving others behind? Are a casual player's earnings from casual play still allowing him to meaningfully participate in the economy? Is a player with multiple characters disadvantaged to the point where he cannot keep them all geared up enough to keep getting into groups?
-is there a social stigma for not measuring up? Does a casual player listening to the map chat find himself realizing he is considered a scrub? Does wearing non-elite skinned armor mean a player is not respected? Not taken seriously?

At the OP: elitist rejects the lvl 25 in AC because he doesn't measure up to his standards, because he's "not good enough". A non-elitist rejects the lvl 25 in AC because he believes everyone should be treated equal and has to pull his load.

In Topic: How to compare prices in a non painful way?

14 December 2012 - 04:34 PM

Regarding price comparison:
Right click the item and select "sell at trading post". This will immediately open the trading post sell list. Next, look at the prices offered:
-if the item is blanked out, there are no buyers at all
-if the item has a price, that's the best buy offer someone posted. Now, mouse over the item's icon, and the popup screen will list the vendor price. If the buy offer is higher than item value, (by enough to cover the TP tax, too, don't forget) you should sell on TP

As for GoLolaGo... I expect a spambot here, actually... Also, the low price feels a bit fishy.

In Topic: Wintersday = Lagsday? Anyone see it coming...

08 December 2012 - 06:53 PM

I have suffered lag in all events so far, so I do worry about it.

However, Anet have by now seen the results of two events and are probably dealing with it now. So, while I doubt that they have had time to apply all the lessons learned (since an event like this has to have been in the works for a long time and there's not enough time to change the content's basic structure), I expect it to be at least better dealt with than the earlier events.

In Topic: Lost Shores rewards handed out

07 December 2012 - 04:53 PM

Got nothing the first or second time around, and support says all rewards have been mailed already. Guess the sound bug hit me at just the right time that I wasn't in the game for the very finale, and that counted...

Well, good luck to those who got them. I got over my sorrow a while ago.

EDIT: got my reward in the second round now. Guess Anet did listen to those who did participate but missed rewards due to bugs. Got a Hyperbeam in it.

In Topic: What is the alternative to RNG?

04 December 2012 - 06:53 PM

I'll put it this way: when I first started playing GW, the fiirst thing I liked was that there was no to-hit roll - you hit, unless you were actively blocked or evaded, or blinded, or dodged, in those early days :)

Luck doesn't really like me. In all of my 8000 hours of GW1, I never got a really valuable random drop. I was really hopeful when they made that claim that they'd lean away from RNG in GW2... too bad that was another of those things they... meant only in principle. For the low levels. For stuff that doesn't really matter.