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Axe, worthless?

09 September 2012 - 02:12 PM

So i recently made a Necromancer (only level 10) and my favourite weapon is the axe for him. I've been running around with an Axe/Focus being able to stack lots of vulnerability on foes and...well...that's all. The damage on the axe is incredibly lacklustre. When I switch to scepter I immediately see a huge damage increase, which is somewhat disappointing.

So, perhaps it is just that I am a low level, perhaps the damage gets better later on, but I would like to know: Can the axe/focus be a viable weapon set?

EDIT: I am now level 20 and have all my trait points into power as well as my armor specced for power. Already I am seeing a huge difference. I can take down enemies of my own level much quicker than I could before and Death Shroud is dealing some massive damage. Most of my worries have subsided and I am looking forward adventuring some more with my Axe Necromancer :)

Staff Support Guardian Build

04 September 2012 - 05:43 AM

Hello! I've decided on making a Support Guardian my main PvE character. I absolutely love the staff - each skill feels unique to me. So, I would love some opinions/critiques on my build (strictly PvE) I think it will be decent in dungeons and dynamic event groups.

Stat-wise, I'm thinking mainly Healing Power, not sure what my secondary would be.. Probably Power for a little more damage output.

Staff is main for group fights while swap would be probably Mace/Focus for some more Solo damage + still benefiting from lots of Healing Power.
7 heals: Healing Breeze, Resolve, Orb of Light, Symbols, Bow of Truth, Sanctuary and Dodge Roll ~ not to mention Tome of Courage.
3 "Walls": Sanctuary, Line of Warding and Wall of Reflection.
Not too many boons, but Empower is very strong as it gives a whopping 12 stacks of might when fully channelled.
Anywho, you guys can see that for yourselves, just rambling :P

Trying to form a fun build for my Support Guardian, so any suggestions (even harsh ones) welcomed! Thanks

Remember! This build is for PvE only :)

Legendary Weapons Preview - Greatswords

26 August 2012 - 11:04 AM

Behold! Twilight and Sunrise!!!

All credits to Dontain, enjoy!

The greatswords look sick, can't wait to see the rest of the legendaries :lol: