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Starting to miss special unique drops. Am I wrong feeling this way?

12 January 2013 - 06:07 PM

So with the fractals came some changes I was not totally expecting. The introduction of items that could not be gotten any other way. They have special stats and also a resist that is unique. This lead me to start thinking about all the unique items dropped in other games.

Everquest 1 had unique items dropping from bosses and some you could craft using components from all over the land including encounters and bosses.

Everquest 2 had Fabled items and continued some of the tradition of EQ1. There are many other games where unique items drop from encounters or bosses.

My question is do you think GW2 feels a little lacking due to not having actual unique items dropping that have special properties that no other items have?

One small example of eq1 special item  Polished Granite Tomahawk proc effect berserker strength. There are obviously countless items I could name. Some Proc and others were clickable and still others had permanent effect.

Seems this might be fun to introduce into Guildwars 2 or do you think it would ruin the fundamental design?

Is there Legendary gear?

10 January 2013 - 06:53 PM

All I see so far is weapons that are legendary.
I am looking for legendary armors and upgrades.

I have been reading here and there that the Fractals gear is better than exotic gear but not as good as legendary gear. Where is this legendary gear? How do I go about getting it? I started Fractals and then hit the wall when trying to find groups that want to do either the first or groups that are well advanced and don't want to do older fractals. So I am stuck at fractals lvl 3.

Also any word on when/if they are going to allow lower levels to do higher fractals? I saw in a dev post that they were going to introduce this in the future patch but no word since then.

Any help on either of these topics would be great. I am in exotic gears for PvE but looking to upgrade to legendary if there is a way to...or I will just keep trying to get into higher fractal groups.

Am I doing something wrong? pry bar+gear shield...

27 December 2012 - 11:01 PM

So I read an article about how this person was owning others with this style.

Basically you go in with toolkit skill 3 prybar which causes confusion when someone is about to unload a bunch of dps on you. Then you hit skill 4 gear shield right away to block the incomming damage.

Problem is that the damage they do to themselves is nowhere near the dps they can do to me. Not only that but the time it takes both prybar and gear shield to where off is almost a joke. Seems almost as if they are gone in 2 seconds as the damage starts hitting me hard at that point and the other person is barely damaged at all.

If we don't have any huge dps that we can do as a class then we should at least be able to do enuff with blocks and confusion to cause people to take pause and re-evaluate how they fight against us if they take huge damage from unloading burst dps on us.

Please let me know your thoughts on this. I seem to have gone full circle to flame thrower/shotgun/flame turret/heal turret/ net turret as these seem effective with......3 different nets to stop someone/ flame thrower and flame turret both giving good aoe dps....shotgun pushback w/damage plus flamethrower pushback. also the smoke vent for aoe blind if people are too close. This seems to work since people don't expect this build in pvpt anymore and are surprised by it. Would really like the other build/style to work though.

Tool Kit and turrets in late game and dungeons.

22 December 2012 - 09:00 PM

I have tried several times now to get a good Tool Kit tank style build together. It seems to rely on traits in the tools area for turrets and such. Problem seems that my damage goes down and I lose some of the aoe and gap creators I had with previous builds like the flamethower/shotgun/turrets. And my guy actually starts to feel squishy in Tool Kit which is opposite of what I wanted to get to. I realize the armor is less than guardian/warrior but I still should be able to tank a bit without the squishy feeling.

I am fine with my old build and will continue to use it but I just think Tool Kit + the right traits and amor stats should balance me close to a warrior for tanking.

I tried bringing a similar topic a while back and several people said something similar to "if you want to tank then roll a warrior or guardian". That is not my intention. I am looking for anyone that has put together a successful build for Tool Kit that works toward endgame and maybe even in PvP as well. Any helpful comments are appreciated.

Got my account back. Cautionary tale

30 November 2012 - 10:50 PM

So this is a cautionary tale.

I played guildwars 2 since launch for a good while. My buddy that I mainly play games with stopped playing saying he didn't like the non-trinity thing. After losing my buddy I still played for a while and then decided to take a break from gaming for a bit.

I then heard about the new content added and the halloween stuff. Then I see the wintertime stuff comming up and decide it's time to log back in.

My account got hacked!!

I went through about 4 days of back and forth correspondence with Guildwars 2 reps. They fixxed my problem and now I can log in again.

The reason I got hacked I am sure is due to my using the same password from WoW where I got hacked as well. So you should be sure to make unique passwords for every game and make them complicated and write them down.

A very good piece of news is, when I stopped playing, my guy was about lvl 56. Now he is 78. Looks like I was power leveled after being hacked. I wouldn't count on this being the case for everyone though. I think I was fortunate to get it back with my characters and everything.

Many thanks to the team that got my account back.