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#2094224 Forget about Ascended gear, Has Anet been honest about anything?

Posted shanaeri rynale on 24 November 2012 - 07:30 AM

The reality is, is that it doesn't matter if Anet lied or not. It's the growing perception that they did that matters. The erosion of trust is a serious matter for any business (you might not feel it today, but eventually it'll getcha). This is why the AMA on. Monday is so critical. If done well it'll calm people down. If questions are avoided, spun or answered in a vague way then it'll just pour gasoline on things.

#2092784 Forget about Ascended gear, Has Anet been honest about anything?

Posted DuskWolf on 22 November 2012 - 07:20 PM


Intellectual dishonesty is something you may want to familiarise yourself with, as you do it a lot.

Your view is that we should never blame anyone but ourselves for false advertising because the advertiser didn't say 'I promise.' So if someone is selling a game with Battlefield 3 on the cover, but you actually receive Battlefield 1942 in the box, you should blame yourself because the person who sold it to you didn't say 'I promise?'

The game that was delivered wasn't the one that was advertised. Believing that they need to say 'I promise' borders on the utterly ridiculous, possibly even the clinnically insane. One can make promises like their manifesto, which doesn't explicitly require the words 'I promise.' Their manifesto was a promise in and of itself. It was an advertisement of the product as it should have been.

To be honest, I'm hoping someone will actually bring a case against ArenaNet for false advertising, just to make a point.

#1587479 Character Creator CODES

Posted Seafog on 10 July 2012 - 07:08 AM

True :P a mesmer clone army for example!

#1581060 Character Creator CODES

Posted Haltus Kain on 08 July 2012 - 01:40 AM

Saw a thread recently suggesting an early release of a character creator - initially this was just a response to that thread, but it evolved into an idea that would effect the game permanently, post-launch, so I;m gonna give it it's own thread. ^_^


An early(er) release on the character creator would be awesome, but I could see it causing drama regarding name reservation and such - people who aren't able to be at the computer when the character creator is released would have a much greater chance on missing out on the name(s) they want... admittedly, the same could be said about not being able to make the actual early release date, but that's to be expected - an early character creator would throw kind of a curve ball, that would understandably upset many people.

That said, an early release on a character generator could be a positive thing, so long as the characters can't actually be locked in until the release date. A good way to do this is by including a code as part of the generator.

So like, you make your character on the (early) creator, and instead of actually creating the character, you'd be given a code based on the the choices you made.

I'm no programmer, but it doesn't seem like it'd be difficult to assign a numerical value to each of the options in the character creator.

For example, lets say you are presented with 10 different options for your toon's face - you choose the 5th one; there are 20 different eye colors to choose from - you choose the 11th one; the height slider has 50 incriments - you choose #30; 4th body type; 8th skin tone; 2nd hair color ...and you name your toon "Bob"

You would then be given a code:

Come the actual release of the game, when you get to the character creator, instead of going the normal route of starting from scratch, you'd simply click an icon that says "Input Character Code" and paste the into it; click create, an enjoy a speedy entrance to the game!

The actual code would obviously be much larger than that, like...

...but in today's world of copy and paste, the size of the code doesn't really matter.

Looking beyond its application to an early character creator, the code generation could be used at any time post launch to make a replica of a character - say two people want to roll twins: Easy! Just use the same code, but change the character name associated with it. Say you really like the look of a character, and decide to roll a second profession, but want to keep the same look: same thing, just use the code from your previous toon and give it a new name.

Think that's all. Please post your thoughts!

#1566042 An artwork a day until release

Posted correllis on 02 July 2012 - 06:42 AM

I get more and more anxious each day as we count down to the release date of Guild Wars 2. To help with this, I will paint one artwork each day until headstart (55 in total? =X). Hope you guys enjoy =p (requests are welcome)

My artworks can be found at http://correllis.cghub.com

To start off,

55. Just another day in WvW

54. Birth of the Sylvari

53. WvW

52. Avicara Tengu ( Leader of Shining Mantle )

51. Guardian's Pacifism

50. Illusionary Love

49. Night Oakheart

48. Illusion of illusion ( or illuception =p)

47. Swirling ball of flame

46. Dawn in Divinity

45. First look at Mother

44. Just another day in WvW ( enhanced )

43. Divinity's Reach

42. Blood

41. The Pale Tree

40. Never Return!

39. Norn Mercy

38. Phoenix

37. 36. 35. Prepare for BWE 3 (Higher-Res version)


33. Sylvari Mesmer

32. How it ends

31. Seahouse

30. Teal Girl

Random asuran primitive cave

Asura City

By the Beach


Posted Image

#1572176 Economic Analysis of GW2: Let's make some money

Posted Shadowmoon on 04 July 2012 - 03:49 PM

All I can say is there is alot of retards with disposable income, so If you have half a brain you should be good.

#1536672 New weapon project: Fist weapons!

Posted Korra on 20 June 2012 - 06:16 PM

Hello folks!

My name Korra and i would like to introduce a new project i'm thinking of.

Everyone's been commenting about new weapons, and new combinations in the already-existing weapons but i would like to offer you something different. So far we've only seen weapon weilds and no fighting at all, what happen our heros become lil girls without weapons?

What i proupose is a Weapon set which consist in the hero using his body as a weapon (aka martial arts). Of course this will be correctly adapted to every profession acording to the needs, but you'll see.

First of all i would like to mention that this for me is just to fill my freetime, and hey nowadays i spend it thinking about gw2 so why not making something usefull about it?

I'm willing to design skills, Icons, definitions and try to balance the damage according to the already exisiting skills.

I'll be updating with every advance my project makes!

What i got so far?

Well i would like to start from defining the role of everyprofession with this new "weapon". Needless to say will actually a weapon, not a stance u get when you are not wearing any weapon.

Bare hand skills.


"Wild Punch"   1.Rush at your foe strinking with the right hand at him.
"Weakening punch"    -1.Strike with the left hand weakning him for 2 seconds.
"Rupture kick" -1.Kick your foe in the chest making him vulnerable.)
"Wild Discipline" 2.Deal a flurry of hits finishing with a powerfull hit (Doesn't lock you in place, except for the final hit)
"Throw dirt" 3.Throw dirt at your foe weakning and blinding him
"Exposing kick"    4.Side kick your foe throwing him away crippling him.
"Unexpected growth"   5.Fast kick your foe in the head dazing him, if attacked from behind stun the enemy.

Posted Image


"Furious right"    1.Make a furious fist strike with the right hand.
"Adrenal left"   -1 Strike with the left hand gaining adrenaline.
"Cracking strike" 2.Hit the foe with your elbow making your foe vulnerable.
"Frenzied strikes"    3.Hit your foe three times repeteadly weakning him.
"Rage kick" 4.Jump and kick pushing your foe away, you get knockback.
"Leaping beast" 5.Leap at your foe smashing the ground knocking target foe back and inflicting cripple to nearby enemies.

Adrenaline skill: Frenzied Headbutt "Headbutt your foe stuning him dealing big damage.


"Divine palm"    1.Palm your foe with divine power.
"Divine push"    -1 Palm your foe with the other hand.
"Cracking divinity" -1 With both hands palm your foe applying vulnerabilty.
"Fiery symbol"   2.Create a symbol that gives might to you and your allies.
"Divine fire"   3.Surround yourself with divine fire burning you enemies and cleansing 1 condition from you allies
"Blinding leap"   4.With a flash of light leap at your foe blinding him.
"Divine retaliation" 5.Create a protective circle blocking attacks and knocks foes back applying vulnerabilty.


"Zapp'em" 1.Eletrocute you foe with a chance to causing vulnerabilty.
"Overloading flurry"   2.Flurry with electrocuted attacks dealing more damage for every hit, stops if it misses one attack. (locks you in place)
"Electro-whip"   3.Throw a whip at your foe taking him to your position and eloctrocutin him causing vulneravilty.
"Knocking shock" 4.Overcharge your gloves knocking your foes back after a liltle but powerfull shock.
"Dazing charge"   5.Electructe your foes brain dazing him.


"Precise strike"    1.Hit your foe with a precise fast attack with the top of your fingers.
"Twin strikes"   -1 Hit your foe twice with precise and fast attacks with the top of your fingers causing weakness.
"Chi blocking strike" -1 Hit your foe with a precise fast hit with the top of your fingers causing vulnerability.
"Preassure strikes" 2.Side roll and deal a flurry of precise fast hits.
"Vanishing kick"   3.High kick your foe vanishing in stealth with a shadow cloud blinding your foe.
"Shadow kick" 4.Shadowstep to your foe making a low kick crippling him.
"Pushing Chi" 5.Strike your foes with both palms pushing your target away

Stealth Skill:"Hidden strike" Stab your foe with hidden daggers to bleed him , inflicts extra damage from the back.


"Illusionary Sword" 1.Creates an illusionary sword slashing your foe.
"Illusionary Axe"   -1 Creates an illusionary axe hacking your foe and applying a random condition.
"Illusionary Greatsword" -1 Creates an illusionary greatsword slashing and applying confusion to your foe.
"Deciving rush"    2.Rush to your foe creating an illusion at your original location.
"Arsenal Phantasm" 3.Creates a phantasm that uses illusionary weapons
"Distracting clap" 4.Clap your hand emiting a mesmerizing sound making target foe lose his target and apply confusion.
"Vanishing stace "   5.Enter an illusionary stance if you get hit, you vanish and appear at your target's back striking him removing a boon.


"Shadow punch" 1.Punch your foe with death force inflicting weakness.
"Life force Punch"   -1.Punch your foe with death force gaining life force.
"Shadow rage"    2.Inflict a flurry of strikes bleeding your foe with every hit.
"Dread ground" 3.Shove your hands in the ground immobilizing your foe.
"Panic wave"   4.Send a shadow wave chilling target foe for 1 second and knocking him down afterwards
"Dark sweat"   5.Pour Death energy through your skin inlficting random conditions to close foes.


"Fire punch"   1.Punch the air emitting a blast of fire towards your target
"Blasting punch" -1 Punch again to emitt a second blast
"Blazing kick" -1 Round kick the air sending a third blast of fire to burn your foe.
"Fire geyser" 2.Summon a Geyser of fire at targets location.
"Burning blast"   3.With both hands project a big blast of fire towards you enemy dealing damage and leaving behind a line of fire.
"Fire coat" 4.Surround yourself with fire burning close enemies
"Burning cyclone" 5.Spin to send blasts of fire in all directions.

"Water pistol"    1.Send a fast blast of water applying vulnerability
"Chilling winds" 2.Summon a cold blizard above your foe blasting it down, chilling and bleeding it.
"Coating ice" 3.Hit the ground blasting an ice coat immobilizing nearby foes.
"Cleansing waterfall" 4.Blast a waterfall healing allies and removing conditions.
"Will blocker" 5.Envelop your targets head with water dazing him.

"Air blast" 1.Blast a projectile of air to your foe
"Blasting air" -1 Blast a projectile of air to your foe
"Hurricane blast"   -1 With both hand send air to your foe staggering him
"Slicing wind" 2.Cut through the air sending air blades to bleed your foe.
"Direct Lightning"   3.Charge a Lightning to direct it to your foe applying weakness.
"Blasting retreat"    4.Move backwards knocking back all the foes infront of your original location.
"Favorable winds" 5.You and nearby allies gain Swiftness for 15 seconds and quickness for 1 second.

"Stone punch"   1.Summon a boulder and punch it to your foe.
"Stone kick"   2.Summon a boulder and kick it to your foe staggering him.
"Incoming wall" 3.Create a wall of earth infront of you to block front attacks and send it towards your foes to damage them
"Spiky ground" 4.Step on the floor to create a spiky ground to cripple foes.
"Earth trapwire" 5.Bend earth to trap your foes feet knocking him to the ground.

EDITUPDATE: I've been thinking, and perhaps instead of giving this weapon set to all the profesion,it would be best to treat it like any other weapon set and restrict it to some of the classes with less posibilites, they would be:


Also all of them fit in the barehanded role i proposed for them, the rest of the classes fit too, but i may say they have enough weapon combinations, especially for warrior, who even has an elite that makes him play punch style. Nontheless i will still design skills for all the classes.

. I would be taking care of designing some examples as for class weapon, although all would have the same name "Handgear" it would be applied differently to every Class.

So now that i explained my first idea i would like to know what people think, althought it won't influence my decision of keeping this up :P

Regards and have fun!

#1533251 Its over 9000 (hp) and I don't like it. Who's with me?

Posted Zerogrifter on 19 June 2012 - 05:19 PM

While anticipating Guild Wars 2 I have had my eye on one feature of the game which I have found extremely off putting. After playing both BW events and the stress test I have discovered it does indeed bother me as much as I anticipated.

Simply put: I don’t like the way the damage values are provided to the player. Specifically how large those values are.

My solution: What I propose, dearest Net of the Arena, is that you give us just the option to solve this dilemma. I ask that you allow us, akin to scientific notation, to forget about 1 or 2 of those pesky digits and you kindly round those numbers up or down for us. OR. Let us see these damage values in percentages. (I STRESS THIS IS A REQUESTED OPTION)

Instead of showing me that my avatar has 13,724 hp - I could have 1372 hp or even 137 hp. This would translate to every part of the game for that character (Equipment, Damage, HP, Heals, ect) but this would only effect the UI of the player who has selected this option. Keep your fancy numbers as the core damage system – I just want to be able to easily identify wt-bloody-f is going on in the heat of battle.

I’m going to provide you with a MUD style battle dialog and please – if you feel so inclined dear reader, do tell which you find easier to keep track of the health by the end.

• Please note, I’ve taken some artistic liberty with the way I’ve scripted the battle dialog. Read the spoilers at your own risk

Sir Logic [13,724] has encountered Cpt. Sparkley Pants, The Dragon [You should probably run]

Sir Logic sets up soap box: [preparation]
Cpt. Sparkley Pants, The Dragon disinterestedly picks his teeth

Sir Logic pontificates about the finer points of videogame mechanics
Cpt. Sparkley Pants, The Dragon looks at Sir Logic disapprovingly: 673 pts of damage!

Sir Logic wets himself [soap box crumbles]
922 pts of damage! [Condition Inflicted: Sticky]

Sir Logic tries to r…
Cpt. Sparkley Pants, The Dragon
1982 pts of damage! [Condition Inflicted: Cripple]

Sir Logic tries to ru…
Cpt. Sparkley Pants, The Dragon
3928 pts of damage! [Condition Inflicted: Immobile]

Sir Logic tries to scream in horror
Cpt. Sparkley Pants, The Dragon
2109 pts of damage! [Condition Inflicted: Silence]

Sir Logic tries to watch as the lights fade from his eyes
Cpt. Sparkley Pants, The Dragon
4110 pts of damage!

Sir Logic tries to gurgle on his blood and fades into the ether.
Cpt. Sparkley Pants, The Dragon disinterestedly picks his teeth

Ok now let’s scale the HP back a notch or two and for posterities sake I won’t bore you with the same combat dialog but I will keep the damage values exactly the same with some good old fashion rounding done.

Sir Logic [137] has encountered Guru, the Unicorn [You should probably run]

Sir Logic prepares a [message]
Guru, the Unicorn reads the town’s message board with great intent

Sir Logic posts [message] on the town board with enthusiasm.
Guru, the Unicorn reads Sir Logic
7 pts of damage!

Sir Logic sulks to a corner crying
Guru, the Unicorn
  9 pts of damage! [Condition Inflicted: Sticky]

Sir Logic tries to r…
The Cannibalistic Unicorn
20 pts of damage! [Condition Inflicted: Cripple]

Sir Logic tries to drag his half mangled corpse away
The Cannibalistic Unicorn
39 pts of damage! [Condition Inflicted: Immobile]

Sir Logic tries to scream in horror
The Cannibalistic Unicorn
21 pts of damage! [Condition Inflicted: Silence]

Extra Combat Round!

Sir Logic is unable to watch as the lights fade from his eyes
The Cannibalistic Unicorn
41 pts of damage!

Sir Logic gurgles on his blood and fades into the ether.
The Cannibalistic Unicorn everts back to Guru, The Unicorn and continues reading the towns message board with great intent.

‘Why all the gore?’ you might ask. Well I was trying to replicate what happens in the heat of combat – how much your mind is occupied and how much information a player is truomg tp to digest at one time. In the encounter with Cpt. Sparkly Pants, The Dragon - were you, dear readers, easily able add all the digits together and keep track of your overall health during combat? Did you even notice the conditions rolling off? I know I find it a bit disassociating when I get to such large numbers – I find it unnecessary and more importantly players can suffer from “Information Overload.”
For every digit Arena Net adds to my health bar, my brain will subconsciously do unneeded calculations in a vain attempt to figure out if that big ouchy really was indeed a big ouchy.

Counter Arguments: Pre-emptive strike edition!

I know this seems purely aesthetic and something some people will counter with “oh, you’ll get used to it” which for all intensive purposes may be true but to that I say “I want to whine about it anyway” so  =P (yes that is me sticking my tongue out at you)

Larger numbers make some people feel like their avatar is more powerful or it can tie them further to the progression of their character. That is great for them, but I am not them. I already feel like my avatar is powerful - I am already dropping meteors from the heavens on unsuspecting centaurs heads by level 5. The numbers are just a nice little side-effect. If I could turn the numbers off and just go by how damaged a monster looked, that would be amazing, but I realize that request is completely unrealistic.

Why not just watch your health bubble at the bottom of the screene? Well the answer to that is I wouldn't be paying attention to the glorious combat above that little bubble would I? I would be focusing on my UI ;) Something, if I remember correctly, Arena Net is expressly against.

Further Supporting Points:
• One reason I really liked the health resource found in Guild Wars was by level 20 a character had a pool of health which was common to everyone: Good ol’ 600hp. (sans those crazy 55’ers or other runes)
Why was this great? Well whenever I was damaged I could quickly and easily identify (calculate) what was a minor contrivance was verses what some would call “a major boo-boo.” No matter which character I was playing. I knew 100 from 600 was 1/6th of my health and was bad news.

• I understand that there is probably some portion of the gaming community which finds that big numbers = SUPER COOL HAPPY FUN FUN TIME!! I am here to inform you that I have given this an earnest shot and I have discovered that I do not share this philosophy of what is “super cool happy fun time!!” I am pretty sure that I am not alone on this.

• I also have the sad duty of informing you, dearest Arena Net, that I do am not a mathematical savant. While some of your player base may have this syndrome, it is rather uncommon to the rest of us. Your most recent change of making the small damage values from rapidly attacks automatically add up is a step in the right direction, I do believe there is more that can be done. Namely, my proposed decimal solution or percentage system. I pity the foo who don’t listen to Mr. T (my last name starts with a T so I can legitimately say that)

• I understand that the larger numbers eases the burden developers experience when taking all of the games mechanics into account, specifically damage and output modifiers – to this I say you can keep those 1 or 2 extra digits for your internal balance purposes – I just don’t want to see them. It hurts my wittle bwain.

• I love the fact that when you take a PvE character to PvP they are put on an even plateau with everyone else as far as stats go. The problem – being auto leveled to 80 causes me quite a bit of number shock. I had 400 hp – now I have 13,000 hp...
WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY WORLD! ITS BEEN FLIPPED UP SIDE DOWN AND MY LUNCH MONEY IS BEING STOLEN! To be used to one resource pool and then be changed to vastly different resource pool can be slightly jarring. This suggestion that Mr. T offers is, for all intensive purposes, a fair option.

I’m not going to scream “switch your game to smaller numbers so my inferior intellect can enjoy the game or else I’m not buying it!!” into my dragon naturally speaking** word-to-text program to better translate the wrath of my rage induced nerd fury into a binary format. Both you and I well know, I will be playing Guild Wars 2, I will be playing the living (expletive associated with dookie) out of it. I am just humbilly asking that you accomdiate a fan of your franchise who wants to focus on the fast paced combat, not the numbers.

*I wanted to post this on the official forums but unfortunately they have been closed - I understand that the Guru forums were the unofficially official forums a while back so I'm hoping this message on a board doesn't fall completely on deaf ears. Unless you're a unicorn. If you're a unicorn you can pretend like this message was never posted.

**I do not actually own Dragon Naturally Speaking

#1571921 Please address FoV and Scroll-out issues for release, Stress test still left...

Posted Selaris on 04 July 2012 - 01:33 PM

View PostRhydian, on 04 July 2012 - 12:46 PM, said:

Yes yes the triple monitor set up for the millionth time, looks nice doesn't it? Thats because it's on 3 monitors, they might as they have SAID adjust position AND distance which are not one and the same. However I wouldn't get my hopes up that they will cram the viewpoint of 3 monitors into your 15 inch laptop.

The triple monitor setup, shows us roughly the max FoV the game is capable of -- but not how it would look or should look on one single monitor. And if you keep mentioning 'adjusting position and distance', it's clear neither you or the devs understand what FoV is. Although, I figure that they do understand what it is, since they are the ones that programmed the game. Which means, FoV in the question that was asked, was not what they responded to. FoV is angle (field) of viewing not distance of viewing and has nothing to do with camera position. Mind you, the camera may have to be adjusted slightly along with other small tweaks if the FoV was increased -- but they are not one in the same. All of them work together, but they are not the same mechanic.

Let's say I put a tunnel vision type lense on a camera, but I point that camera's focus toward the ground. That's not adjusting the peripheral of the lense or the lense at all. That's just pointing the camera at the ground. Even if I pointed the camera upwards, to the side, or right in front, the FoV would not be corrected.

#1570803 Economic Analysis of GW2: Let's make some money

Posted Trei on 04 July 2012 - 12:57 AM

A real hero doesn't play markets.

A real hero slays dragons!
Leave the markets to the housewives, I say!


#1565687 Please address FoV and Scroll-out issues for release, Stress test still left...

Posted OleManWinter on 02 July 2012 - 01:52 AM

View PostRhydian, on 01 July 2012 - 11:41 PM, said:

proprietary software in the hardware... with monitors.

View PostRhydian, on 02 July 2012 - 01:05 AM, said:

most generic LCDs work off the default OS drivers.

I'm not sure if you know what proprietary means.

Also, drivers (proprietary or not) are not IN the monitor.  

Most importantly, I'm not sure what any of this has to do with FoV.  (actually I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with it).

The only reason GPUs, monitors, and Eyefinity, were even brought up was to prove that Anet had not purposefully designed against FoV, but rather that had been overlooked.  A developer supporting Eyefinity cannot very well claim to withhold FoV flexibility for balance.

Read those last two sentences again.  Now moving on.  (If you still don't want to move on...read again but pretend to follow a bouncing ball.  repeat)

This entire puzzle only has a few pieces.  They are:

-People getting sick.
-The game GW2
-The FoV
-People arguing for no change
-The developers in final control.

If you're not talking about one of those things you are wildly missing the point.

#1565749 Please address FoV and Scroll-out issues for release, Stress test still left...

Posted Sixteen on 02 July 2012 - 02:45 AM

The tunnel vision in GW2 is pretty silly, I don't see why anyone would defend it. In reality you should be able to set FOV to whatever you want for a third person game, it's not exploiting unless it is used for first person since you have 360 degree free look anyhow.

#1565757 Please address FoV and Scroll-out issues for release, Stress test still left...

Posted Xpl0iter on 02 July 2012 - 02:54 AM

View PostRhydian, on 02 July 2012 - 02:40 AM, said:

Point A, is not exactly true in my case. There is at least a huge performance gap. Which brings me to point B that you brought up. Your graphics card will indeed use default resolutions which does effect how you see things, especially if it requires or has installation software besides the default OS presets which all commercial OSs have.

And there is an R in caRd.

Thanks for fixing typo.

So the point being, you do not really need drivers for your monitor in 99% of the cases.

With that said, the arguments presented in this thread to support against the request made by OP and MANY others... (listed below)
a) FOV will make the game unbalanced
b ) it will take gazillion amount of money and manpower
c) we don't care
d) buy new monitors, graphics cards
e) use a smaller monitor
f) sit close
g) sit far back

are stupid.

Such capabilities are already present in the game, and all it needs is a minor change that allows "player base" to control their FoV. Be this for medical reasons, or for comfort. These are changes that will improve the quality of expereince enjoyed by the gamers.

#1499846 Confirmed: Tiered Traits AND Utility Skills

Posted Alaroxr on 07 June 2012 - 04:45 AM

View PostAiponGkooja, on 07 June 2012 - 04:24 AM, said:

I can see it.  Can you see it now?

To be fair, this doesn't mean you're wrong.  Just that you over-extend the information that you have into illogical certainties.

I have a lot of experience with forums and debating. I've found that if I don't use the perfect words and stress the right things, people will jump on them to attempt to derail my entire post. If you've ever seen a quote war, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Person A didn't like the semantics of person B, and decided to ignore the post and critique individual parts.

Person B responds to each point individually, and then Person A responds back. For the next 5 pages you've gotten nowhere, and all you've done is argue over semantics.

It infuriates me when I take time to make a post, thoroughly expressing my idea, then some smart--- comes along and makes a few unintelligible responses about what I said, and it becomes impossible for anyone to actually look at the idea.

Idea>Semantics. I see your point, and my post does look rather contradictory. However...

We know A will happen. We don't know if A will happen to B, C, or D. To show what will happen to B, C, or D, I use B as an example.

Then I mention how we don't know if A will also cause E to happen, but that doesn't change the fact that A will negatively affect B, C, or D.

That's basically what you quoted except with variables. It looks messy, but my point is there. I was trying to stress how we know what Trait Tiers will do, but we don't know which styles in specific will be affected. We don't know if there will even be a step toward balance, but it doesn't change the fact that it will make certain style combinations sub-par or impossible.

#1491750 Confirmed: Tiered Traits AND Utility Skills

Posted Apogee on 04 June 2012 - 01:32 PM

View PostAragiel Renegade, on 04 June 2012 - 09:52 AM, said:

But back to the topic, this rescrictin would basically mean again LESS CHOICES you can do and therefore directly lead to LESS USABLE STRATEGIES and i really mean usable ones. The point is that there will be toons of options but we know how it works. more then 70% will not be usefull in top PvP games. At some point we will see metagame builds as we have seen in guild battles in GW1. But here.. we will be limited much more and who knows.. maybe even the great systems like weapons will only mean that for example as warrior i will never use hammer in PvP.. simply because it dosent work as great as other weapons.. and so on. This version of traits tiers would make this gap even worst.

I respectfully disagree with this. Paradoxically restricting total choice can give rise to more valid options.

Think about this abstractly for a second. Imagine a graph where you plot every possible allowed combination of traits. The x-axis represents the effectiveness of a certain combination going from least effective on the left to most effective on the right. The y-axis represents the number of possible combos at a particular effectiveness going from 0 at the bottom to... well some high number at the top.

This graph would probably look like a bell curve. The left part would show a low combination count because it would be truly difficult to pick an absolutely useless set of traits. The right side of the graph would also be low because there would be a small number of truly exceptional set of traits. However, the middle of the graph would rise to the top as the vast majority of the combinations would not be totally horrible or incredibly outstanding.

-  <= Effectiveness =>  +

Now the argument you are making is that the most choice is achieved by allowing the entire graph, that is all possibilities, to be available to the player. It is true that that gives you the most possible choices, but it does not give you the most valid choices. In the age of the wikki, players are going to choose the best skill combinations, which are at the right of the graph. However that, along with the left side, offer the least number of combinations.

Now imagine that ANet places limits on the combination that you can choose. It would appear as two vertical lines on the graph. One on the left limiting the truly awful combos to the left of it and one on the right limiting the exceptional choices to the right of it. Since players will want to pick the best combos possible they will pick the ones along the right line. As that line moves to the left it will move up the bell curve and allow more valid choices. I believe that this is what ANet is trying to do.

Players are focusing on what they are losing without acknowledging what they are gaining. It might be true that some super exceptional trait combo might be unavailable to you now. However it is unavailable to everyone else too so you lose nothing relative to the other players. What you gain is the ability to choose from more valid combos. That makes the characters more distinctive. Also, since most uber combinations involve min-maxing, by removing the most extreme of these, players are given more options in combat. Now you won't just have a single extremely effective attack strategy, but will have many very effective strategies. That goes not just for you, but for your opponents to.

ANet has stated that they want combat to be adaptive, not static. You should always have to adapt to the changing battlefield and not be locked into predefined roles. This change goes along with that philosophy, and I agree with it.

Oh and it makes balancing easier which is also a good thing for pvp.