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Player sense of scope/scale

12 July 2012 - 05:43 PM

Does anyone else feel that the meta-events are excellent in theory, and provide a living sense to the WORLD, but not necessarily to the PLAYER?

I can see it being pretty cool having a bunch of people in different parts of a zone, all recording simultaneously, and completing different necessary parts of some big meta-event.  Then they could combine all of the videos, switching between viewpoints of what is going on in different areas, maybe even show a zone map and zoom into where that action is taking place.  It would then conclude in several different view points all converging on the final climactic meta-event, and beating whatever boss/event/etc together.

My concern however, is that the individual player may not get much of a sense of that at all...  They will just be in the zone, doing an event, and as it completes they notice the main event kicking off and go do that.

It just seems like it would look really cool to someone who could fly over a zone and watch things progress, but the sense of scale is entirely lost on the player.


[Idea] "Play the game, not the UI"

05 July 2012 - 02:22 PM

This is just something I had been thinking about before, but finally had some ideas about after reading the latest "Golden Rules" blog.

Originally, I thought about perhaps trying to play GW2 with the UI disabled completely, since that option is already there, to make it feel more action/adventurey.  I tried it during the last BWE, and it is really fun, but obviously has drawbacks.  While it connects you to your character's capabilities more, and encourages a different style of play (such as using skills more situationally, dodging conservatively, and watching much more closely to what your enemy is doing instead of staring at your cooldowns), there is some information that is obviously missing and hard to just get a "feel" for without a LOT more practice or a savant-level mathematical brain.

I have since thought of some ideas to make it a more viable option, and to really draw your attention more to the action.  I think I have narrowed it down to a few optional features that would make it easier to do, by still providing the most important information to the player.

1.) Add the option to hide UI features on an individual basis.  Map, chat, health, enemy health, skills, etc.  This would make it possible to get rid of features that you just don't want on the screen, and/or to slowly ease into relying on the UI less and less.

2.) Add the option to turn the health globe into a small color-changing circle at the very bottom of the screen, or maybe movable so you could put it in the center of your character or anywhere you like.  (100%-55% green, 55% - 30% yellow, 30% - 15% red, 15% - 0% flashing red).  The red border on the screen that is already there is nice, but it doesn't give enough information.  As far as I can tell, it appears between 50-60% health and is constant from there all the way to 0%.

2.1) Alternatively, add character "injury" animations at different levels of health.  This would obviously be more time consuming to implement, and probably difficult to mesh properly with other animations.

3.) Add a similar option to turn skills into small color-changing circles or tabs at the VERY bottom of the screen. Grey - unavailable, red - on cooldown, yellow - 3 seconds left, flashing yellow - 1 second left, green - ready.

4.) Add a similar feature for dodge.  Grey - unavailable, dim yellow - 1 dodge, brighter yellow - 2 dodge.

4.1) Alternatively, add option to move double-segmented line directly under player's feet.  Or to keep it seperately visible when you want to hide other UI options.

4.2) Alternative 2, add option to enable very light glow at character's feet.  none - no dodge, dim - 1 dodge, brighter - 2 dodge.

Similar things could be done for other features/class mechanics - life force, adrenaline, etc.  Initiative might be tough, but perhaps thieves could just hide skills completely since they don't have cooldowns, and leave the initiative visible but able to move it around.

All of this would be optional and mixable.  I think it could provide a LOT more immersion as you got used to it, since you could stare at the action and just see unintrusive notifications on the very peripherals of the game screen.  I know I would have a lot of fun with it anyway. :)

Like I said, I had a lot of fun just playing with the whole HUD off, and will probably continue doing it during casual play.  Specifically though, health and dodge are hard to just "judge," so it might be cool to have the option for a very small peripheral or integrated indicator somewhere for each.


Notes: Please judge the idea on the merits of what it is and on whether or not you think it would be interesting.  I am looking for opinions about the idea itself, and alternative ideas to fit this kind of play style choice.  I am not looking for opinions on whether or not you want the "option" in the game (there are plenty of options that I find no value in, but I do not mind that they are in the game).

Thanks for reading!