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In Topic: Is GW2 in trouble?

16 November 2012 - 05:01 PM

View Postshanaeri rynale, on 16 November 2012 - 02:02 PM, said:

I read many of the posts on the various forums and the undercurrent seemed not to be about not so much about the increased stats, but a feeling of being lied to or betrayed by Arenanet.

It kinda does'nt matter if this is true or not, it's the perception that has and will do the damage. It's kinda a shame this has'nt been explored more in all the articles, blogs and posts. When a customer loses faith in what a company says, then they are (even though it can take a while) less likely to buy anything from said company again.

If this was pre-planned and its a transition phase as some have  said, then IMHO it was handeled catastrophically badly by Arenanet. The best way to have done this, had this been planned months and months ago would have been to back in September, issue a blog saying 'Wow looks what's coming up and outlining the future of the game for the next 6-9 months" Mention the new tier, saying something like we did'nt have time to put this in but don't worry...

Then have the CM team on red alert, answering questions in a concise detailed way and so get the community used to the idea. Also being so close the launch the accusation of breaking promises would be less potent.

The way this was handled is imho a lesson in how NOT to release sensitive news to a fanactical customer base. For sure the community can be viewed as being too crazy, but Arenanet must also share that blame for not handling them in the right way.

Another point which was made on another forum was that perhaps Anet needed to do this, to ensure the health of the game. Now, this reason I can maybe, kinda and wind in the right direction buy however...

If you (say a games company) need to recover from disapointing release or not having as retained customers as you want there are a whole load of things you can do first. Such as giving a roadmap of where the game is going, new bosses to kill with new shiny items, boost the rewards in down levelled zones, introduce a daily quest to give extra karma for doing personal stories with someone etc etc. Basically you try other stuff first.

You also need to look at how similar moves in other games have worked out. The radical turn in direction of SW galaxies NGE, Radiance gear in LOTR, the proven negative effect of 'content locusts' and of power creep has on a game. If they have worked, great do it. If not then avoid at all costs.

The very last, desperate measure when it's all financially about to hit the fan is to bet the company on a U-turn in direction, making your previously unique product a 'me too' and p*ing off your established customer and fan base in the hope your new ones make up for any loss of income from the old narked off ones.

A move which in my experience (not going to say what my RL work is, but I know about this stuff :P ) seldom works. It's all very puzzling and makes me wonder the intenal state of Anet. It all seems very reactionary and in a state of panic on Arenanet's behalf

This just sums it all up.  I'm trying to be objective as possible with this game and Arenanet, but this post accurately describes what ANet has done with this game since the beta started rolling out.  They have consistently kept their customers in the dark about pretty much everything.  

This has be one of the worst companies at managing communities and/or playerbase.  We all remember the massive anxiety that persisted throughout the beta testing period.  They did virtually nothing to assuage the fears and woes of their players.  And now when they do makes some sort of announcement for the game, it gets retracted and then pisses players off even more, See "Ranger" thread just to get a glimpse of that.

I just dont understand why they can't hire some people just to manage their community better.  Being a part of an MMO game, you should be spot on with how you handle your community and they've bungled it far too many times for me to forgive them.  They're worthless and until they can stabilize themselves and figure out what they're doing, it will continually seem to be like the company and game is in a constant flux of playing catch up.  Which would be partially acceptable given that this catch up was to things people have been asking for but PvP is still in a shit state and with no word from the company, other than a dev spouting bullshit like "risk factors", it just looks dismal.  They've lost a player from me sadly.  I love the engine but they're ruining the game.  I've never seen a game progressively get worse from beta to finished product.  BWE1 was amazing and then it just little by little got worse.

In Topic: Nov. 15th Patch: Breaking Point?

16 November 2012 - 03:42 AM

View PostTheHidden01, on 16 November 2012 - 03:21 AM, said:

Always so dramatic...

If you expected massive game changes in this patch then you were sorely mistaken. I knew the content and what to expect long before I purchased this game (before beta), I made my decision then.

Considering the amount of videos out before release, you really couldn't miss what this game was about. Now yes, maybe you don't like it currently, and you're issues maybe valid.

But seriously, with what we knew right before release in August, did you really expect a whole massive bundle of changes by the time November rolled by?

If you did, seriously, go learn more about MMOs.


Hey... Hey there.  This says "hello"

Arena Net Official Forums-


Poof! Someone called and I am here. We made some ranger changes this patch, but had to go back on them because of risk factor. There are some bugs being fixed and quality of life improvements coming in the next patch, as well as some other significant ranger improvements. I would Literally tell you but I think it would be considered a bit of a spoiler so you will have to be patient.
While we work hard to keep updates going on all professions, not very build us going to contain fixes for everyone due to the nature of software development. One problem with rangers is the lack of build diversity created by a number of sub par utility skills. Many signets, a shout or two, and spirits are all a bit lackluster. That is the first place to expect improvements. Second is trying to improve the feel/ pacing on some weapons.
Ok I can’t type more with tiny phone finger keypad. See you in game!


That was 23 days ago.  We clearly are misguided for expecting big changes after a dev said that there were going to be big changes.

In Topic: Here goes nothing.. Ranger Patch Notes 15 Nov

16 November 2012 - 03:38 AM

I've never been one to "main" a toon in any MMO so things like this just piss me off.  I'm not going to blindly close my eyes and pretend everything is fine because my thief is still good, or still thump my chest because my warrior got off pretty clean.  It's shit like this that turn me off in this game.  Rangers have been beaten down consistently in this game.  And the thing is, lots of other aspects/classes have been left alone.  I'm done giving Anet credit, this stuff is amateur.  You don't step into the MMO scene with crap ass pvp, much less talk about how you are going to make your game an esport.  Also, and this is main point....


Ohh and please dont repost on that subforum trying to cop out on why you failed to do what you said you would.  You're a damn professional.

In Topic: Nov. 15th Patch: Breaking Point?

16 November 2012 - 03:15 AM

View PostMillimidget, on 16 November 2012 - 02:40 AM, said:

I hope they feel silly for believing in a miracle patch.

At least confine your expectations within the bounds of reality.

The question is, who are these two people. Because two people could possibly handle the job, if they're the right people for the job.

1:  Miracle patch to affect things that have been glaring issues since beta?  Shame on people expecting a huge update, that even had developers say they're going to fix things, to... you know, actually fix them.  Shame on them...

2:  2 people is not enough to go through all the coding involved.  You have player feedback and your own data to support whats going on within the game.  You don't have just 2 people to judge whether or not something is grossly imbalanced.  His statement makes it seem like these 2 people are the ones solely responsible for everything that has to do with that aspect, and that is just too much work for 2 people.

In Topic: Nov. 15th Patch: Breaking Point?

16 November 2012 - 02:34 AM

View PostMr_Original, on 16 November 2012 - 02:21 AM, said:

Yeah because WoW was perfect after 4 months of being released :rolleyes:

WoW was released 8 years ago.  That's like giving a car company a break NOW with their recently released new model of a car that has loads of issues because in the 80's, it was much worse for cars and companies back then.  That's such an illogical way of looking at things.  Having 2 people work on balance for a game you foolishly declared to be an esport competitor is stupid.  That's like me saying i'm going to run the marathon in the olympics and then only run 3 miles a week.  Look, I was hyped up for this game too but they've bungled their way through this shit far too much to be forgiven.  They're screw ups at this point basically.