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#2203140 I just miss Guild Wars

Posted smoke070z on 17 May 2013 - 08:03 PM

wow i've just read the news of no further development! predictable yet extremely saddening. at least the game will still be available to play, but still its far past its prime quite obviously.

i wish just guild wars 2 had the complexity, charm, and atmosphere the original did. i think there's something about those big green fields in pre-searing that'll always have a place in our hearts. :) i've had some of the best gaming moments of my life in this game.

i can't be the only one who tears up when they hear this song :D

#2148076 What do GW1 players think of GW2?

Posted Pariah on 22 January 2013 - 10:52 AM

View PostProtoss, on 22 January 2013 - 10:00 AM, said:

Also, let's not forget, GW1 is dead. This isn't a case where people would be complaining and the game would prove them wrong. A number of dumb-ass decisions were made and they were not recognized as dumb-ass decisions and the game died because of it.
With the massive difference that GW1 can be played as a solo game, whereas GW2 as a solo game is MUCH more problematic. If we didn't have H/H GW1 would have been dead ages ago.
To me, GW1 won't be dead until they close down the servers. I keep returning to the old areas to explore and see the interesting changes that have happened in the two and a half centuries that passed between the games. I like the stories in both games, and looking forward to seeing how the expansions will continue the story in GW2, since the current story is fairly comparable in length to what Prophecies offered when the game first came out (though GW1 did have a few more missions at max level).

I played GW1 for 6 years fairly actively, though casually, since I had 10 characters to walk through the campaigns and quest with. I didn't PvP in the first game and not really planning on doing it on GW2 either since I have those 8 characters to develop and play through the story... What I don't like in GW2 is forcing to wade through the WvW maps for 100% completion, but that's a fairly small negative since I can wait for occasions when our server is controlling those PoI's etc.

I didn't set any goals besides enjoying myself while exploring the new version of the world I largely enjoyed in the first game as well, so there's no rush to reach the "power plateau". And so far the world hasn't disappointed me as I've gone through it, either solo or partying with friends. I still have dungeons I've never stepped foot in, Jumping puzzles I've never finished etc. even after playing for almost five months now (started in the headstart), so I don't mind waiting for new areas to be unlocked, especially with the new rewards the old areas should be even more fun to complete with my alts.

#1979230 Social Failure?

Posted Wordsworth on 29 September 2012 - 01:32 PM

I find saying "Rub rub rub" while reviving someone is a good icebreaker.

You should try it out sometime OP.