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South Park: The Stick of Truth

01 April 2014 - 08:31 PM

South Park fans will love this... I enjoyed the show for quite a while (it's become a bit stale now but I still watch it as it's easily accessible via South Park Studios) and I'm finding this little game to be very enjoyable. I spend my time chuckling, grinning and facepalming throughout my play sessions :lol: Obsidian did a very good job IMO.

Anyone else played it?

INSECTION - indie co-op FPS game in the making

08 July 2013 - 11:03 PM

Hey all,

I wanted to let you know about a game that recently went on Kickstarter.

As I said in the title, Insection is a co-op FPS game in the style of Left 4 Dead - but with bugs, and in a futuristic, sci-fi setting. Think of a love child between L4D and Starship Troopers. Sci-fi fans should also feel comfortable in the setting - which whilst bleak will contain healthy doses of humor. Fans of L4D will find a lot of very familiar stuff in here, maybe too familiar! But Glasswing Studio who are developing it are going to add some new stuff, such as competitive mode (2 PC controlled squads facing off against each other as well as bugs), augmentations and more.

The game will be using the Unity engine.

Kickstarter page

Official Website

Insection has only been in development for a couple of months, hence the raw graphics and animations - it's still in pre-alpha! Whilst the devs are going for a Borderlands-esque style, I'm sure the graphics will be significantly better by the time the game is released (assuming they manage to get the funding).

I normally wouldn't post about an FPS especially on an MMORPG forum - but I know the guys at Glasswing Studio personally, I was in college with some of them and can tell you 100% that they are passionate, dedicated and driven gamers, very talented 3D artists and a fun bunch... One of the team is one of my closest friends and maybe the most awesome person I've ever met - a great guy and someone I'd entrust with my life - not to mention a truly professional and dedicated 3D artist. And besides - maybe this project kicking off and succeeding could spark some life into the stagnant, for all intents and purposes non-existent Greek hardcore game development scene (Darkfall Online being the only notable international title). I would love my country to get its very own CDProjektRed success story!

Sorry about the long winded speech that was the last paragraph... But I just wanted you all to know that I do believe in my friends at Glasswing and that I'm confident that if all goes well, they will produce a very solid title that will be worth its price.

What would YOU change in the combat system?

31 December 2012 - 02:54 PM

To start with, this is not a suggestion thread - hence it is not in the Primordus visions section. It's just meant as a sort of place to share our ideas about the games combat system. I am not considering game balance, obviously such ideas would require a redesign. It's just a brainstorming (brainfarting? :P) thread for us to throw in our ideas.

Now, I like the combat in GW2 as it is fast, action-packed and fun. I like the way we can only have so many skills at one time as it makes it more manageable and fun on terms of hotkey allocation and it's more hassle free. However the rather drab auto attack paired with the few skills we can use at any given time makes the whole thing feel a bit too simplistic.

What I would have liked is something along these lines:
  • I would have implemented something similar to the combat mod - thus removing the need to hold R-click to turn the camera, and freeing up the mouse buttons for a more involving "bread and butter" attack. This would include a targeting reticule, which could be toggled on and off of course.
  • The usual #1 "autoattack" would be replaced by a dual function skill depending on the weapon and the profession. Typically, L-click would be the usual basic attack, and R-click would be a more special function. The general lines would be that R-click is a defensive utility for melee, and a sort of "aimed shot" utility for ranged - they could be more static and deliberate.

For example:

   - Holding R-click when wielding a shield/melee two-hander/melee off-hand typically blocks incoming melee attacks at a cost of stamina. Powerful attacks (and certain player attacks of course) like the Ettin's hammer slam thingy are unblockable and need to be dodged. Shields could also block projectiles, GS could block physical AoE, axes could add retaliation etc.

   - Holding R-click when wielding a focus/staff could be better for blocking magical abilities at a cost of stamina. A staff could also block magic AoE, a focus could reflect magical attacks, and a torch could maybe create an AoE burn around the player and/or purge conditions.

   - Holding R-click when wielding a ranged weapon would not block anything but put us in a first person or maybe an "over the shoulder" aiming mode, where we aim at key points on our enemy (think of the crosshairs on massive bosses). Depending on where we shoot we get a different effect, e.g. shooting the head does more damage, shooting the legs criples etc. And the more we aim, the more damage we do, to a maximum of, say, 3 seconds.

  • I would have added more weapon specific skills and the ability to choose between them - or maybe I'd add a "skill rune" type of system in the style of Diablo 3.
  • I would consider utility bar swapping to go with the weapon swap. It happens with underwater weapons anyway!

Again, these are not suggestions and I'm not expecting you to post your opinions on these ideas (though feel free to do so if you like), they're just things I may have enjoyed more - and I wanted to see what my fellow Guru-ers would have done to change the combat more to their liking!

"Hardcore" server

31 December 2012 - 12:30 PM

Hi all,

After reading a lot about how people find GW2 to be very easy in PvE - and to an extent I agree - I thought that this could be a fun idea for a smaller, niche group of people.

Basically this would be a new server - one where you are not defeated if you don't recover from downed state, you are killed and need to start over. A permadeath server in other words.

It could be completely separate from other servers, with only one character allowed at any given time. People would not be able to transfer characters to this server. They wouldn't lose their other characters of course, all they'd need to do is switch to this specific server whenever they want to play and go back at any time. It would work a bit like the hardcore versions in Diablo, Torchlight and the like. So you'd have all  of your regular characters on Piken Square, Gandarra or wherever, and an additional one on the hardcore server.

In addition, some cash shop boosts - maybe all - could be disabled for this server, leading to a more even playing ground without RL cash being spent even for convenience - or there could be a separate achievement for progressing without using any cash shop boost.

Though the gear rewards etc gained on these servers would be exclusive to them, there could be a set of account wide titles and achievements, maybe culminating in a unique gear skin reward for, say, killing Zhaitan or something. It would work like the cash shop skin, but with unlimited charges and useable for any and all characters on the account as a form of "bragging rights".

I think I would actually play for a time on one of these :P

Hilarious videogame bugs

11 December 2012 - 08:14 PM

Here's the link

The site is in Greek but you don't need to read anything, just click on the vids and numbered tags :) You may have seen a lot of them but in any case it's a nice compilation.