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The killing of Zhaitan..

11 September 2012 - 11:41 AM

Arenanet set some pretty high standard and made this game so good that when i got to the "last stage" of the game, i was pretty excited about killing zhaitan.

Instead of some epic fights ( Flame Citadel was so much better ), i ended up getting so disappointed by it.

Just before we fight zhaitan, we were made to kill 3 dragons with cannons. Only problem is that the cannons face only the problem and you cant even tab to find the dragon and you cant even hit anything if you dont have a target. The only thing you can do to acquire the target is to basically spam click on the dragon lol.
And 98% of the time, you're just trying to not get killed by the risens.

Now if you think thats bad, wait til you see how we kill zhaitan.

Spoiler alert.

We fight risens for 5 min until some ultra cannon get charged up and shoot the dragon's tail. Then, after a few mins, the dragon was hanging onto some weird tower. Then the fun begin for us. It was up to us to kill the dragon.

We will spend the next 5 min, shooting fireworks ( No kidding. Just go watch any videos of the fight ) at the dragon with ZERO resistance. Zhaitan will NOT move. Your cannon can only shoot at 2 angle. You can turn your cannon by 45 degree if you use the 3rd skill slot and you can only turn it once before hitting its limit.

Also, there will be ZERO mobs spawning to try to kill you either. So yea, you will spend the last 5 min shooting fireworks at the dragon. Watching a rock would be more interesting to say the least.

Now that we got a release date..

28 June 2012 - 03:28 PM

I hope we get a brand new list of server names. The first BWE was so much fun in WvW because everyone was equal. Even if a side was a bit better, there wasnt really much walkover. The 2nd BWE was screwed up in the sense that we got paired up against dead servers which basically had no one in them.

If we get the same server names as the BWE, you can be sure that the OPed servers in BWE will be the same one in release and everyone will flock over there, simply because its a brand new start and theres no reason for them to choose a server they know will get dominated before they even started.

So, please get us a new list of server names.