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#2082047 Nov. 15th Patch: Breaking Point?

Posted RyphTheFox on 16 November 2012 - 12:03 AM

View PostFlavvor, on 15 November 2012 - 11:56 PM, said:

Stop playing so you don't blow a vein in your head and come back when the game has what you want.

Its what I'm doing now.  Honestly, I think I might start up WoW again just to PvE with some friends.  I know what to expect there, and like it or not, Blizzard does a good job of communicating with their players.  A very good job actually.  I'm sad because I've loved this game but its just frustrating as hell to see something as great as this game is become worse and worse.  Things that need addressing don't get addressed and the massive bitch you see on forums never gets addressed.  

What do they think is going to happen when they have so many people mad over something, and then come to find out that their grievances are going unheard?  Most of the faithful, I was one, held on because there was a patch that was going to address most of the issues plaguing the game.  And when the patch came, we found out that no, it didn't fix much of anything.  So imagine how those people feel now.  

I know of 11 people personally that have just quit for this reason.  To hell with them and this game.  I dont know what to expect with this game and I have lost all faith and confidence in Anet to fix this game.  Until I see patch notes that blow me away with QoL improvements and fixes to the PvP game, they're losing a player.  And with a game that has no sub fee, losing a player that spent occassional money on TP is revenue this company sorely needs.  They're *ing up at a rapid pace.

#1846025 The great big "Oh dear I got banned" thread

Posted Zoidbort on 30 August 2012 - 07:26 AM

View Postdd790, on 30 August 2012 - 12:13 AM, said:

So now believing people should be punished for crimes is synonymous with being a neo-Nazi or wanting thought police?

No...you said "I'd be very happy if the police were like Anet and tried to remove this problem from society. "
Remove what problem? People swearing? People who revolt or complain for having something done to them without a reason, people who ask for some rights to know when they pay for a product?
So you would be OK if a cop pulled you over and arrested you for what you thought was no reason, held you in jail for 3 days without any word on why?
Sounds pretty totalitarian to me.

#1843547 Good race for ranger?

Posted Punkystyle on 29 August 2012 - 08:51 PM

There is no such thing as the best race, it all depends on personal choice and on how you like to play.As for me I play a Sylvari Ranger, because I like the nature combined with the ranger class but thats just my personal choice. all 5 races fit the roleo of being a ranger and there is no kind of advantage that goes with it. I would say as a tip, go experience with the character creation menu look on the different races and pick the one you want to be playing with.

#1829781 The great big "Oh dear I got banned" thread

Posted rocksoul on 27 August 2012 - 08:31 PM

I find this to be quite shocking tbh. I play on an RP-Server and all my characters have carefuly chosen names but I think this is the wrong course of action. Yes, the occasional "Dick McDoodlecock" might break the "immersion" but I'd rather have these people run around with silly names than polical correctness gone crazy.

Censorship is the devil. It cripples free expression and kills all forms of art at their roots. I am disgusted.

#1822210 The great big "Oh dear I got banned" thread

Posted Astalnar on 26 August 2012 - 11:14 AM

View PostRhodin, on 26 August 2012 - 09:38 AM, said:

he obviously knows what it means. Durk used in the same context as terrorist is racist pure and simple, noone is that naive.

I will assume you were refering to Durk as a spinoff of dark, as "durk" itself means nothing.

Yup, Dark is an offensive word, lets scratch it from the dictionary, oh why stop, lets erase darkness as well, lets not just stop yet, lets go on with darkling, darkle, darkey, darken, darksome, darkish. Funny how all of those words above describe everything else BUT the black man. Only word that does, is darky and is slang.
Oh, but we need to ensure equality for all, what is opposite of dark? Light?
Well, lets wipe those words from the face of the Eearth as well. Light, lightning, lightening, lighter, lighten, lighter, lighterage, lighterman, lighthouse, lightish, lightless, lightly, lightness, lights, lightship,lightsome, lightsomeness, lightweight, lightwood, all of them.

Every damn word above connected with root dark has so much meanings and NOT ONE is connected with black people. They mean from, color black (in no context what so ever with any kind of race), night, lack of light, sundown, tanned all the way to gloomy, melancholic, sad and foggy.

I'd recomend reading George Orwell's 1984 (actual title of the book). You might have a glimps of what happens when you start limiting your vocabulary.
The first paragraph was a humorous atempt at demonstrating where this word hunt leads.

So, we are left with the word Terorrist. This is by no means offensive word, it just describes the person. Terorrism was at start philosophical insult for people withuot imagination. Those who worked under Robespierre after french revolution and people started losing heads one by another. Word terrorist comes from "Rule of Terror", as this was how Robespierre ruled the France. First form of terorrism was a state terorism.

Now, take a look what you are doing in Guild Wars 2 most of the time. You are killing your enemies. Enemies, whom your state proclaimed enemies, and you do it in the name of Queen, Tribune or White Tree and so on. From the perspective of those centaurs, trolls, krait and all other races that you just happen to slaughter on every step, you are a terorrist.

I wonder, will you get banned if you name your character Crusader, or Skeptic or Black Cat. Or here is a controversial one (dor some people), naming your character after a shrine in ancient Rome called "Lapis Niger".
It means black stone, and honestly, if ANet can name characters with latin names, why shouldn't we? Because some idiot doesn't understand the meaning?
It is nice to have naming policy, but this looks more like comunist regime than anything else. And that coming from me, who always try to come up with appropriate fantasy/medival names.

Games are supposed to be fun, not cotton envelopes protectiong you from all the bad things in the world. It is one thing to be politicly correct and another one to be limited on account that someone might be offended because of his/her lack of literacy.