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In Topic: Repetition & How Guild Wars 2 is not your average MMORPG.

07 September 2012 - 10:55 PM

I think the fundamental problem for people is without endgame... they feel there is an end-point for their characters, although it's a false thought, its a valid one. People may argue that clearing DS in WoW for months on end is basically an end-point for your character, but it is something to do/tide you over until you reach the inevitable next expansion, your character is constantly growing/progressing. With GW2, you hit 80... and bam, you have nothing to work for other than legendary weapons which do not improve your character, you then feel like your character is at the end of his/her journey with little prospect of continuing.

With the way GW lore is set out, they couldn't add meaningful content without a full expansion feasibly (especially with the B2P model), which is why I put forward an elite zone idea earlier in this thread. People want the feeling that their character can keep going and going forever, with GW1 we had this with content releases, although stats didn't increase, we had story to fuel our character's egos and history, in GW2... you fight zhaitan... and boom your done, until an expansion releases or w/e, in GW1 you had elite zones at the end of each expansion that you could farm for unique loot and more lore.

My rambling probably has made it hard for you to understand my point so here it is in a nutshell;

Guild Wars 2 hits a brickwall after 80, DE's don't feel meaningful or epic and aren't challenging, so you end up with little in the way of motivation to keep playing at level 80 if your a character-centric player.

In Topic: Repetition & How Guild Wars 2 is not your average MMORPG.

06 September 2012 - 08:34 AM

I think the main problem for Anet is simply content, they have a lot of unused zones in guild wars 2, some that many of us miss from Gw1 (f/e Southern Shiverpeaks), my proposal to prevent this problem would be to use these zones as "Elite" zones, so the game doesn't differ totally from the start game, but gives hardcore progressionists something to aim for, These zones would offer bigger rewards for dynamic events due to the much harsher nature of them, also add special tokens to the events, similar to the dungeon tokens, in order to buy specific sets of armor. It would take alot of doing, but it would definitely give the progressionists alot to do seeing as there is atleast 3 zones left on the Tyrian map for this to happen, 3 Hard mode zones which could be cleared, farmed, grinded through for gear, I know it's not necessarily in Arenanet's ethos for the game, but I think it would add the best of both worlds, and who says later expansions couldn't add more, as we don't know how future expansions will work (will they be 80 level content (which I believe they should be) or will they start from 0) These zones could be gw2's equivalent to FoW/UW, they aren't part of the primary storyline but they are elite areas with set bosses none the less.

In Topic: Can I run GW2?

17 February 2012 - 01:26 PM

Minido said:

yeah i know that  but there some effect in high there well kill you GFX

just remember i dont know all effect like bloom and others in gw2

but i dont think you well go high

Oh yeah I guess I didn't think like that, but surely those sorts of effects would come under max/very high, stuff like AA (which isn't a problem as much nowadays), bloom i've never seen much of a difference in most games when I've enabled it and I suppose MSAA etc, can kill graphics but i'd also consider that to come under max settings rather than "High" high being textures/shadows at max.

In Topic: Can I run GW2?

17 February 2012 - 11:40 AM

I have 3gb ddr3 ram

Also please bare in mind "1280*1024" which I believe is much less demanding than 1920*1080?

In Topic: Can I run GW2?

17 February 2012 - 10:34 AM

Windows 7 32 bit Ultimate
Intel Core i3-540 3.06 ghz
AMD HD 5670 512mb GDDR5
At a resolution of 1280*1024 plz ;)