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WvW build Mjölnir

20 November 2012 - 04:31 PM

hi everyone,

im coarr from the german server kodash and i want to share my hammer/support/wvw roaming build with you. first of all excuse my english, it is not my first language. second i am a guide virin so i expect to make a lot of mistakes, be indulgent with me ;)

lets start with the purpose of the build:

- i do roam solo or in a duo with a high dps thief with a uniqe build im not allowed to share. sry :)
- my first focus lies in mobility. in my oppinion it is the key to succed in wvw. the build keeps swiftness up 100% of the time. it is important to run from A to B, to keep up with your comrades, to chase your prey und most important, to run away from the zerg. the only class that can catch up with me is a thief
- second point is survivability. if you die you are no help in any way. condition removal, the block ability and of course a high toughness helps a lot.
- third is support. warrior has some great ways to support his team, for me the CC the hammer offers combined with some shout healing/condition removal works best
- fourth, short skill down times. your fights will last long in wvw, enemys add, some run bunker builds ect. all my skills have 30 sec or less downtime.


armor: full knight with 2x rune of monk, 2x rune of water, ( 2 runes i havent decide yet, change them every day ) with the runes you get a boon duration increase of 30%, more infos to come

weapon: knight hammer with sigil of air, knight sword with sigil of air and knight shield with sigil of hydromancy

accessoire: full invader

jewel: full saphir

backslot: guild backpack ( str, vit, tou )


weapon skills:

hammer is your main fighting weapon with a lot of cc and nice dmg

sword/shield set is a gab closer/opener with sword skill 2, a nice immobilize with the f1 skill ( great for binding thiefs in stealth ^^ ) and skill 5 a nice anti projectile weapon with the reflect trait


mending. average healing, nice CD and condition removal.


for great justice. 3 stacks of might, fury ( not needed ) and some aoe healing

shake it off. remove one condition and heal aoe.

pain inverter ( sry for every not asura, i recommend signet of stamina, which i run in a group scenario ) great for bursting thief down ( they burst down themself if they dont pay attention and thats the case in most fights ^^


signet of rage. 100% up time with the runeset and traits. a must have. 5 stacks might, fury and swiftness



strenght: 0

arms: 0

defense: 25 health reg based on adrenalin is nice, 5% toughness convertet into power gives you 100 more.

-V missile deflection ( great for fights against ranger or for run away purpose )

-X merciless hammer ( must have if your main weapon is the hammer )

tactics: 30

-I leg specialist ( the greatest skill ever. 1 sec immobilize when ever you cripple a foe. lovin it ^^ )

-VII shrug it off ( some extra healing and condition removal, always on CD in wvw )

-XII vigorious shouts ( nothing to explain here )

discipline: 15 15% more crit dmg, faster weapon switching. a must have

-VI signet mastery for the upkeeping of signet of rage + more condition removal if you run with the signet of stamina

final attributes

power: 2093 ( + perma might 8, +25 stacks bloodlust, + buff foot and sharpening stone: 2623 )
precision: 1338
toughness: 2004
vitality: 1470
crit chance: 40% ( with perma fury )
crit dmg: 165
healing power: 400

pro and con

+high mobile
+ lot of condition removal
+ good support and cc
+high boon uptime ( perma )
- long cd on sigil of rage. sucks if someone removes boons
- no high burst

thank you for reading. i hope the layout is clear and all questions are answered.
plz discuss.