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#2011476 After 100s of hours, my final Guardian Build

Posted Strife025 on 11 October 2012 - 05:34 PM

View PostKotaff, on 11 October 2012 - 04:20 AM, said:

Hey man, love your build. My recent guardian has just gone to lv 80, and I am still not so sure how I want to build (her). I have 1 or 2 questions though, cause I just don't wanna copy that build (what I almost did with the last build I saw). And since I will be mostly using my guardian for WvW, and (maybe) for dungeons, it looks like you could have some nice info :P

A bit of backgroung (disregard this if you want, it is not needed at all), I was intending to run 0/15/5/20/30, valkyrie armor, emerald trinkets, +30% boon duration +20% might duration runes, and stuff like stacking precision and crit chance sigils, not yet set on weapons (but still liked a bit of all combos). Some of this seems to be not as usefull ( 15 points in radiance, for example), now that I like my thief a lot for DE farming.

First, what do you think about valkyrie armor instead of pow/vit/tough? I find your build (a bit) lacking in critical damage, but that might just be because I'm not set on having 30 valor points, I guess 30% crit damage is pretty good too, hehe. The 2 reliable ways of getting power + vit + toughness is kodan armor and invaders (bade of honor option), which both kinda look hard to get ( I wouldnt mind the 1200 tokens/ 20 dungeons runs), if only I wanted the skin too ^^

Second, I have still some hard times deciding not to take any virtue traits, but at the same time most of your trait points seem very important (mostly the last major trait slots?). Like at first, I was thinking of getting +60% boon duration (from virtues and 2 diff + boons duration runes), with the possibility of a +20% duration to might/prot/regen, but maybe thats just because I liked the idea of 100% swiftness through retreat and save yourself too appealing.

Another thing that bothers me is that I have a dilemma between the stats which the trait offers and the trait slots tha are link to their respective lines. I am keeping at least 20 points in honor, the slots are great, the stats very good too. Radiance and virtue both give very nice stats :

you want a solid precision base for the honor traits that trigger on crit, and radiance helps with that, and the virtue recharge rate + boons duration are very very good imo, but their trait slots are a bit *disappointing, you could say [ not going to spend more than 10-15 in radiance, and virtues is 20, for trait slots, but 30 could still be doable for the sheer stats.

  , sadly the build editor doesn't have many options with the gear (its set to the PvP format), so it's harder to do the comparison... but anyways, if you could give me any advice on these matters I'd be really happy!
Main issue with full power/prec/tough gear is the guardian's low base health pool, which is obviously linked to their huge number of heals/boons/virtues. With 20 in honor and no other vit, you're sitting around 13k health. I find a 38% base (43% with 5% in weapon) a very respectable number for a non-burst build while still having a large amount of survivability. I've always preferred around the 17k area to help protect against some of the harder hitting things in dungeons and WvW. There is the side where too much vit is bad, especially for guardian and specifically this build, but there's also the flip side where your e-hp is just too low by only stacking toughness. Even with toughness on all your gear there are times where you are going to still get hit hard, where you are going to get hit with more conditions then you can shout off, and where that extra 4k health will be very useful, especially with how much resolve heals for. Sure in the perfect world you may be able to dodge every big hit or make perfect plays, but reality usually doesn't always happen like that, and being downed as a melee build who is constantly targeted does alot more harm to party dps then 10% more crit or whatever you could get instead of 4k health.

You should be focusing on traits for your build, not lines just to fill in stats. There are so many ways to gear to fill in stat combos you want, there is only 1 way to get a trait that will define your build. Pwr/Prec/Tough/Vit/boon duration are all useful for this build in varying levels, if you need more of something do it through gear, not by wasting traits. There are many viable builds, a boon duration shout build is great and a huge help for your party, but when deciding on your build I would avoid certain things just because they give you more stat points while limiting your build (i.e. 15 radiance instead of 10 for dungeon running). Really just decide what you want to contribute in a group, if you want to focus on boon duration stacking and melee damage, then go for that. If you want to focus on an AH sustained healing build like mine, then go for that. You can always respec for 3s50c if down the road you stop running dungeons and just farm karma everyday.

Also AC and SE also offer power/vit/toughness gear.

I got my Hotw set from running path 1 once a day because it's insanely easy and takes 20 minutes, but if you are rushing for gear, AC is probably the easiest (even though I think it's ugly, but you can always transmute in the future). I run each path once a day (180 tokens total) with friends/guildies still because each run takes 15-20 minutes and you get 41s + drops + tokens for alts, etc. It will only take 1 week of running AC to pretty much get all your armor. I believe AC is the only dungeon left where the last boss still drops 15s (+26s for normal complete) and pretty sure they are going to eventually nerf it.

View PostWspc, on 11 October 2012 - 08:20 AM, said:

Sorry if this seems to be a little off topic but I'm totally lost with the traits and can't find any help which make things clear to me.
I am lvl 41, mainly do PVE (just tried AC story yesterday with some hard fights :-) ) , found lot of informations about how and what when I get to 80 but found limited amount (and bit confusing) info about which traits are important through leveling. There is a greatsword guide in the forums for leveling but I don't know still viable after the changes, but my main question would be what traits get 1st while leveling, what are most important for PVE (only PVE)?
Thanks for any answers!
Have a nice day!
I can tell you what I personally did but it may not be ideal for everyone. Mainly because I already had 100% world completion on my 80 Necro before making my 2nd guardian, so I wasn't exactly trying to do dungeons and what not.

Basically, at least in my view, PvE outside of dungeons is extremely easy. All that matters is killing fast, and tagging things in DE. I also did most of my leveling solo after my first character since guildmates were already 80 and weren't focusing on alts.

For the first 30 levels I went 10 honor with meditations, 10 valor with symbol size, and 10 radiance with 20% signet reduction for heal. I mainly ran meditations leveling up, because smite conditions and JI are amazing. When buying the tier 2 book, I took out the 10 in honor for symbol size and went straight 15 radiance, 5 virtues which is obviously amazing for PvE and leveling. Then started going for 20% cooldown on 2-hand weapons. Then just took 10 in zeal as I neared 80.

I don't have much advice for exact dungeon builds <80 because I didn't do them. But shouts are always good, so maybe 20% shout cooldown, 2 hand mastery, and 10 in radiance for heal cooldown would be good for where you're at.

View PostEpedimek, on 11 October 2012 - 09:52 AM, said:

I am actually wearing Cleric Draconic slowing trying to rune  for soldier and now after seeing this I wanna swap over to gear such as yours. considering im broke now, this video and the detailed description of the build seems more like me. should I just craft a full set of MF gear and farm money for the weapons/trinkets or just hit up Hotw hard to grab this gear.
It's really easy to gear up through dungeons running AC all, Hotw 1, and CoF 1/2. I have a full draconic mf set + rare jewelery for farming, but I'm not sure if you should do that if you have no gold right now. Easiest way to get gold is hit your orichalcum/ancient wood nodes once a reset for basically 1.25g with 15 minutes of work. Don't be afraid to use waypoints for various nodes across the zone, because the 10 minutes you may save from running all over the zone is worth the 2s cost when you're farming 1g+ in 15 minutes and want to go do other stuff. Also running AC for tokens will also get you 1.5g per hour in a good group. I don't even actually farm anymore. I have 3x level 80s so I take 45 min a day to hit all my Orich/Wood nodes (which have awesome placement this week on HoD) for 4g a day with hardly any work. Then I just do dungeons or WvW and get whatever silver that comes from that. Just give it a week and you should have more then enough gold, unless you are going for legendaries it's extremely easy to gear up and get gold in this game at a decent rate per day without actively farming.

View PostSpiky729, on 11 October 2012 - 10:27 AM, said:

Hi Strife, I have problems with loading builder gw2skills, may I ask you to post here your trait list, please?

Radiance: Signet cooldown
Valor: AH, Purity, 5% toughness to crit
Honor: 20% shout cooldown, 2-hand mastery, Crit gives might for 5s

View PostKonfuzfanten, on 11 October 2012 - 12:36 PM, said:

Not a bad build, especially if we are talking pure dungeon runs. For pure dungeon runs 10 points in Virtues isnt mandatory, although i wont leave home without 10 points in Virtues, i understand that its situational.

But in WvW? The trait "Master of consecrations" is as close to mandatory as you get, running around in WvW without wall of reflections just gimps your groups survivability and dps. Thats 10 secs of no range to very little range dmg, while you can pewpew all you like.

Next thing: i wouldnt do WvW without "retreat", our best mobility skill and one of our best WvW skills. Ofc if you are running around in a small group fight other small groups then "stand your ground" might be better. bBt from my point of view mobility always wins in WvW. Same thing with 2H-sword in WvW, not a very effective weapon in +10 ppl group fighting. If your group is build for melee rush/teleport and are fighting ppl that have no clue about how to kite, then 2h sword is great, if you are fighting ppl that know how to kite and use range weapons you will die before you get close enough to use your 2h-sword.

But for pure dungeon runs its a good solid build, even though im not a fan of altruistic healing/staff :)

Completely understand what you're saying for WvW. I'll give you a little history on why I play what I play now, which does not apply to a large portion of people most likely. Since this guide is in the PvE section I was more focused on dungeons, although I will attempt to explain why I personally use it for WvW as well.

I was in a TA guild before release, meaning I joined HoD 1 minute after the servers came up. The first month of WvW was crazy, I used my 80 necro and didn't even roll a guardian until like 2.5 weeks after release, and didn't start using him in WvW until week 3 or 4.

Originally I had a full consecration/support guardian on my charr with a 0-10-10-30-20 build. At this point, we were still in the larger organized group mindset before people started dropping off, so I did alot more siege then open world WvW because we could field more people. You are right, reflect wall (especially with staff 4) and sanctuary are amazing, and I would run both of those and JI with GS/Staff and generally support and get on rams in WvW.

By the time I had leveled my second guardian to 80, people started leaving the game. Then my original TA guild had alot of people leave for stupid WoW, and the remaining people merged with another TA guild which is where I am now. Shortly after that CND left, and then TA broke up. For about the past 2 weeks (actually I haven't WvW'd since Monday's patch though because of how broken people rendering is now which was made even worse with that patch and they are trying to fix supposedly based on dev response on official forums), I have been running in smaller 10-15 guild groups and letting the zergs focus more on big sieges and taking camps and off-towers. Granted sometimes we join the zergs, but many other times we split off. We have both support/consecration guardians, and a couple initiators that work very well for organized guild groups. I switched to a more mobile small skirmish build which went well with my dungeon build.

This means I usually take Shelter and JI instead of resolve and save yourself. I don't need retreat because I've never found myself without swiftness running around in guild groups. With all the shout swiftness from various classes, symbols from guardian, mesmer swiftness, etc. from all the classes it's just a wasted slot for me. This is one reason why I leave on staff, the other for offensive or defensive wall, and using staff 4 when appropriate. I take GS for the leap and pull. I have people backing up who are in mumble which is significantly different then if you were in WvW without a guild. I never go into WvW without a guild, I'd rather do PvE stuff outside of normal WvW times then run around with a zerg. There is also food (one in particular in the pepper line, look it up) which gives 20% chance to chill on crit during night time which is amazing.

Whew that was long, but basically that is my thought process on why I use the build I do. Again it's very easy to switch traits for WvW because there is a re-trainer for 3s50c (which is nothing at 80) and is what I did for a while on my first guardian when I wanted to farm vs going into WvW. Now I just leave my current traits the way they are on my current guardian.