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Can I get an unoptimized version?

03 September 2012 - 04:08 AM

Well ever since they did all of their "optimizing" magic my enjoyment has gone downhill. The reason for that is now for "optimization" purposes my game doesn't always show everyone that is around me, especially in WvW. I'm not sure on the max # of players/NPCs allowed on the screen at one time, but I will tell you this. I've had quite a few instances where I will be ordering my guild to attack what seems like an empty keep, only to have 20-30 enemies fade in from nowhere. Or I might start moving forward in a DE, right into a huge group of mobs. Why? Because they weren't there before. I can't tell you how many times I've been killed by INVISIBLE mobs, because Anet thinks it's good enough to tell my computer what it can and cannot see.

This isn't a hardware issue. I'm running an i5-2500k OC'd to 4.7 GHz and a EVGA 680 Signature 2 OC'd to 1300/3000. Both temps never get above 60 degrees. It is also not an internet issue. I have a 10 mb/s internet connection. It isn't a settings glitch as it happens no matter what my settings are at.

The issue only started to present itself after "optimization" between last BWE and launch. Anyway to change this in the settings? Or possibly even game files?

Forum error login

25 August 2012 - 12:31 AM

I tried getting on the Guild Wars 2 forums (been checking up on them all day for craps and giggles) and it says "Login Error: You do not have access to Guild Wars 2." Now I've never had an issue like this all day/week long. It just started doing this within the past hour. Does this mean I will not have access to the head start? I pre-purchased through GameStop, and was able to access all the beta weekends. Perhaps it was just a pre-order though? Anyone else getting this error? Any help is appreciated.

PvX: [Ragnarok Guild] - International/English

02 April 2012 - 01:46 AM

Posted Image

Home Page
Current Member Count: 17

Ragnarok is a friendly, mature and organized guild with past experience in MMOs such as Rappelz, Aika, Camon Heroes, Forsaken World, etc. We also have a few players who played the original Guild Wars. We welcome all types of players from PvE'rs to PVP centrics, from the USA to Australia, the only thing we ask is that you speak fairly moderate English, so as not to create any language barriers for certain issues.

Ragnarok is one of the Guilds in the game. As a Guild we will aim to compete with other Guilds for power and dominance however there are more aspects to playing this game and joining this guild.

To join this Guild, introduce yourself in the introduction thread. This is so I can grant you access to all aspects of this forum. While we have a few fun and general areas we also have a conference and war room for strategy planning during sieges, PvP, and high-end PvE events/dungeons.

While many of us will focus on playing the game, I strive to have a fun community that will support each other as you will support them. For example, this Guild also offers Role Play for those that like to play in character and create stories or artwork among other things. There is more to this Guild than a game. We are here to have fun and create friendships. We believe that the main goal of Guild Wars 2 is to have fun, no matter what your playstyle is.

I would also like to note that just because we are a Guild focused on having fun in all types of content, we are still committed to being a top tier Guild in both PvE and PvP.

We offer many features in the guild.
We have a PvP army: For those interested in the PvP aspect. Look for captains recruiting for their teams.
We also offer Role Play: For those that like to play in character.
We also offer PvE experiences: Events, dungeons, exploration, ect. and we will have parties that will be formed for these things.

I personally will get involved with all of these, but you are not obliged to be part of any of them you don't like. You can choose to get as much or as little involved in each of these areas as you like. We are part of a community that respects that we all like our different things but get along despite them.

For those interested in joining, read the following thread by clicking the link here and follow it to join the guild in game.

To join the guild forums, post an application in the introductions thread. There is a topic with the template, just follow the template and make a new topic in the applications sections so that I can easily see which names are not accepted yet.

1. You will not break rule number 1.
2. I rule, what I say goes. This is the second most important rule under rule number 1. Rule 1 must not be broken under any circumstances.
3. You are a part of the guild, we look after and represent each other. YOU WILL HAVE FUN! Unless it goes against rule number 1.
4. Enemy Guilds and anyone on KoS are to be eliminated on sight. Rules 1 and 2 take priority over this.
5. Destroy everything and everyone. No prisoners, unless it goes against rule number 1, 2, 3 or 4. Though I don't see how this could go against rule number 3.
6. All rules are to be obeyed. This rule does not have to be followed really with the exception of rule number 1 and 3. Rule 1 must be followed under all circumstances.

Official Rules:
While the rules above do have meaning behind them, these rules below are our official rules.

7. Do not buy from Gold Selling or Power Leveling sites. We do not endorse these and they are banned by several MMO companies, if you are caught doing so by another guild member or myself, you will be kicked from the guild and reported. Alternatively if you know of a guild member committing these acts, report them to a guild member of higher authority quickly. Anyone covering for someone will receive the same punishment. We will help people with Gold and Power Leveling if needed, but not for the sake of getting end game, the leveling and quests are part of the fun of the game and allow you to learn how to play your class well. High levels that power level often end up being really crap at their class and are a hindrance. We also have a guild WH so that you can borrow/trade items.

8. We do not tolerate forum/guild spying. Spying on guild forums often causes hassle and accusations. Those that dealt with the last Spy Wars, which we were not part of but got accused of anyway, will know how much hassle it was. We will however have in game scouting parties that will be involved with spying in terms of intell gathering in game and will not require joining another guild.

9. Trash Talk is fine, as long as you’re messing around, but don't aggravate people to the point it becomes a flame war. Also keep trash talk clean, teasing family members, nationality, etc. can take the fun out and just breaks things down. I know we will occasionally do the whole nationality joking around, i.e. England vs America, but when someone says stop, that's it.

10. Just like Rule 3, but made official. Respect your fellow guild members. And appreciate that some are not here for the same reasons you are.

11. While people do say to keep disputes, and taunts to PMs, I don't, because I don't want to have to be tracking through loads of PMs to find out who said what. By all means, I don't mind people messing around in PMs, but I don't want PM's used so you can carry on winding people up.

12. No griefing or camping players. If they do it to you, inform a GM and take screenshots as evidence. Also let the guild know. I am sure there is someone that will enjoy taking care of them.

13. No begging or demanding for anything. Ask nicely for help and you will more than likely receive it. Your guild mates are there to help support you not to wipe your bum for you.

Also our original founder, Knightmair enjoys a bit of Role Play so people interested in Role Playing characters are always welcome.

While there are forum ranks. We will also have official ranks based on your status and skill in game. These are the official ranks I will give out and will not be given to just anyone.

I have also started up a Medal System. Some are nice simple achievements, while others are medals that must be earned. For the moment though the Medal System is on hold until we can get a large span of members to allow for some true competition.

Here is a small example:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Here are the current userbars. It is advised if you can that you re-upload your preferred image to a hosting site and use it in your sig so that these images do not over run their bandwidth allocation. If you don't have an image hosting account there are some jobless ones below.

I will let you choose your colour. I personally like blue, but that's because it's an awesome color.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Stick this in your signature in the Guild Wars 2/Guru forums to advertise Ragnarok.

I have created various topic areas. If you think there is an area missing then post your suggestions to me,

Like most forums. There are ranks. There are a set of ranks based on your post count, and there will also be official ranks based on your status in game, where titles such as Captain and Generals are earned.

Current Leadership Management

Guild Overlord and Creator: Knightmair
Acting Leader: BlindMan
Forum Moderator: Xandyr, Dravus

Note: In future we shall be holding positions for Captains and more Moderators, make sure to check in regularly!

All of you have fun and enjoy the forums.