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My (probably useless) Tank/Support Theif...

04 January 2013 - 04:03 PM


I haven't decided on the exact set of Armor yet, but I think I'm going with Cleric and Dwayna runes.  Trinket's/gems are Bersekers/Soldier to try to get Power over 2000 so I can at least do some form of non-crit damage.

Weapon combinations are Short Bow (obviously), and Sword/Pistol, Sword/Dagger, Pistol/Dagger. Pistol/Dagger  Mostly try to keep Dagger in off-hand for stealth.

Ran Fractals 20 last night with good success though our Fractals were Underwater/Freezing/Asuran.  We had most trouble with Asuran, but only with the Harpies knocking us off constantly.  No Mesmer/Guardian.

Need a build, advice please...

07 December 2012 - 01:39 AM

I'm looking for a build I can use in FOTM as well as WvW.  Here is what I'm currently running...


Is there any site were builds are posted and rated?  I checked gw2db and there are quite a few builds but very few have any ratings...  I just want to see a list of builds and be able to pick one which I know gw2db has, but I want them at least vetted as feasible.  I loved the Guild Wars 1 Wiki that had all the group/compisitions on it...

Theif Build Advice...

24 November 2012 - 03:23 PM

I'm using Short Bow, Sword/Pistol.  Traits are 10/30/30/0/0.  Superior Runes of the Pack.  Armor is half Knights, half Valkyrie (rare 80, not exotic).  Jewerly is Beserker with Rubys.  Weapons are Beserker with Sigil of Accuracy (OH Sigil or Air).

Here's a link to the Traits and Skills: http://gw2skills.net...SymkLJZSLCGEspA

My current Power is 1981, Precision 1794, Toughness 1306, Vitality 1140

Which equates to 45% crit chance, and 13045 health.

What I'm looking for is something I can use in both PvE and WvW.  I'm not really that open to changing my armor, jewelry, or runes simply because I spent so much getting it.  I'm open to new skills, weapons, or completely changing my traits.

Much thanks in advance!

Full Shatter / Condition Damage sPvP

11 October 2012 - 03:46 PM

I'm looking for a full condition damage + immediate shatter build.  I built this last night and in pickup game PvP I did 'okay' considering I had NEVER played with a shatter build before, only a Phantasm build.


It's probably terrible, but I'm pretty new to the whole sPvP thing...

I'm just not sure if condition damage is even viable with a Mesmer.  Confusion and bleeding from our Illusions seems to be our main source and I'm not sure if that's enough.  Is shattering based on condition damage or power?

I also think this build may be too 'middle ground' to be successful.  Not enough damage, and not enough damage mitigation...

PvE Dungeon Phantasm Build

05 October 2012 - 04:43 PM

Is it possible?  I'm currently running something similar to the following.  I'm pretty new to running dungeons (ie, I've never raided in any MMO).


My gear is level 80 rare, Berserkers (Power, Precision, Crit Dam) and I’ve got Major Rune of the Dolyak in 4 pieces, and Major Rune of the Soldier in 2 (can’t afford Superior runes yet).

I’m using a Staff (Power, Precision, Crit Dam) with a Superior Sigil of Force (5% damage) and Sword (Power, Precision, Crit Dam) with Major Sigil of Strength (Might 7s on Crit) and Pistol (Power, Precision, Crit Dam) with Major Sigil of Frailty (Vulnerability on Crit).

My accessories are mostly Power, Precision, Crit Dam with Toughness, Vitality gems…

I think this may be an absolute terrible build, but because I'm new I have no idea... My Power/Precision is around 1700 each and Toughness/Vitality is around 1300.  Crit % is 48%.