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In Topic: Feature Patch Update Notes

16 April 2014 - 06:18 PM

It doesn't take the language into account, just the home server. So it really only works for the languages officially supported with their own servers. (German and French and... I think Spanish? Apart from English)

In Topic: Megaserver: Part 2

03 April 2014 - 05:43 PM

Since the big organized world bosses have a spawn time in the list at the end, I would assume the 3 hour spawn window just means that within these 3 hours all 3 super bosses spawn. If the times mark a 3 hour spawn window for each boss that would make absolutely no sense since they'd overlap, defeated the purpose of such a list in the first place, right?

I never cared about Ascended crafting, but is the farming really that much worse? It's one boss every 15 minutes in the new system, which doesn't seem too far off from what you'll get now, depending on the boss and timers. (You can't do two bosses at once anyway)
Could be wrong of course, since I only fight the bosses every now and then when I feel like it, but how many bosses do you kill usually in 15 minutes?

The negatives I see:

- you'll pretty much see the same bosses over and over again if you play at a specific time interval each day - like most people probably do. Should be a relatively easy fix of making the list rotate each day, but with ANet you never know.
- if you are very unlucky you end up on a map with 5 people or so and can't beat the boss and that risk is now there for every boss since all GW2 players will flock to them
- apart from the new guild upgrade, this doesn't fix the main issue of large organized boss events - getting everyone on the same overflow. If anything it's an even larger issue than before, depending on how well the system works. (And given the track record with overflow related issues...)

In Topic: Introducing the Megaserver System

02 April 2014 - 02:24 PM

That should be a relatively easy fix: Just put a checkbox somewhere that puts you into "RP mode" and brings you onto map instances for RPers.

... if ANet is willing to do this, that is. They didn't have official RP servers so far after all.

In Topic: Introducing the Megaserver System

02 April 2014 - 02:09 PM

Seems good enough, the segregated servers never made much sense outside of WvW. This really doesn't do much for the main problem of Overflows which is huge events that require coordination like Triple Worm. Would like to see players actually get a say in this though, like choosing channels like in other MMOs (or whatever it was called in GW1) or at least get to adjust the priorities.

Also we apparently only have servers with "medium population", there are no low population servers, of course. Gotta love the marketing language.
Don't worry, everything is fine. The Computer is your friend. Happiness is mandatory.

Don't wan't to be one of the cynic brigade, but marketing double-speak like that just ticks me off.

In Topic: Say Goodbye to Armor Repair Costs and Hello to Free Trait Resets

29 March 2014 - 06:44 PM

The change makes sense, imo. Let's be honest, the ones punished most by repair costs were new players, because they are both less experienced (more potential deaths) and have way less money. That's in line with a lot of the changes in the feature patch. The repair costs also don't scale with the inflation, to the point where they are utterly irrelevant later on unless you really die all the time. They couldn't increase them, because the backlash would be insane and it would punish new players even more.

The champion bag nerf is also a good idea imo. Never liked the champ trains, not so much that they exist but that there seems to be this community-wide opinion that they are THE way to make money apparently. Never really got where that came from, honestly. Aren't there just the same shitty bues/greens in the bags that every mob drops anyway? Is it just that the guaranteed bag drop has no diminishing returns?