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In Topic: [Discussion] Languages in mapchat

05 September 2012 - 03:42 PM

No, but you are... you're essentially saying exactly what you claim nobody is saying. [snip]

You said it yourself that it hasn't been BAD ENOUGH that a rule need be enforced. This implies that speaking anything but English is WRONG, and that if it reaches a certain boiling point, rules to the effect of "speak English or gtfo" would need to be implemented to bring the "problem" back under control.

That is ethnocentrism, whether you are willing to admit it or not. But don't worry, the colonial empires of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries didn't know that they were being ethnocentric either. And your attitude that you are willing to tolerate it to a certain extent is elitism. Thus: ethnocentric elitism.


Who decided that English was the official language of the world? It's not, it's an unofficial lingua franca. And enjoy it, because 30 years from now, you may not be able to use map chat in Guild Wars 8 unless you speak Chinese.

I'll repeat that I'm not a native English-speaker; I'm a Finn and proud of both my language and my country, and am member of a Finnish-speaking kinship in both my MMOs.

If you think the attitude of the majority of English-only-proponents is "English or gtfo", then that's probably where this neverending argument stems from. I (we?) really, REALLY don't mean that, in any shape, form or subtext. I'm quite happy with there being non-English-speakers such as some (well, one) of my former guildmates in the game. But I (we?) think everyone should extend each other the courtesy of speaking in a way that the majority of listeners understands, whenever possible.

And yes, if everyone were to speak their native language on a multicultural server, it would be a problem. For the same reason it is a problem if everyone mainly speaks their native language at a multicultural workplace. The community fragmenting into nationality-cliques would be a bad thing and make the game less enjoyable for all. But as I said, I have not seen this happening anywhere, though I have heard hearsay. At that point the game would have a major problem in their hands, and I would not rule out rules as a potential solution; a bad one, but at that point I couldn't imagine there being a good one. In any case that's a very distant, extreme, hypothetical situation.

If 30 years from now we're playing a game that is in Chinese, and Chinese is the language that the overwhelming majority of the players understands, then yes I believe it would be rude to not speak Chinese in public in that game either, whever possible.

The problem is that it is VERY common that people do just that.
"Speak english or stop playing your stupid idiot" is quite common.

Then those prople are idiots, and that attitude is a problem, I agree. I have not seen it happen myself, and would dare say that most English-only-proponents are nothing like that. If your experience is different, then we will have to agree to disagree. However, even if the majority of English-only-proponents were morons, it would not detract from the point of why people think speaking non-English languages on widespread public channels is rude.

In Topic: [Discussion] Languages in mapchat

05 September 2012 - 12:19 PM

I'm a non-English speaker in a nationality/language-based guild, and I've always thought using non-English languages in public game chats is extremely rude. Except when absolutely needed, such as a person that honestly doesn't know English asking for quick advice.

Chat on any public channel should be directed at everyone listening. If you aren't trying to address the whole public, in a language the majority of the public understands, you are imposing on a large group of people and should have the good sense to keep it to a minimum. Should it be an enforced rule? I've never been on a server where things were so bad or the community so splintered into language groups that a rule was needed. It's just rude and annoying.

And to all you native English speakers saying it's about "ethnocentric elitism" or such: Really, it's not. Nobody is saying "speak English or gtfo". It's mostly annoyance at chat windows filling up with spam that's incomprehensible to 90% of the players when those participating would usually be quite able to include the 90% (most non-UK people in Europe, especially those that play games that are in English, type understandable English). And about wanting to be able to follow and participate in discussions.

In Topic: Norn dance doesnt fit

24 August 2012 - 09:06 AM

It suits them well enough that it's very plausible.... They are independent shameless drunks after all...

My feelings exactly. I don't see the norn being that keen on dancing in general; dancing is a group activity or a performance intended to impress, and they are individualists who probably wouldn't find a dancer very impressive. But after a few dozen beers, I could completely see one doing that dance as an uninhibited expression of joy. Yes, I like it.

In Topic: 48 Hours to go.....What is your character doing?

23 August 2012 - 04:45 PM

My norn elementalist is putting out the fire that used to be her dinner. She got a bit excited on receiving word of her participation in the great hunt.

My sylvari guardian is dreaming of knighthood.

My human engineer is discussing tax code with another noble, bored out of her mind and thinking of bigger guns. If she hurried, she should have a prototype ready in a day or two. She excuses herself politely.

My asura ranger is trying to recruit a sylvari for a study on plant communication. It's occurred to her that she probably should stop eating anything more intelligent than a goldfish, and she wants to make sure vegetables don't fall in that category. Her colleagues are beginning to think biology is a bad influence on her.

In Topic: damage meters

12 August 2012 - 10:15 AM

If you don't know the game well enough to recognize underperformers without a damage meter, you don't know the game well enough to interpret damage meter output.