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Help with "Code Breaker" personal story quest (Norn/26/Priory)

01 September 2012 - 04:56 PM

In the Norn personal story quest "Code breaker", level 26, for the Priory, you are asked to crack a dredge code using a code book. The page and line to be interpreted come up in conversation. However, apparently there is a part of the code that relates to the order of the words. I have no idea what this part of the code is, and neither Prott nor Google will tell me.

So, please: Either, what is the full code to interpret for this part of the personal story, or the correct response. And in addition, where should I have got the code, or is it a bug that I don't have it?

[Piken Square] [Finnish] Pelargir Adventuring Company

19 August 2012 - 11:31 AM

Pelargir Adventuring Company

Pelargir Adventuring Company started out as a kinship on the LotRO server Laurelin, but some 6-7 of our members are moving on to GW2 as a primary or secondary MMO. We are a Finnish-speaking social kinship with an active kin-chat and forum, as well as our own Mumble server. Guild activity mostly consists of chat and instances. We have never been hardcore raiders or otherwise preoccupied with the hardest endgame challenges, though we have attempted and occasionally succeeded at them as a side-effect of getting together and doing stuff. "Normal" instances are run spontaneously or on demand. Roleplayers are of course welcome, but we do not actively organize roleplaying events. We are also not PvP-oriented, but most of us are curious of taking a peek at WvW at some point. While being a nationality/language-based guild, we communicate in English outside of guildchat and purely guild-based activities.

What we can offer you:
- friendly and helpful, small Finnish-speaking community
- casual activity consisting of instances, DEs or WvW early in the evening, usually starting at 18-19 Finnish time

What we require of you:
- friendly personality and attitude
- ability to communicate in Finnish in guild chat

There are no class-, equipment-, level-, or age- requirements; however, most of us are 21+ in RL. Additionally, if there is another similar guild already forming on Piken Square that I am unaware of, we would not mind changing this recruitment into an application. After all, new friends is what we are looking for.

--- And the same in Finnish / Ja sama suomeksi ---
(hopefully repeating the content in another language is not against the rules; if it is, apologies)

Pelargir Adventuring Company on yksi LotROn Laurelin-serverin vanhimmista suomalaisista kinshipeistä, alun alkujaan Pelit-lehden foorumeilta lähtöisin mutta nykyisin oma olentonsa. Noin 6-7 jäsenistämme on siirtymässä GW2:seen primaarisena tai sekundaarisena MMO:na, ja olisi mukava juosta finskiporukassa täälläkin aina toisinaan. Olemme sosiaalinen kini, jolla on LotROssa aktiiviset chatti ja foorumi, sekä oma Mumble-palvelin. Säännölliset tapahtumat ovat viime aikoina olleet lähinnä casuaaleille tarkoitettujen helppojen raidien tekemistä. Pienempiä instoja juostaan tarpeen mukaan tai spontaanisti. Roolipelaajat ovat toki tervetulleita mutta emme aktiivisesti organisoi ropetapahtumia. Emme myöskään ole aikaisemmin olleet PvP-kilta, mutta GW2:ssa suurin osa meistä on kiinnostunut kurkkaamaan WvW:hen. Ja oikeasti, julkinen chatti englanniksi, ei trollailua, ja järki käteen yleisesti ottaen; kieliyhteisöillä on ihan tarpeeksi huono maine muutenkin.

Mitä PAC tarjoaa sinulle:
- ystävällinen ja avulias suomenkielinen yhteisö
- kitahappeningit suomiystävälliseen aikaan, alkaen n. 18-19 illalla

Mitä edellytämme:
- mukavaa persoonallisuutta
- kielen perusosaamista

Luokka-, varuste-, taso- tai ikävaatimuksia ei ole; suurin osa meistä on kuitenkin yli 21-vuotiaita. Jos Piken Squarelle on jo muodostumassa toinen samanhenkinen kilta, ottakaa yhteyttä ja voidaan vaikka muuttaa tämä ilmoitus hakemukseksi. Turha hajota useisiin kiltoihin, uusia tuttujahan tässä ollaan hakemassa.

Asura names: Titles

21 May 2012 - 11:29 AM

I didn't find a thread about this, pardon me if it exists already.

It seems to me that those of us wanting to play Asura have a bit of a naming dilemma. Asura names are short, leading to there being a relatively small number of unique (and reasonable-sounding) ones, and there are no last names. According to the Wiki, they may use "job titles, a krewe name, or honorifics to differentiate themselves", yet (based on browsing the wikis) we seem to have very few examples of their use.

This thread is for assembling titles, honorifics and such that an Asura might use, to help us with naming if we fail to get a single-word name.

Starting with my favorite -ologies for rangers:
Zoosemiotician (signs in the animal world, animal communication)
Biosemiotician (signs in biology in general)
Ethologist (animal behavior)
Neuroethologist (animal behavior and nervous systems - love the title, but it would only leave three letters for your name)

Other fields in biology:
Entomologist (insects)
Ornithologist (birds)
Herpetologist (reptiles)
Arachnologist (spiders)
Cetologist (marine mammals)
Nematologist (roundworms)
Ecologist (relationships between organisms)


Thaumaturge (miracle worker)

General resources:
Long list of -ologies: http://users.tinyonl...ank/ologies.htm

...anyone else wondering about this sort of thing, or have any ideas?