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Post Patch Shout Heals

26 June 2013 - 10:46 AM


I was wondering whether you good folks would be able to advise me on the best course of action when it comes to an updated Shout Heal build?

For many months I've run a balanced shout heal build of: 15/25/0/30/0. It probably wasn't the best, but it did well enough for me. Of course I'm not after the top dps spec or anything, I personally prefer balance whilst being relatively efficient.

I ran Axe/Shield with Rifle/Greatsword etc dependent on fights.

So after the patch, I'm experimenting with the new 30/25/0/0/15 or 30/0/0/10/30 builds for damage, but I'm wondering how I can change the shout heal build as I'd like to run that on my second warrior.

With the loss of Berserker's Power in Strength, I could just add in the extra vitality trait, but I'd like to pick up some of the lost damage elsewhere if possible? Is it worth dropping strength and going into discipline or a mix of the 2? Or maybe lose some in Arms to get more burst/crit damage in discipline etc?

Thanks for your advice.

EU (Crux) PvE Semi-Hardcore Dungeon and Mission Focused Guild (Gandara) Recruiting.

15 March 2013 - 11:40 PM

*Further to our group's attempts at finding a specific dungeon running guild, we have decided to open our doors to new members who are also seeking like minded, good players for dungeons and missions*


We are Crurifragium (Crux) and we are now reopen for recruitment of like minded players to ourselves.

About Us

We are currently a small guild of 19 members, about 10 of which are active each day. Our primary focus is dungeon running, with the new guild missions being another important aspect for us as well, whilst we also enjoy various other areas of the game as well.

The majority of our guild have been playing since launch and are experienced with many areas within the game. Guild and party chats are regularly buzzing and the group has been together for many months, meaning no drama or bickering.

Our approach is a mix of casual and hardcore, hence the semi-hardcore phrase in the title. What this means is that, we are a friendly and laid back bunch of people who are always up for a laugh and chat but we also are dedicated players and knowledgeable regarding the game's mechanics.

We aim to hit the right balance where the atmosphere and social side is matched by our knowledge, skill and dedication.

Currently, we are recruiting for people who fit this bill and want to be part of a strong group of friends, completing content. Your world isn't an issue for us, as you can guest for missions and dungeons are cross worlds as they are. We have also, recently, added a few new members to bolster our ranks and dungeon groups.

Dungeon Runs With Crux

Our dungeon runs are efficient and of a good speed as we are all dedicated, experienced and reasonably skilled players, proficient at the game's dungeon content.
We pride ourselves on the fact that we maintain our standards of play while not forgetting that no player is the finished product and we were all beginners once.

During dungeons, we choose to play the content legitimately, and avoid exploits during the combats. We do skip packs of mobs, to facilitate speed, however only in perfectly safe areas of the maps. If we're in doubt, we kill the mobs.

Dungeon runs usually begin mid afternoon and extend through the evening, with breaks for real life as necessary. It is pretty usual that we get through 20 dungeon paths or more per day, especially on quieter days and the weekends.

In terms of what paths are our favourites, CoF paths1 and 2, HoTW path 1, CoE 1 and 2, AC Fractals are the usual haunts. Several of us have 4 or more level 80's and so repeat CoF/HoTW for each character throughout the day.

For us, the fun of variance and efficiency in the groups is key, we enjoy success and we enjoy running a lot of paths
We are also perfectly open to running other dungeons and paths as and when they're required; for example for Dungeon Master and/or random bits of gear etc.
If you're still following and agreeing with all or most of our stance, then read on and maybe you've found the guild for you.

Guild Missions

Upon introduction of the missions, our guild had all of the previous unlocks available, with enough influence to start Bounties, and begin to unlock Treks. As we are a small group the influence gain is slow, but we are about 10k off being able to queue the Treks. We also currently have 50 merits (with another 10 or 15 due this Sunday).

We undertake weekly Bounties, on a Sunday late afternoon or early evening. Previously, this has been when we've the numbers online (typically 5 or 6) but we now have scheduled times so everyone has equal chance to participate. We aim to be highly organised with our runs, and will lead the missions with the utmost care and attention so that every member has the opportunity to participate and receive rewards.

Once Treks have been unlocked, these will be added to the event on Sunday evening.  There is also the possibility of another event being added given enough demand, and/or the times being changed to meet the member's needs.

Guild Structure

On our home world of Gandara, we have unlocked all upgrades possible, bar the missions as stated above. This includes all the bank spaces and guild buffs. We typically have those buffs running over the weekend, depending on our influence gain and needs, given the requirement for queuing missions.

In terms of ranks, members start as Gladium for a brief initiation period before becoming a Legionnaire. Veteran members, or those highly active in the guild will become Centurions whilst our officers are Tribunes.

At this time, there is no call for us to have a website, but we do have access to a Mumble server for guild missions, as and when we need.


Sorry for the lengthy post, but if you've gotten this far then great, it seems that maybe you and the guild could be a good match.

If you'd like to ask us any questions then please feel free to message me in game at Sheepski.5479 or the Guild Leader: Leyara.7398. Alternatively, you may message me on here also.

If you'd like to join us then great. We'd ask you to join us for an average dungeon run, just to see if we all work well together. If all goes well we'd be happy to invite you to join us. Please contact either Leyara or myself for a trial.

Again, thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing new recruits among our ranks shortly.

Rabbit Hunting

13 March 2013 - 10:32 AM

My girlfriend and I thought it'd be a laugh to capture the moment of doom in a rabbit's face as my blade slices down on it's head.

Cruel but funny, at least for me :)

Maybe you guys would like it too?

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Looking for Social, Semi-Hardcore Guild for Missions and Dungeons. Gandara or Desolation

05 March 2013 - 05:33 PM


Thanks in advance for reading my post.

My girlfriend and I, as well as maybe a few friends are searching for a guild, preferably on Gandara, however we would consider transferring to Desolation, if the right guild is found.

About us:

We're experienced, dedicated and (reasonably) skilled at the game and are all pretty active and enthusiastic players. We aim to participate in and complete all of the PvE content the game has to offer, but the most important thing for us is the fun, and feeling of achieving goals.

Looking For:


For us the atmosphere is much more important than the size, where a relaxed and friendly environment is developed. We like to get to know our guildies and become friends with the people behind the character, rather than just see lots of names we never get to know.


While, naturally, everyone is new to the game, professions or types of content and we don't expect everyone to know everything, we would like a decent level of knowledge and competence. This is purely because we like to run content with guildies whenever possible and we like to be reasonably efficient.


We really love running the game's dungeon content and the majority of our playing time is spent doing so. We don't "speed clear" but we are efficient and know pretty much every path well, and we have a lot of fun farming these paths. However we're not elitist and respect people's opinions and play styles as well.

We of course have our favourites and do multiple runs per day of those and we'd love to be able to form a strong group with the members of the guild as we continue with the dungeons.

The other main area of content that we're looking to participate in is the new guild mission system. We're really looking for a guild that is organised and has scheduled times for each of the missions, as and when they're unlocked.  

In summary:

We're searching for a guild that hits the balance between casual and hardcore where the atmosphere and social side is matched with knowledge, reasonable skill and experience within the game.

If you think us and your guild could be a good match, or you wish to ask me any questions, feel free to message me here, or in game on Sheepski.5479/Sheepy Longtooth.

Thanks for reading.

Looking For PvE (Dungeon/Relaxed) EU Guild. Pref Gandara/Desolation.

28 December 2012 - 11:28 PM

We're a group of 3 friends, looking for a new home.

About us:

We're experienced and (reasonably) skilled at the game and are all pretty active and enthusiastic players.

Looking For:

Ideally, what we're looking for is a friendly, relaxed and yet active and dedicated guild.

By that I mean that we are not after elitism or drama, but a relaxed fun guild to enjoy the game with.

It should be relatively small/medium sized, as we wish to get to know people rather than everyone just being a name. As such, the environment would be fun and welcoming.

Apart from that side, the key for us would be a dedication/love of running dungeons and group content. We like to run all the dungeons (except maybe Arah p4 :P) and we all have dungeon master. We often run multiple dungeon paths each day, including farm paths and random others for people who need.

Of course we do other things in game and have an array of experiences across the board, but we really get our motivation to play from running these dungeons when with a good, fun guild group over pugs.

If you think us and your guild could be a good match, or you wish to ask me any questions, feel free to message me here.

Thanks for reading.