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In Topic: Any video of Bloomanoo and Peneloopee's exchange?

19 December 2013 - 05:54 AM

Did you try recording it yourself?

In Topic: Any PC game worth getting right now?

06 November 2013 - 05:45 AM

Battlefield 4 is my current addiction right now. They took everything I didn't like about 3 and improved those issues into something better while still holding on to its core. It's not perfect, also with a buggy, server-stressed launch, but I'm having a great time nonetheless.

In Topic: Clacking noise randomly in game

26 October 2013 - 12:27 AM

If I think I know what you're talking about it's just one, slightly loud CLACK that occurs periodically, usually while I'm in Lion's Arch or just loading in to a WvW map. I thought it was just me. Curious. Very curious indeed.

In Topic: Have you paid more for gems than a sub fee in the past year?

03 October 2013 - 01:12 AM

I've bought a fair share of gems, enough to equate to a subscription game's costs. Money is not an issue with my purchases, but not long ago I found myself buying gems and trading them for gem store exclusive items to try and "repair" my enjoyment for the game and keep me interested, rather than to enhance an already fun experience.

They need to just add one thing. Race-changes. Please just let me change my Norn Guardian to Sylvari. Norn are everywhere. That's more money made for them and more flexibility and fixes for us. I don't care about lore or the personal story nor do I care about it having an effect on the permanence and attachment of ones character. I know ArenaNet won't add it though after the response they gave to players, because they've never gone back on their word........ right?

In Topic: What build for mesmer?

01 October 2013 - 08:46 AM

I've seen those guides before. I appreciate them, but I'm also curious as to what else exists as if there's some untapped strategy people have yet to use, however unlikely.

The object of a dungeon, for example, is to complete it. Finishing them faster yields more rewards in less time leaving you to do other things or just complete you runs for the day in the shortest amount of time. The quickest way to complete dungeons is all out DPS (for better or worse) with the correct team composition. The best guides people have posted work their way to the most efficient use of DPS possible or probable within that class, thus they ARE the best (that we know of).

People can play the game however they want, mind you, just don't group up with certain players who do indeed want to be as efficient as possible. My curiosity simply stems from "become the best". How can one attain this if it has already been reached? To be honest, the game at its core is very simple and when you take away the opposing human element (PvP) and replace it with a primitive AI (PvE) it becomes even more simplified. With this I believe people have already found the "best" way of doing things because the design of the game has made it so incredibly easy.