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WvW Mesmer - Season 1

18 October 2013 - 10:35 PM

As our first WvW season fast approaches, my guild is anxiously discussing tactics and zerg composition. Apparently, we are in need of mesmers and I've been asked to run as one with the group seeing as nobody else wants to or they claim they haven't one that's fully geared out. I primarily play guardian but I play mesmer from time to time. Then they link me this;


My question: Is this really the most effective way to incorporate a mesmer into a large group. Frankly, I know you could literally just put 10 into Inspiration for the glamour recharge and bring along nullfield, veil and portal and be pretty much set for what a mesmer needs to bring to a zerg, but the build they gave me cannot possibly be the best as the guild claims. I tried to reason with them about why deceptive evasion and clones in general are not effective in zergs and should I really bring celestial trinkets when I could use something like soldiers.

Of course, all guild leaders come off as self-proclaimed master mesmers, even if they play guardian primarily, so any attempt to offer an alternative is ignored. After playing guardian and elementalist so much I find a mesmer's role to be quite underwhelming (not to mention personally unrewarding in terms of bags) and I may as we'll be scouting in a tower if I'm not needed for portals and the occasional veil-chain. Just a small concern of mine, thank you for reading.

Error code upon character selection

08 April 2013 - 02:56 PM

Are there any others who receive an error code once a character is selected for play? I can log in fine, no problems there, but after a choose to play a feint window pops up, with no time to read what error it actually is and then the game crashes. Very curious indeed. Its never happened to me before, just wondering if there's a simple fix before i send an official email to support. I've already rebooted my router, changed my password and restarted my computer in case you're wondering. Thank you for your time.