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#2219079 Sanctum Sprint and why the GW2 community is truly awesome

Posted Nuclear_Herring on 12 July 2013 - 11:05 PM

Something happened to me last night that I thought was sufficiently great to tell everyone about here on GW2Guru.

I was playing Sanctum Sprint, and due to a combination of truly awful lag (I'm in New Zealand, and my ping is horrendous) and my own inherent lack of skill I was solidly bringing up the rear of the group. My personal best was 7th and I'm not entirely sure how I even did that well.

Then the awesome thing happened. The group I was playing with had been reasonably consistent and so a couple of other sprinters started asking who hadn't got the achievement yet. As a result of this, those who had the achievement would wait at the finish line and /dance or /sit until a first-time winner came on through.

Eventually, I think I was the last person in the group without the achievement and the whole group followed along behind me. While I must admit I felt like the special kid who needs a crash helmet to play in the sandpit it was really cool for everyone to put their own needs aside so that someone else could get something out of the race.

I eventually finished in first place and got the achievement and title (which I'll be too embarrassed to ever wear) and to make the evening even better I got a windcatcher skin from the end chest.

To those who were there: You guys rock and I hope precursors drop for you in the near future.

tl;dr An entire group of players followed me through Sanctum Sprint to allow me to get the achievement despite me being rubbish. It made me feel all warm and fluffy inside.

#2191539 Guide to Grenades in PvE

Posted GuanglaiKangyi on 14 April 2013 - 07:52 PM

I get people asking me for the specifics fairly often, and I don't think anyone's actually made a thread for what "the" grenade build is, so I wrote this:

Why run grenades?
- Best damage option for engineers, bar none.  In fact, in terms of overall damage across all classes, grenades is pretty high on the tier list.
- Safe and easy.  You attack from 1500 range, it's not going to get much easier than that.
- Excellent group support.  With Steel-Packed Powder, grenades give the best vulnerability stacking in the game from a single character, with a consistent 19.5 stacks with no special runes or gear.  This alone significantly boosts your party's DPS output.  Using blast finishers in fire fields, you can also maintain high stacks of might on your entire party, which, again, boosts DPS output substantially.

- Reliant on conditions for optimal damage.  Stacks to 25 bleed easily, so you will conflict with any other condition damage dealers in your party.
- No auto-attack.  You have to constantly keep the cursor on your target and mash skills to maintain damage, which is a pretty big turn-off for some people. (Try turning on Fast-Cast Ground Targeting in Options, it helps a lot)

The quick version:
If you don't want to read this whole thing, this is what I run:

Assassin/Berserker combo with Giver weapons for extra condition duration.  You can go with a full Traveler set for convenience or you can go with 4x Traveler, 2x Lyssa/Monk for minmaxing on condition/boon duration.

As for your specific, detailed options:

You can run:
- Full berserker gear.  Gives primarily direct damage, which is better in general (no cap, extra damage against low-armor targets, benefits from vulnerability, works on objects that cannot be conditioned).  With the May patch and Scope finally working, now deals comparable damage output with the other options on top of all of the above.  Probably your best bet.
- Rampager gear with berserker jewels: Best damage output, but a lot of it comes from conditions, which aren't as good as direct damage for the reasons listed above.  Nonetheless, deals the best solo damage output, especially if you aren't getting fury from the group.
- Rabid gear: Full condition damage.  Almost as high as rampager damage output, but all your damage comes from conditions.  On the plus side, however, you get a bunch of toughness, which makes you substantially harder to kill.
- Giver's weapons: Each Giver's weapon gives +10% condition duration, whether it's 1h or 2h.  That means pistols and shields each give +10% condition duration, and it stacks.  You will lose a bit of damage, but the extra +20% condition duration substantially increases your total vulnerability stacks and makes it much easier to cap bleeds, among other things.  More of a preference thing than anything else.

Again, several options:
- Bleed duration: Krait, Centaur, and Afflicted Runes all increase bleeding duration by 15% at two runes each.  Good for maximizing raw bleed output.
- General condition duration: Lyssa and Mad King both give general condition duration at 2x.  I personally prefer this over bleed duration since it'll also affect the duration of your vulnerability, chill, and immobilize applications.  Note that Major and Superior runes apply their effects independently, so you can go Superior Lyssa x2, Superior Mad King x2, Major Mad King x2 for +27% condition duration.
- General boon duration: Monk, Water, and (major) Sanctuary Runes all give general boon duration.  Good for improving your uptime on Swiftness, Regeneration and Vigor and your total Might stacks.
- Might duration: Hoelbrak, Strength, Fire, and Pirate runes all increase Might duration.  Better than general boon duration if all you care about is raw might stacking.
- Altruism: 6x Altruism gives you Might and Fury every 15s by switching to Medkit (which itself has no ICD).  I'm not a huge fan of this option since it forces you to take Medkit, but it's good if you want the group fury.
- Traveler: Gives both condition and boon duration plus a range of stats for a relatively balanced spread.  You can mix-and-match for the extra stats or you can go full Travelers for the convenience of having a permanent speed boost.

Weapons and Sigils:
In general, P/P or P/S is best for a grenade build since you won't actually be using those weapons normally, and you want the extra sigil.  In general, /S is better than /P, since you get two blocks, two CCs, and a blast finisher.  /P is primarily for quick zone clearing by stacking a burst of burn on a mob.

Your options for sigils are:
- Earth: Increases your total bleed stacks.  I'm not a big fan of this since it's actually only about 3 extra stacks total, but it's an option if you feel you're not getting enough bleed.
- Strength: I prefer this over Earth.  Strength has a lower proc rate but shorter internal cooldown, which favors the grenade kit's high attack speed, and it'll improve your damage across the board.
- Battle: Gives more total might stacks than Strength, but can be a pain since you have to remember to unequip your kit every nine seconds to get the effect.  Also, Strength actually gives more total Might when you're hitting multiple targets with your grenades.
- Force: 5% extra direct damage.  Safe bet, but not as good for grenades since it won't affect your condition damage.  I'd only run with this if you're regularly running in groups that can stack 25 might on you without Strength.
- Accuracy: Not as much raw damage increase as Force, but makes your damage output more consistent and slightly improves your chance to proc Sharpshooter and your other sigil.
- Bloodlust/Perception/Corruption: Not a huge fan of stacking sigils, but these are an alternative to Force or Accuracy if you're in a zone where you can kill lots of weak mobs quickly.

As of the 12/21/13 patch there's only really one trait spread worth running, which is direct Assassin/Zerker DPS as so:


Note that you can take the 10 out of Alchemy and put it into Tools for raw minmax damage, but the gain is marginal and isn't really worth losing permavigor for.

Heal skill: Healing Turret is the default here; fast recharge, AOE regen and condition removal, and can be detonated in its own water field for extra healing.  You can take Med Kit instead for the Swiftness/Fury buff, or if you're using Altruism Runes.  Obviously, take Elixir H if you're using HGH, but otherwise stay away from it.

Grenade Kit: Obviously.

Supply Drop: Mostly just because the other two elites kinda suck.

For the last two utility slots, your options are:
- Bomb Kit: Bomb Kit is really good because it has a spammable fire field (Fire Bomb), which can be used with blast finishers to maintain high stacks of might.  It's almost as good as HGH without the trait investments.  The blast finishers you can use are: Big Ol' Bomb (drop it right before or after the Fire Bomb), any turret detonation (Rifle is best because of low CD), Throw Mine, Magnetic Inversion, Acid Bomb.  You can also do the same with Smoke Bomb for group stealth stacking.
- Rifle Turret: Rifle Turret is the best turret for DPS, and also serves as a fast-recharging blast finisher for might stacking.  With all the buffs Surprise Shot has gotten recently, it doesn't even make a huge difference if the turret blows up, just put it down, let it shoot till its time to detonate it, and spam Surprise Shot while it recharges.
- Net Turret: The high-uptime immobilize on this turret is really good against certain bosses, such as Mossman or Archdiviner, who move around a lot and lessen the effectiveness of AOE.
- Throw Mine: Serves primarily as a fast-recharging blast finisher for might stacking, especially with Speedy Gadgets traited.  The toolbelt skill also gives a good burst of damage and vulnerability stacks when used right on top of the target.
- Elixir Gun: Gives group regen (Healing Mist and Super Elixir), condition removal (Super Elixir) and a blast finisher (Acid Bomb).  Good range of utility, but I'm not a big fan of it since the Acid Bomb can be annoying to time to get the blast finisher before the Fire Bomb ends, but after the Big Ol' Bomb explodes.  Get it down, though, and it's a good utility to have when it won't send you flying off a cliff.

That's about it, actually.  Playing the build itself isn't actually that complicated, just stand back and throw grenades on cooldown, and get your blast finisher rotation down so you can do it quickly and consistently without cutting into your grenade time too much.

#2121071 Best Farming thief build?

Posted Khalif on 17 December 2012 - 06:12 PM

Heres mine:

the actual build is my Bleed build:

1g-1.5g / hour

#2035191 IGN with new details on Non-Halloween themed updates

Posted Mondy on 22 October 2012 - 05:14 PM


These details seem pretty new to me:


In reaction to complaints that players felt some activities didn’t feel rewarding enough, after October 22 completing jumping puzzles and mini-dungeons will unlock much better rewards. ArenaNet will also make Guild Wars 2’s Karma resource much easier to obtain, so it’s not necessary to continuously cycle through events to build it up. After the update, running dungeons and completing monthly and daily achievements will also give out Karma.

In the time since launch ArenaNet’s has been examining its event design and seen how with enough players the challenge level of any particular open world event tends to drop. To maintain an element of difficulty, moving forward some events will be designed with layers, where certain challenges won’t trigger until the number of players nearby hits a specific threshold. This will be the case for a climactic encounter with a guild of NPCs called Modus Sceleris, members of which will pop up throughout Tyria to harass you. You can eventually find them all grouped together in one spot, and by interacting with them can take on challenges.

If you’re alone, initially you’ll fight off waves of their minions before challenging one of the members of the guild directly. Each member will have unique boss-like attack patterns in order to force you to move around and use your skills intelligently. If a lot of players gather around the event’s structure switches. Instead of fighting the guild members one at a time, you’ll fight all four at once, making for a more chaotic and difficult encounter. In other parts of the world, an invading group of enemies might take over a town, and if enough players are around to attempt to repel the attack, an elite monster might spawn right in the middle of the fight to ensure nobody involved gets too comfortable. It’ll be interesting to see how ArenaNet applies this philosophy of event design moving forward as older events are continually swapped around for updated ones.
For those who like to hunt around in every corner of Tyria, the Skritt Burglar challenges should be a nice surprise. Occasionally you’ll come across chests that may contain treasure or a Skritt creature with a giant pack on its back. The Skritt will then take off and scurry across the landscape, and, similar to how the treasure goblin works in Diablo III, you’ll need to chase and try to kill him before he escapes. Chasing is a risk, though, because the Burglar will run right through packs of enemies, and if you stop to fight that means he’s only getting further away. He’ll also occasionally stack up debuffs on your character or even temporarily turn you into a woodland creature. If you manage to avoid his ro*s and score hits, he’ll drop treasure as he flees, which any pursuer can stop to collect. Just keep in mind that stopping to collect treasure also means the Burglar will get further away, and you may not be able to kill him to claim the bulk of the items he carries.

Aside from outdoor events, ArenaNet is also adding more mini-dungeons and jumping puzzles, some of which will feature new mechanics and enemies. In the Dredgehaunt Cliffs zone you’ll find a mini-dungeon that’s blanketed mostly by darkness and has some cool twists to the gameplay. Another mini-dungeon challenge throws you into an M.C. Escher-esque room of stairways and portals where you need to jump around and experiment with which portal leads where in order to find the path to the exit. Eventually you progress to a walkway comprised of hexagonal platforms with disappearing centers and need to inch along their borders to advance while at the same time avoiding enemies that will try and knock you off. This mechanic is repeated in the dungeon’s boss fight, where you’ll need to carefully walk along the edges of platforms to avoid falling through their empty centers while at the same time staying away from incoming attacks from multiple sources.
This is only a small piece of what’s being added to Guild Wars 2, and a promising example that these essentially free content updates should provide reasons to continue logging in month after month to see how ArenaNet is evolving its world.

#1943776 Guild Wars 2 - available for mac!

Posted Liru on 18 September 2012 - 01:39 PM


This is the announcement I have been waiting for :) Arenanet following in Blizzard and Valve's footsteps.

#1862033 Character quips you've heard?

Posted LastDay on 01 September 2012 - 05:59 PM

Characters of different races and Professions sometimes say different things when you get a boon, fall on low health etc.

I've played Asura Necromancer myself and I'm now curious to see what lines the other Races/Professions say!
I'm probably making an Alt sometime and the lines will probably play a role in which race I pick.
Here are some of the lines I've heard.

Asura, any Profession:
"I've already beaten you, you just don't know it yet!" (Entering combat)
-Some other combat line I can't remember now for some reason-
"Why won't anyone... help me?" (Low health/downed)
"Help... I don't have long..." (Low health/downed)
"I was getting tired of laying around!" (Revived)
"It's about time!" (Revived)

"Accelerate!" (Swiftness)
"The thrill of speed!" (Swiftness) ...I'm not sure about this line. Quickness?
"Initiating feedback loop!" (Retaliation)
"I feel six feet tall!" (Might?)
"Infuriating!" (Fury?)
"Body heat..diminishing." (Chilled)
"I'm hemorrhaging!" (Bleed)
"High toxicity!" (Poisoned)
"I feel exposed!" (Vulnerability)

Asura Necromancer:
"I've made life! ...of a sort." (Summoning Minion)
"Each more hideous than the last!" (Summoning Minion)
"Now there's a good monstrosity!" (Summoning Minion)
"Arise, my brainless, arise!" (Summoning Minion)
"I should work on making those last longer." (A minion dies)
"I suppose I can make an another one."
"I will miss you always... You nameless thing."

Asura Elementalist:
"Feel (fear?) my turbulence!" (Air Attunement) ...lol :P

Human lines:
"I could outrun a centaur!" (Swiftness) Yeah everybody knows this one.
"Urge to kill raising!" (Fury?)
"I dare you, hit me!" (Retaliation)
"Go ahead and hit me, I'll just hit back! (Retaliation?) Could be a Norn line.

Human Necro:
"It started as a corpse, and now it's a corpse again." (Minion dies)

I think that Necromancers of all races say these:
"I am death incarnate!" (Entering Death Shroud)
"I have become death!" (Entering Death Shroud)

Also all Elementalists seem to say things when switching attunements but I dunno the lines.

Other lines:
"And you thought I was just a pretty face!" (???) maybe a female-only human or Sylvari line?
"This rose has thorns!" (???) maybe when a female Sylvari enters combat?

"I could move mountains!" (Might?) Dunno if it's a Human or Norn line.

I'm sure there are others I've heard and forgotten.
So, tell me yours! :)

#1858189 When will the trading post come back up in guild wars 2?

Posted Fiddle on 31 August 2012 - 10:36 PM


wait.... wrong company.

#1836911 Conversation With A Level 80

Posted sifr on 28 August 2012 - 08:26 PM

So...someone who did nothing but grind to 80 as fast as possible, and who seems to do nothing but grind in every game, is complaining about this game being a grind-fest?

Sorry, but I seem to have misplaced my sympathy.

#1836895 Conversation With A Level 80

Posted sanenomore on 28 August 2012 - 08:23 PM

Just a paraphrase of a conversation I had with a friend who is level 80. Do you agree with him?

MeLvL40: Dude! your lvl 80 already?

HimLvL80: Yup, easy peasy.

MeLvL40: What do you think of the game?

HimLvL80: It wont last long

MeLvL40: Why do you say that?

HimLvL80: They lied

MeLvL40: About what?

HimLvL80: Grind. They said they were anti grind but grind is all there will be to do

MeLvL40: Whoa.. what about dungeons, crafting, WvW, Legendaries etc..

HimLvL80: Grind, grind, grind, grind...  you do each dungeon 4 times then pick one if you want that specific armor and grind it. No need to ever do the others again. Crafting hehe.. fancy cover for grind. WvW? right like you can get in? If its this hard to get in now when half the population is playing PvE what do you think it will be like when everyone is 80?

MeLvL40: Well that leaves Legendaries but I will give you the grind argument on those.. you could start an alt.

HimLvL80: So now my progression is based on starting over and repeating the content?

MeLvL40: Storyline will be new :)

HimLvL80: Ya, didnt a major MMO based on personal storyline just flop?

MeLvL40:  You mean SWToR? hehe. So your not having fun?

HimLvL80: I am having a blast.. but it wont last

MeLvL40: You still have SPvP and Orr you havent done.

HimLvL80: SPvP is a mini-game, but I will do some after Orr. In a month we will go back to pandaland.. in two most non-casuals will move on to something new.

MeLvL40: Well you still have Orr :)

HimLvL80: ... if thats all I have it better be freaking amazing.

Just curious if this is his personal bias or actually reflects the hardcore communities opinion.

#1817321 Power leveling: "Lettuce leveling" - the fastest and most efficient way

Posted Generic Fantasy Name on 25 August 2012 - 01:01 PM

Lettuce onto the game servers so we can try your method.

#1816670 Cant Log In?

Posted Amon on 25 August 2012 - 12:29 PM

LOL! Just got this in my mailbox:

"Log in Three Days Early and Play - Guild Wars 2 Headstart has Started!"

LMAO! :lol:

#1816009 Cant Log In?

Posted sinisterpink on 25 August 2012 - 11:50 AM

View PostProkofiova, on 25 August 2012 - 11:44 AM, said:

Is Blizzard doing denial-of-service attacks? ;)

Posted Image

#1710105 The feeling of getting bored only because it's bwe/stress test

Posted LIVESTRONGG on 11 August 2012 - 03:39 AM

Anyone else feeling the same? Not wanting to progress knowing it will get deleted, doing things over and over again. it's not a matter of, "don't play then'', I want to play, I still have an eagerness to play. Just realizing what I do will get deleted or not have the newness factor.

Hoping this feeling doesn't carry over to launch.

#1689067 So how does everyone feel about the games systems?

Posted Tregarde on 07 August 2012 - 05:24 AM

There are people, like me, who are sick of the "gear grinds" in other games. I'm tired of being required to run through dungeons over and over, just so I can have good enough gear to move on to the next set of dungeons. I'm sick of missing out on content in a game because I don't have the gear to survive the high end zones. I'm sick of PvP where a new person gets taken down in one shot because they can't stand up to the guy full of uber gear.

In GW2 people are on a more-or-less equal level, so we can concentrate on skill instead of gear. I'll be able to survive in the difficult dungeons. If someone takes me down in PvP it'll be because they were more skilled, not because they had better gear. And, to me, that makes a huge difference.

#1686239 So how does everyone feel about the games systems?

Posted Teste on 06 August 2012 - 04:29 PM

View PostThe_Kaizz, on 06 August 2012 - 04:14 PM, said:

but nothing really says "Hey, I put in this hard work, so I have this weapon and if you want to get to my level, you have to go through the same hardships I did."

Which is great.

No game was created with the intention to make players say, "look how hard I have worked!". Classic MMOs were created to keep people playing (and thus paying) longer. When players found themselves doing content that was not fun just to get a better item, they rationalized it into believing it's a status symbol. And really, the beauty of the quote above is that it's an exact reproduction of what happens in classic MMOs. Getting those items isn't hard; earning them isn't a matter of skin, it's a matter of being willing to suffer through content that isn't fun. Little wonder that so much of the "value" in them comes from the idea that "if you want it, you will have to suffer as much as I did!".

GW2 isn't trying to make players suffer. It's trying to be fun (like any good game, for the records). So no, hopefully there won't be anything in the game to make people say "I really hate what I'm doing, but I'll continue to do it anyway". ArenaNet respects their players more than that.