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In Topic: Gravedigger Loops: HoT Build for Until Reapers Get Badlands

Yesterday, 04:07 PM

View PostGuanglaiKangyi, on 29 October 2015 - 02:58 PM, said:

3) Corrosive Poison Cloud is for projectile block and Locust Signet is for run speed lol.  Necro utilities aren't really that great for PvE.

Fair enough, utilities are situational. A projectile block has a place, and the run speed signet is nice when moving between fights. But why not just swap Locust out for Signet of Spite in combat for the flat passive buff? There's also Blood is Power and Well of Suffering. While not amazing I have to assume they'd contribute more to your DPS in PvE than 25% movement speed.

In Topic: Enter Spirit Vale on 11/17

17 November 2015 - 08:40 PM

[quote name='Miragee' timestamp='1447284028' post='2361689']1. Specific builds/roles needed. Definite need for 1-2 support roles. Optimally there would also be CC roles, like making interrupts effective. But I think that's not going to happen.

2. More strategic, less chaotic. Positioning being of more importance, pre-raid build preparation.

3. Actual character mechanics being used as a means to beat a boss. I don't know if the GW2 skillsystem is even capable of making this possible but this is what I want to see. I don't want gimmicky boss fights that require lots of environmental items, devices etc.

4. No or limited DPS-races. Anet seems to think that the timer on everything is also the solution for every question about difficulty. It's not. It's only adding the possibility of failure which wasn't there before.[/quote]

Having spent several hours fighting the Vale Guardian (presumably the first boss of this wing) during Beta Weekend Event 3, I think I can give you some specific input on these. In the interest of not being rude, I wanted to wait so Feathermoore could give his thoughts too, but it seems he did a completely different boss than I did.

As I said, this is all from my beta experiences, so who knows what has changed between early October and today...[list=1]
[*]We did not manage to kill the boss, but we spent several hours on it both without any sort of healer as well as several attempts with a Cleric's druid (me). We didn't instantly blow up without a healer, but fighting without one felt more like a desperate struggle for survival and we tended to die without getting much accomplished. Fighting it with a healer felt more like a DPS race, and with me healing we managed to run into it's Enrage timer a few times (see #4). To my knowledge, most raids that managed to kill it during a beta had someone playing a support/healing role, be it a druid, Ventari revenant, Tempest, or whatever.
CC was an absolute requirement. I'm not sure how much HoT you've played, but Break Bars are now a thing and they seem to be a major mechanic of most boss fights going forward, raid or not. The boss and the two mini-bosses ahead of it both got a Break Bar when their health reached zero, and the raid then had to break it to actually finish the kill.
Additionally, player investigation seemed to reveal that the boss reliably attacked the player with the most toughness, which means holding aggro is a mechanic players can take into account.
Several players with heavy condition damage were also needed, as one of the mini-bosses (who also joins in during the boss fight) could not be harmed by direct damage.

[*]The fight mechanics were [b]all[/b] about positioning. Every so often (maybe 15-30 seconds), the boss would begin channeling a large AOE spell that would all but wipe the raid. During the channel, a circle appears on the floor and several players need to reach it in time. If 3-4 players (and I think summoned creatures counted) stood in it, the raid would avoid the damage. That's just one example of several.
Having healed as a druid, I'll add that in the GW2 combat system you don't heal players, you heal locations. Your position either gets you a heal, or you miss it. A support player cannot target a spell at you from the squad UI, all they have are AOE heals. That alone could ensure positioning is a major part of all raid encounters if healing is actually going to become a thing.

[*]I'm not completely sure I know what you mean, but the boss mechanics required no gimmicky environmental weapons or Deus Ex Asura devices to complete.

[*]The boss had a WoW-style (yes, I know, naughty words in GW2) enrage timer. After 8 minutes or so, the boss gained a buff that increased all it's outgoing damage by 500%. There was technically nothing to prevent you from continuing if you could avoid damage somehow, but at that point the boss is basically one-shotting anyone it damages.
Love it or hate it, what it means is that actually killing the boss is the accomplishment, not [i]how fast[/i] you can kill it. If time isn't a factor, what's to stop you from taking in 10 druids in Nomad's gear and just healing your 10 Juvenile Jaguars for an hour before you collect your loot? Dungeons don't really have any time constraints, and as such, the only accomplishment left is how fast you can complete them. It also has the knock-on effect of making any loot basically worthless, or at best unexciting. That's not how challenging, end-game content should be.

In Topic: Some questions from a newbie

13 November 2015 - 03:27 AM

View PostAdonis, on 13 November 2015 - 01:45 AM, said:

Okay, I just got some new questions:
1) Is there any way to sell my items at the Black Lion Trading Company or any other way?  I see that I can't sell items ( weapons, armor etc.). I've seen that selling your materials at the Black Lion gets you way more gold than selling them at the NPC's.

2)I've chosen Leatherwork+Humntsman as crafting professions. If I switch later on, will I lose the current progress made on those professions?

1: From the table I linked earlier in the thread, I see free accounts are limited to being able to buy and sell items from a "selected list." I have no idea what's on that list. It's probably due to fears of botters or gold sellers having free access to the economy. Note that any item that is Account Bound or Soul Bound cannot be sold on the TP, but otherwise it's likely you're running into a F2P limitation.

It's almost always better to sell items on the trading post rather than to the NPC vendor except in cases of extremely cheap items. Some low-level items (such as iron, soft wood, wool, etc.) are surprisingly valuable due to their use in late-game items, and they're probably a great way for a new player to earn money if your account status allows you to sell them.

2: You can have two crafting professions active at any time, but you may switch without losing progress. However, to switch back to a profession, you will have to pay a small fee that is proportional to your progress in that profession. You do have two character slots, though, so you could learn another two professions on that character and stave off switching a bit longer.

In Topic: Some questions from a newbie

12 November 2015 - 01:58 PM

View PostAdonis, on 12 November 2015 - 11:48 AM, said:

Is that a problem? Is that quest important?

I's not really a "quest" mechanic, per se. I think that's just an NPC that barks at you to go evade into the circle for some loot. I could be wrong (I leveled most my characters before this was added), but I don't think it's dialogue is supposed to update after you do it.

In Topic: question about graphic cards

11 November 2015 - 06:40 AM

A single GTX 970 can be nearly three times (source) as fast as a 750 Ti in some games, so two 750 Ti's in SLI are still not quite as fast. Not even when you're getting near-perfect SLI scaling, which itself is kind of unlikely.

What games do you intend to play, and what's in the rest of your system? Specifically, what monitor and power supply are you using?