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In Topic: Getting tired of berserker

Yesterday, 03:30 PM

View PostHederaHelix, on 27 July 2014 - 10:17 PM, said:

Blast Finishers are affected by Healing Power... have you ever blasted your Geyser? My Ele can blast A LOT of burst healing. I think a big part of the problem is that people don't look much into the avenues to make healing/support work for them.

Using those combo fields for more than blasting some might (there are more than fire fields) really changed the game play for me. I have actually saved people from dying by laying down a Geyser and then running up to it and blasting it with my Arcane Brilliance heal, or even the Arcane Blast Utility. I am running Assassin's gear on my Ele but it was still 1600ish. I imagine if I had over 1k Healing power like my guardian has would have made that even more significant.

Blasting a water field results in an AOE heal for 1320 x (0.2 * healing power). If you gear for nothing but healing power—I'm talking Ascended Cleric's gear with healing power infusions—you'll end up in the 1600 range. Factor in Aquatic Benevolence (Water XIII trait) for another 25% to allies, and you're at about 2000 effective healing power. 1320 x (0.2 * 2000) = 1720. So after maxing out your healing power to the exclusion of nearly everything else, you're healing for 400 HP more on those blast finishers. So about one tick of a warrior's Healing Signet.

In Topic: Getting tired of berserker

27 July 2014 - 07:14 PM

View PostEphraimGlass, on 27 July 2014 - 05:47 PM, said:

You might correctly argue that I "shouldn't" need to spend so much time healing if my teammates know what they're doing.  So what if they don't?  There's no moral failing in being less than perfect at a video game.  Sure, my time is valuable but it's not that valuable.  This is just my hobby.  I'd rather spend 30 minutes in joyful chaos than 20 minutes in efficient routine.

I won't resort to that argument, I play in rather casual groups myself and I have very little interest in speed-clearing. I also don't dispute that some chaos can keep things interesting.

I don't mean to judge you for playing as you do, its just that in my own personal experience I found that even trying to max out healing power resulted in little or no noticeable increase in my ability to heal. Stacking healing power doesn't suddenly mean I can keep people alive who would otherwise have died. If they're going to die they're going to die and there's nothing I can do about it except revive if possible. There might be a discussion to be had there about whether the game should reward healing/support a bit more than it does, but that's just not the state of the game as-is.

That doesn't mean that I think there's no value in swapping to Water Attunement to drop a quick Geyser or Healing Rain if circumstances call for it, its just that I don't think stacking healing power (at the expense of something else) is justified by the performance difference.

In Topic: Six Elder Dragons not Five * Spoilers *

27 July 2014 - 04:23 PM

View PostSenatic, on 27 July 2014 - 01:24 PM, said:

Likely it's because they have to still be connected to the dream in order to spread the nightmare, and the dream is likely what creates this protection. The soundless on the other hand try to completely disconnect themselves from the dream and so do not benefit from its protection.

I'm just speculating here, but perhaps the Nightmare is the side-effects on sleeping Sylvari of the Dream/Pale Tree blocking actual dragon corruption at the time. In other words, while the dragons may not be able to actually corrupt protected Pale Tree Sylvari, it may still be able to (figuratively) "speak" to them and put ideas of rebellion in their heads. Thus resulting in a opposing Nightmare Court that has chosen to work toward the dragon's goals without actually being corrupted in the same way other living things are.

And as you say, that supports the idea that the Soundless are subject to the dragon's corruption because they lack the Dream's protection.

In Topic: Getting tired of berserker

27 July 2014 - 04:07 PM

When I wore defensive gear I still had to dodge all the same things and avoid red circles just as I do in full Berserker, or I would be dead. Trying to emphasize healing, tanking or "support" builds in this game really isn't noticeably more effective in their respective gear sets because the depth and power of those mechanics still just isn't there. And the hits are still just too big to survive.

So while I do wish this game had some more real options, I've found that the consequence of wearing Berserker armor is to make me more effective without practically changing my play. I'm not lamenting my gear while running dungeons, I put it on and forget about it.

In Topic: Can I run GW2?

25 July 2014 - 02:33 PM

View Post13scott31, on 25 July 2014 - 01:35 PM, said:

I'm not entirely sure how to check whether my laptop is Intel HD or Intel HD 3000 or even 2000, I don't suppose you would know how to check this?

Yeah, as Quaker pointed out we basically have to tell by figuring out the age/model of the Core i5 that the graphics hardware is built in to. And from there we can tell that that model came with the verbatim "Intel HD Graphics."