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03 January 2011 - 04:46 AM



In Topic: For a Guild Wars 2 In Spanish

07 May 2010 - 04:45 PM

drkn said:

I'm still not-signed for the idea unless they create their page in Polish, Russian and a few other bigger languages.

There's a way to deal with ANet on the middleground and really help the Spanish players - create a Spanish version of wiki. Ask ANet if they could host it for you and keep official or semi-official somehow. Even if not, ask them if you could add some links on the official English wiki to your Spanish one, so that newcomers may easily get to it.

GW Wiki in spanish and official. Anything else?

In Topic: For a Guild Wars 2 In Spanish

06 May 2010 - 11:56 PM

HawkofStorms said:

Again... same as the English version.  GW2 is still way under the radar and tight lipped on info.  The hype machine has only started to churn.

Other then a few Guild Wars specific fansites like this one or sites with the occasional article like MMORPG.com there has been no marketing of the game yet at all.

Again, while I support you in theory... I just don't see what the problem actually is yet

GW2 is self-promoted in english speaking countries, their fansites only need a link to create a post. However, spanish fansites need volunteers for translating all the info, because not everyone understands english and people want new information as soon as possible. I am  talking about official info only.

In Topic: For a Guild Wars 2 In Spanish

06 May 2010 - 05:19 PM

makafri said:

DetreS said:

About why we can't learn english, is easy, like erickn said, we have more zone-lenguages for learn, and the public education for other lenguages are horrible, we need to pay private academies...

And 10 years ago, we didn't a public education for english, for example my big brothers/sisters didn't learn english in school... and now, they can not help their children with homework... and they are 35-40 years old, I have a 27 and started to study English at 8 years .. and now my niece is learning it with five years old...

I think we dont need the voices in spanish, but the texts and quests is very necessary, it's horrible try to play when you can't understood fine the mission or the things you need to do...

Thanks all :)
to be honest you dont need to pay for classs to learn english.. I know my english is far from perfect... but I can savely say that I can understand every single word on the trailers and the game itself... the people just need to stop being lazy... if you dont understand a term... use a translator

Zhaek said:

I seriously think it's more a problem of the Spanish community then it's the problem of Anet. Why don't they have a dutch site and a dutch CM too? There are more Dutch players in GW then Spanish, but the point is we do speak English. We aren't whining for everything in Dutch, we just learn to speak English. Problem solved.

Anet could decide to translate then game in every language there is, but it costs money, and that money will be pulled away from other factors of the game (graphics, sounds, quality) and I think the majority of the players prefers to spend those funds on the things I said instead of translations.

The Franco dictatorship was a big problem. In Spain for almost 40 years only extolled patriotic nationalism, teaching Spanish and some French in schools. It was mandatory that all movies are translated into Spanish voices, a bad tradition that continues. I prefer the original version with subtitles for language learning. With democracy that changed and eventually learned English and this has improved in later generations, but there are still effects of that dark era.

In Topic: For a Guild Wars 2 In Spanish

06 May 2010 - 04:49 PM

athariel said:

Don't cry :) Polish players don't have and for obvious reasons never will have a community manager and we live with that :)

I think local comunity manager is not the main problem. But, do you want to play GW2 in polish language in the same way you can play GW1? (at least subtitles).