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Class Choice and Player Identity

19 April 2013 - 01:40 AM

Hey all! I posted once a while back asking for help choosing a class, and here I am, months later, without a main. So in order to find a way to end this, we need to start a discussion about you, your self identity, and how this has affected your class choice. Apologies in advance for the wordiness, and if I've put this is the wrong forum.

A little background first: I've played GW2 since Beta Weekend 3, and I've played almost every class at least twice. I've leveled a mesmer to 80, a guardian to 65ish, a necromancer to 45, a thief to 40ish, a warrior to 30, a engineer to 25ish, and a elementalist to 15ish. I haven't touched a ranger, and I never will. I have no love for them. Nature is ew. Animals are ew. That class is ew. #sorrynotsorry

With every game I play that offers a very high level of character customization (Skyrim, the Fallout series, MMOs to an extent) or at the very least choices that have a permanent or semi-permanent impact on your story (inFamous, Dishonored, even Animal Crossing: how I am supposed to decorate when I love all the things?) I always fall into the same rut. My first character is always going to based heavily on my personal identity. After that, I'll make different characters to experience different story lines or for some light RP, but that first one has to reflect me. If I was in the world of that specific video game, how would I act? Unfortunately, it's so difficult to take a objective view of my personality and character traits. Below, I've listed some steps that I go through when choosing a character.

1) Morality: this is usually the first thing that I consider when trying to make a decision. While, in theory, all classes in GW2 (completely disregarding your personal story) can be played as good, evil, or somewhere in between, some classes, and a lot in other RPG games have obvious alignments, or at least obvious associations. I usually consider myself to fall, at best, towards the middle of this scale, but more to a darker side, maybe somewhere between an anti-hero and an anti-villain. I don't so much follow the common moral code, but more a personal set of ethics. Due to this, I'm usually drawn to classes like the thief, mesmer, or necromancer. I like the vibe they give off. (Granted, these "vibes" are subjective, and will vary from player to player.)

However, in this reality, we are not usually given easy comparisons, as so many actions are rather gray or leaning towards white. I'm not sure how I would act in a different universe under different circumstances. For all I know, I could end up being the paragon of morality; the resident Superman, if you will, or worse, a knight Templar. How do I know I'm not a guardian?

2) Personality: this is usually second, sometimes first, since it's relatively connected to morality. Personally, I find this much more difficult to categorize. While the morality choices usually paint a good portion of a story, the personal choices are the backbone that makes the character. More obvious ones, like extrovert vs introvert, are easier to accomplish. However, as you go deeper, things get a little muddier.

To shed some light on this, I've taken literally every big personality test I can think of. Myers-Briggs: INTP. Enneagram: 4. I even look at Astrology, both western and Chinese: Cancer, and Water Rooster respectively. Coincidentally, this all have a few common themes. Both of the personality tests place an emphasis on my need for introspection. That was obvious. Cancer, and the personality tests if I remember correctly, say I nurturing towards those I care about. Maybe. They all mention that I have a tendency to be over emotional and indecisive. Guilty as charged.

These choices don't have as much as an impact in GW2 as they would in other RPGs, but they still could affect dialogue choices. Regardless, it's still something that is important to me.

3) Physical Traits: the last thing I look at is my own physical description. I'm 5'9", and I have a averageish build. I'm not large enough to fit the typical description of what a warrior or guardian. However, I'm not small enough to fit the typical description of a thief or the frail magic type. While these aren't really too much of a barrier in some cases (strength can be augmented by magic, magic doesn't need to take a physical toll on the body, etc.), it's still something I look at.

4) Misc: after I've looked at everything else, I look at the smaller things that could help tip the balance to a certain side if I'm stuck. These can be more introspective check-lists, other traits (I'm good with technology) likes and dislikes (I really really really hate rangers, etc.), other choices based in game lore, or simply based off of which character would be more fun to play. Anything really can go here.

I know that it may not be a common issue, as there are plenty of people focused on game play or people who don't normally make an avatar of themselves, but I can't be the only one who suffers from this. Who else experiences this, and what steps, if any, have you taken to fix it?

To those that make characters based off of themselves, how do you analyze your own traits and personality, and transfer those into the game?

A good headset and gaming mouse?

08 August 2012 - 08:38 PM

Since this is only my second foray into MMO gaming, and the first time I will be attempting to use ventrilo/teamspeak/etc., I want to do it right.

Can anyone suggest a good headset and/or gaming mouse for me? I'd like to spend no more than 200$ for both, and if it's a problem, I can ditch the mouse to get a better headset. I'd like a wireless one, and bonus points if it is also compatiable with the PS3. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be grateful. Thank you!

Help Choosing A Class Through Comparison

28 July 2012 - 08:11 PM

I'm sorry to add to the growing amount of class help posts, but I need the forums help!

I have literally jumped between all eight class at one point or another, and have spent at least an hour on each one in the BWEs. And while I have ideas for which ones I might main, I need a second confirmation. To do this, I would like to compare the classes as best I can to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Modern Warfare 3. I realize that they won't be great comparisons, but it's the best I can do, with my limited MMO experience.

First up, Zero Suit Samus is my go-to girl in SSBB. I love jumping over and around my opponent, racking up damage until I can send them to their deaths. Her speed is what mobility are great, and I really enjoy quick play styles. On the flipside, when I feel like moving a little slower, my second go-to is always Link. I love the amount of utility he has at his disposal, and how he can mess up opponents with so many attacks. I usually play him at medium to close range, using his B-attacks to trip up whoever I'm fighting, and then using smash attacks to go for the kill.

And in MW3 or other FPS, I usually choose a gun that allows for a fast play style. In MW3 this is usually the SMGs, but I've just recently discovered how fun it is to run around with Shotguns. (I'm relatively new to the FPS scene.) I love getting close to the enemy, through flanking or stalking running up all crazy-like, and then taking them out quickly.

I know it might be a challenge, but for those who have played those games, can you do your best to relate them to their GW2 counterpart? And if you want to go the extra mile, could you relate all of the GW2 classes to their SSBB or MW3 variant (or any other game that a connection could feasibly be made with? Bonus points for Mario Kart. :D )

P.S. I really enjoyed the Guardian, which is odd because I usually avoid light themed heavies like the plague. I would especially like to know what his counterpart is.

TL;DR - Please relate the classes of GW2 to characters in SSBB or guns in MW3 or other FPSs. Please and thank you!