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Warrior or Guardian as Commander?

11 April 2013 - 02:24 PM

Just curious about peoples opinions on this. Which out of the two would you choose, assuming fairly equal defensive builds? They are a common commander profession. Does anyone regret  not getting it on the Warrior, if you choose the Gaurdian, or vice versa?

Yes yes I know, "zomg you idiot, any profession can be commander, its the skill that counts!", that's not what this is about. I love playing my Engineer just as much as my Warrior and my Mesmer just as much as my Guardian, but melee is my prefered choice of play in grouped WvW. Smashing into the enemy lines while flailing like a madman.

Lets say for arguments sake that we assume a slightly smaller group, not a zerg that could be led by a Quaggan with two bent forks as weapons.

I see numerous advantages with both, such as the Guardians ability to slap down walls/circles and attempt to control the battle, or overall skills aimed at invoulnerability and group healing. At the same time the Warrior offer tons of CC with a hammer and multiple of AoE buffs/debuffs for the group, not to mention easy access to swiftness and vigor via the warhorn.

Spending 100g is like trying to decide on which car to buy :P