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#2325494 Hall of Monuments Starter Guide

Posted WunTunPunch on 28 May 2014 - 12:59 PM

Quick update

First though, thanks for the guidance.

I've started playing and continued using the ritualist that I had already created. Not far in but what do you expect with all the living world content just now :). I am using http://wiki.guildwar..._primary_quests and took the advice on there of taking all the 2ndry quest lines before making a final decision (which is going to be a ranger). There are 8 of these of which I have 3 left and I am already nearly level 8.

Once I've been working my way through that I am going to follow Karuro's advice and head over to get a couple of heroes. To be honest though, I don't really know what that means but I will soon find out!

Also, I cleared up my inventory of the characters I had sitting in Guild Wars. This seems to have netted me quite a few birthday presents including up to 7 years worth. Should I just open them? Or, are they worth more closed?

Once I get the 2 heroes, can I go back and finish Factions with them and some other help too?

#2284623 Do you think comparing GW1 to GW2 makes sense?

Posted Alex Dimitri on 24 January 2014 - 04:40 PM

No comparison here GW1 is so much better than GW2 (gameplay wise,story.......) GW2 just looks pretty, graphics are amazing.
Give me GW1 with GW2 graphics i would go play again in a heartbeat !!!

#2293059 What's the thing with GW1?

Posted Kamatsu on 10 February 2014 - 09:24 AM

Ok people, lets get back on topic and keep the personal commentary, nitpicking, etc out of it. If you can't play nice (ie discuss the topic & point's without lambasting each other or using cliche's like rose-tinted glasses, minority, etc) then I will be coming down upon transgressors like Dhuum did to certain ppl in GW1.

#2292762 What's the thing with GW1?

Posted raspberry jam on 09 February 2014 - 03:34 PM

To put it very simply - and it is very simple actually - GW1 was first and foremost a good game. Not exactly an MMO, it used an alternative game model that would put people playing together. "MMO" means "Massively Multiplayer Online", but in my opinion GW1 did a better job of the online multiplayer part than most MMOs do - at least the fantasy variety. On top of that, it had many many parts that were simply well designed, anything from how merchants (including armor "crafters") and trader NPCs created nearly complete market transparency for basically all gameplay-essential stuff, to how the progression model ensured that everyone could play with each other and "mandatory" grind was nearly eliminated, while still keeping short- and long-term goals available, to, of course, the PvP.

In contrast, GW2 is first and foremost an MMO which copied all other MMOs on the market, at best introducing new ideas that were modified versions of stuff that already existed. Now there's nothing wrong with copying, there is something wrong with making the copy bad. On top of that ANet are pushing the cash shop more than King does. This again would not be a problem if it happened to a new IP - but it didn't, it happened to the GW series. The GW1 playerbase was promised a game that contained all the best from GW1, but in true-MMO form. Some of us realized that that sounded impossible, but we thought that if anyone could pull it off, it would be ANet.
We were wrong.

View PostFeathermoore, on 05 February 2014 - 05:55 PM, said:

Heck, certain missions were dreaded early game due to the level of teamwork that was required of them. Thunderhead Keep, Iron Mines, Aurora Glade, Elona Reach, and the Ring of Fire were quite a challenge when the game first came out before power creep or difficulty nerfs (in the case of THK). The Doppelganger had players smashing their head against they keyboard until they figured out little specialty trick builds just for that mission. Vizunah Square was a head smashing point in Factions, though that was more due to the way it was designed with requiring two full groups of 8 with no control over each other. The Eternal Grove was another mission where planning prior to begining was the only way to complete it. Then in Nightfall you ran into the Grand Court of the Sebelkeh and you wanted to scream at the people who designed that mission as did the Gate of Madness (fitting huh?). Gate of Pain, oh god the Gate of Pain. And Gyalah Hatchery without using the side path.
But the "difficulty" of many of those missions vanished completely if you had a team that worked together. They were great missions because they underlined how important teamwork is.

(Obviously, the Doppelganger has nothing to do with teamwork. It's more about being able to beat yourself. The "specialty trick build" trick is not a trick, it's being aware of your own weaknesses.)

#2291748 What's the thing with GW1?

Posted Sir Moak on 07 February 2014 - 08:12 AM

This thread is turning into a comparison between GW1 and GW2 (inevitably). Since I am lazy I'll just post a link to a comparison I did in another thread, but before that I want to share a few small stories which sum up these problems.
The first one is very simple, after having problems with the state GW2 is currently in, I logged into GW1 recently, deleted my PvP character and started a new necro in Prophecies. My mind was actually blown at how deep and engaging the combat is in GW1. I started playing with the usual GW2 facerolling style and as soon as I got to level 3 enemies I was destroyed. That was the moment I realized that even in the beginning of the game you have to play strategically with the very limited skill set you have. Sure the game gets a lot easier when you actually have a party of henchmen or heroes, but these few hours of low level play already showed the massive difference between the mentalities of the two games.
The other one is a GW2 story, specifically the second krait tower thing part of the Living Story. I was playing with my new level 80 warrior (yeah, I enjoy making new characters and going through the core content a lot more than the recent LS updates), which was built as a dps warrior with some versatile utility (traited on using warhorn as condition conversion). I got the the boss krait with a friend of mine who disconnected and couldn't get back to the instanced fight, so I tried to take on the boss alone. I was constantly dodging, clearing conditions (which were reapplied a second later), dealing with adds and occasionally damaging the boss. And I wasn't getting anywhere in the fight. I didn't rage at this point, but after a while I had to concede that I wasn't getting anywhere in killing the boss. At that point I broke out the greatsword, stood in front of the boss ignoring the adds, conditions and basically everything that was going on around me and started spamming hundred blades. And this is where the rage came. I killed the boss without a problem! I was actually furious! What's the point of playing intelligently in GW2 if it does not have any consequences if you just faceroll everything? Where is the sense of achievement if all you do is repeat the same robotic keypresses?
Rose tinted glasses or not, these two examples show exactly why GW1 veterans prefer GW1 in many ways.
Making builds and preparing for certain situations is not really an option in GW2. Just take a look at the PvE builds in the profession forums. There are not too many and 99% of them focuses on DPS. In comparison check out this wiki for GW1 builds:

Oh and you can read the comparison I made here:

#2227932 Location Hunt

Posted Feathermoore on 21 August 2013 - 01:47 PM

View PostSteady, on 20 August 2013 - 05:56 AM, said:

Not sure about that third picture but I'm definitely going to keep looking  :)

Here is a bit of a better hint for those that want to discover this on their own (and it will teach you a trick from GW1 for getting outside maps to explore odd places). The instance it is inside is a dungeon and to get "out" of the instance you have to blink through the exit portal to the other side. You can do this with a lot if not most of the map portals though it can take a few tries to get close enough to the portal to not trigger the portal after you blink.

So much easier to do this in GW1 than in GW2 since you have ground targeted blinks. In GW1 you had to figure out a way to con an enemy npc to run to the other side of the portal and shadowstep to them. Not easy though it did open up a few areas that gave you significant amounts of the map for the explorer titles.

#2294940 Where would you place "new" LA?

Posted I'm Squirrel on 13 February 2014 - 09:40 AM

View PostKonzacelt, on 13 February 2014 - 12:31 AM, said:

Make Kamadan in Istan the new LA.  With it's central location between Tyria, Elona, and Cantha, ANet can use the LS to have us "retake" Istan.  Then they can slowly roll out content into both Elona and Cantha.

If ArenaNet ever planned on releasing an effing expansion maybe they could develop Elona so that Gandara, the Moon Fortress is the last safe haven on Elona.

Posted Image

Thus would be the new L.A.

Posted Image

In 200 years time, I could see this fortress as a great city. The massive fortified walls are built against Palawa Joko's domain, a great advantage as a safe haven.

The territory of Poganh Passage could be the "Osgiliath" of Elona.

#2294805 Where would you place "new" LA?

Posted Cube on 13 February 2014 - 12:03 AM

View PostI, on 12 February 2014 - 04:57 PM, said:

the largos capital city

But seriously thought, I hate water combat as much as the next guy but it would be mad rad with an underwater expansion.

On the topic I want the Tengu to see we are in need, and despite them being racist and all they are like: aint nobody got time for this. and lets us in and then an expansion is introduced and we can play as Tengu.

yeah, one can dream, right!?

#2294610 Where would you place "new" LA?

Posted Phineas Poe on 12 February 2014 - 06:11 PM

View Postgw2guruaccount, on 12 February 2014 - 01:31 PM, said:

The problem with this is that Lore-wise the Tengu wouldn't allow this. Merging with the outside world or taking in refugees isn't exactly at the top of their list of things to do; they've not done so in the face of Zhaitan's presence at all.

The wild card in all of this is that whatever is pulling Scarlet's strings has been hinted to come from "the jungle." Assuming Magus Falls/Maguuma, the Tengu may not have a choice if Mordremoth is behind everything. They may be forced into the conflict.

#2294589 Where would you place "new" LA?

Posted Robsy128 on 12 February 2014 - 05:24 PM

Go to the Vigil - rebuild Orr. It'd be great lore-wise as all of the races would be like 'this is where we banded together when we had almost lost all hope against Zhaitan. Let's make a city in remembrance.' Or something to that effect anyway. Plus I want to see a really big, working Orr rather than a desolated land. Zhaitan's been dead for almost 2 years now.

#2294565 Where would you place "new" LA?

Posted rusticgamer on 12 February 2014 - 04:43 PM

Uhm actually they said something about DoW... And also about Tengu... They said that nothing is off the table and apparently getting the tengu as a playable race is a viable future... Also I think people would rush to the asura gates... Not the countryside... I mean honestly if you would be in that situation would you run in the open or to a fortificated city? Ebonhawke is not an option... it's too small. It's true that Ebonhawke is one of the most resilient locations. Along Fort Trinity and Black Citadel. A million armies would attack it and a million armies would break... unless the attack it is from the air. We saw this from the sieges and Kralkattorik. A viable option imo, if people won't flock to the main cities, is the Deldrimor Front. Abadoned dwarves keeps and forts anyone???

#2294082 Escape From Lion's Arch - February 18th

Posted Midnight Harmony on 11 February 2014 - 07:28 PM

I'd like to see all the water in Lions Arch drained, and the areas that have been submerged for so long, become the new (old) Lions Arch.

#2288646 If they came out with an expansion tomorrow would you buy it?

Posted rukia on 31 January 2014 - 05:58 AM

More lame dragons with zero personality? Nope no way, but if it were Cantha or Elona, sure I'd give it a chance.

Imagine a Guild Wars related story that isn't pathetic filler tied to a bunch of meta achievements.

Palawa Joko has always been a badass, need him asap.
Glints baby dragon
Evennia, clearly dead now but wtf happened, where did she disappear to? I hate when devs just throw stories to the wind and never finish them.
Where are the Seer's?
How did the great giant's get their asses handed to them by the dragon's? They're like a billion times bigger than us and we destroyed Zhaitan...
Apparently the dwarves are still fighting destroyers underground, cool.. maybe we should idk help them?

I wouldn't mind owning the shit out of Kralkatorrik for killing off one of the greatest lore characters ever but that's just bad writing imo. The Zephyrites are supposedly the new dragon order that were charged with keeping Glint and her kin safe, so .... where is it? Clearly the dragon had to be in their possession since they travel 24/7 unless they don't know the spell that the forgotten used to break Glint free of the elder dragons influence and it's evil atm. He is currently injured (well, 5 years have passed?) since he fought with destiny's edge. Wouldn't we, idk, want to attack him asap?

If Glint knew the spell to hide all the races on Tyria from the elder dragons then maybe her daughter/son does too and we could preemptively strike them.

Oh and by the way, if the elder dragons are not so sentient as much as they are natural disasters then why did Kral kill Glint for betraying him? In any case, Zhaitan seems to be a complete retard compared to some others. He didn't say anything and just stood there while we mashed cannons at him.

So much lore potential and we get..... scarlet...lolwat?

Edit: I forgot to mention Shiro, and all of the gods that seem to have just disappeared.

Would be great to see him return. There are still things we don't know about him like why did he betray his master etc. after his death in the temple os the six gods we still don't know where his soul went, would be awesome for him to get his envoy powers back and wreak havoc again. Lol @ the thought of afflicted AoE death in GW2, imagine the QQ.

#2117036 A seven-step guide to fix GW2's PvE

Posted Alleji on 13 December 2012 - 05:37 PM

Before fixing anything, let's quickly identify the core problems with GW2's PvE today. And by "PvE", I mean only the open-world PvE here, not personal story or dungeons.

So, the problems:
- The world is dead. Other than cursed shore, the dragons, and lion's arch, it's largely empty.
- "Dynamic" events are hardly dynamic, as we were led to believe.
- The reward structure is really, really bad. This is actually the main reason for the first problem.

...aaand now how to fix all this, starting with the pre-requisites and moving on to more complex changes:

1. Better event scaling. Currently events don't scale well for large number of players (10+). You just get more mobs in pre-set spawn points that get aoed down just as easily. Anyone who's spent 30 minutes in Cursed Shore knows this. Some improvements were made in this regard compared to a few months ago, but it's very little. Events with more players around need to spawn veterans and champions and add additional spawn points, not just additional mobs. Basically, things that are not negated by AoE.

2. Iterative difficulty scaling for events. Most events never fail. Why not? Because they're too easy. Anet needs to add difficulty scaling that's not dependent on number of players, but based on the number of times the event was successfully completed previously (on top of number-of-players scaling in #1, not instead). Every event stats at difficulty 0 after a server reset. Each time it's completed successfully, the difficulty goes up by 1 point. 1 point of difficulty translates into 1 additional mob per wave, +3% mob health and damage, etc.

So instead of facerolling Shelter's Gate Camp for loot every 10 minutes, one day you might come there and get zerged by veteran spiders. Woah, what happened? Well, see, the last defense barely succeeded and turned the difficulty from 7 to 8. And they had more people than you did, so tough luck. But now that the event failed, the difficulty scale goes down by -3, so next time the event will be at difficulty 5. This system will calibrate itself to the average number of players in an area and add a huge amount of variety to the same events, while the +1/-3 system still ensures it succeeds most of the time. (The scale is hidden, so people don't intentionally avoid scaled-up events.)

3. More events. More, more, more. There are a handful of basic event "templates" in the game and 95% of all events fit in these: defend a point, assault a point, escort an npc, kill a boss, kill mobs until the bar gets to 0 (or 100%). I honestly don't see why anet isn't minting these like crazy. I highly doubt they take a lot of time to make, given that you already have all the components... just need to put the pieces together in a slightly different configuration in a different area. BAM, new event. Reduce the frequency of each individual event to keep the number of concurrent events the same, but increase the variety. I'm not asking here for a brand-new zone with brand-new armored crabs and a ton of scripting to be used one time and then abandoned. This would probably take far less work.

4. Balancing rewards. The base reward for completing an event is pitiful. 1.5 silver, some experience that you don't need at 80, and a bit of karma that's grossly outweighed by the daily jug. (The daily jug was a good idea, but it's just... difficult to outperform it. That's a different subject.) The bulk of the reward comes from the drops and drops from a single champion are much worse than from aoeing waves of mobs for 4 minutes. Most of the time the champion takes more effort too!

The second problem is the disparity between zones. Events in Orr are well-known (so everyone does the easy ones), highly populated and give max rewards for level 80. Events in every other zone are the complete opposite. To balance this:

- Normalize the silver/exp/karma rewards for lvl 80s throughout the world. Seriously, it's a tiny amount of money anyway and getting 1.5s or 0.9s won't really impact anything. All it does is make lower-level events look bad.
- Improve drops from champions. Duh. To avoid causing inflation, do not flat-out make them drop 15 silver, but simply add a chance for each champion to drop zone-specific items. Each zones or a group of zones could have things like unique armor sets and unique weapon skins. There are zone-unique weapon skins in the game currently, such as "Steam" weapons in Charr areas, but they're easily obtainable and thus can't serve as an incentive to go there.
- Also add tokens to champions. For X tokens from champions in Charr lands, you can buy a rare armor skin (that also drops only in this areas), but weapons can only be gotten as a drop. Something like that.

5. Worldwide and zone-wide event notifications. Another very simple addition, but once you've really made events dynamic (points #1 and #2), added more of them (#3), and gave the players a reason to go there (#4), tell people about them! Display all events happening in the zone on the map, with an option to toggle it off, and display MAJOR events happening in other zones on the world map, like Orr temple assaults, dragons, swamp monster in Queensdale, etc. People will see events and flock to them instead of wandering about empty zones alone or farming events in Cursed Shore as a zerg.

Also, display this next point in the corner of the screen (under your personal story) at all times:

6. Daily zones. Now we're getting into more ambitious things. It's time to really create a dynamic world. Each day 1 or 2 zones could become event hubs. Balefire means business today and made a pact with the ogres to attack Ebonhawke! The entire area turns into a warzone. You know, the Charr are really attacking. Basically, turn the area into Cursed Shore + difficulty scaling (#2).

Hearts are disabled (Farmer Joe doesn't really care about shooing away the gryphons from this cabbage when THE CHARR ARE ATTACKING). All regular events that fit the war theme are enabled with a majorly increased frequency (remember, we reduced it in #3 and increased the total number of events). There are additional events active: every outpost gets assaulted on a regular basis and after a successful defense, there are events to march out and take down a champ or recapture a lost outpost. Again, this is all just copy/paste stuff (#3). Optimize the templates and then make more events!

As a bonus, drops of zone-specific rewards are doubled for the day when that area is a warzone.

As a second bonus, if a critical number of events is failed during the day (this could be a rather high threshold), the zone is under Flame Legion's control for next 1-3 days, every waypoint is disabled, you still can't do hearts in it (Farmer Joe is dead, his head is on a spike, and so are the cabbage-loving gryphons), and after these 3 days, the map becomes a warzone for the day again. Same events are running with the aim of recapturing it. This time it can't fail.

7. Live GMs. All of the above would do a good job of making the world appear dynamic, as it was advertised in the beginning, but dedicated game-masters controlling the world would make it REALLY dynamic. Provided there's a good framework for creating events (#3), anet could expand it to create events out of pre-set pieces on the fly. Starcraft's map editor did it in 1999 by allowing you to create custom missions using building blocks already provided with the game, why can't we do it on a live server in 2013? This outpost is getting attacked by X waves, each one consisting of Y mobs for Z minutes. Oh and there's a dragon at the end, which I'm going to personally control and target people with it. Go!

A GM per server or even 1 GM per few servers could further spice up the "daily areas" and add an occasional special event to other places in the world. And once again, I don't mean "occasional" and "special" a la brand-new invisible precursor-dropping crabs that take months of development for one night of lag. No, "special", as in, there will be a unique event somewhere a few times per day that's not part of the game's default package. You know, something new.


Well, that's pretty much it. A game like this would almost certainly keep me playing for years, paying a sub fee, and buying all the expansions. (Provided those expansions also expanded the above model).

#2113360 The Battle of Fort Trinity - Problems

Posted Dystoria on 10 December 2012 - 03:51 AM

View PostKing Tomodo, on 10 December 2012 - 03:40 AM, said:

On the minimap the green starburst is actually on the gate, but I will look for it outside the walls. Thanks

Yea it shows you the green starburst on the gate because TECHNICALLY the gate does take you to Fort Trinity, but you can't use the gate until after you complete the battle of fort trinity. It's understandable why people get confused by it. Just gotta travel to Straits of Devestation through running/waypoints yourself.