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Where would you place "new" LA?

11 February 2014 - 03:10 PM

If or when we lose LA, either to Scarlet or some future events, where do you think the best safe haven for all the races of Tyria would be?

Give arguments for and against your suggestions, and discuss different strategic places true out Tyria where a city with the same functions as LA could exist.

This could be either in known areas/cities or some new areas seen but not touched on the world map of Tyria. Some of us also know places of Tyria from 250 ish years back that might be subtable for a new trading capitol.

My first reaction to the threat Scarlet brings to LA was "ESCAPE TO EBONHAWK", since I feel it could easily be the strongest and safest place to "hide" from Scarlet and dragons and the-six-knows-what.

But then again we would lose the central positioning that LA has, and we lose the option for ship transport for people and goods.

Of course we could solve this problem through merchant-trains or even canals out to the sea (if we ever get past the Dragonbrand.

The Battle of Fort Trinity - Problems

10 December 2012 - 03:09 AM

Hello fellow GW2/GW2Guru people.

I have read around countless of posts from some months back of people having problems with this level 70 personal story mission. I still didn't find anyone with the exact same problem as me (may be just me overlooking something) but when I go to Fort Trinity in the Straits of Devastation i get to a locked gate with an Asura Gate behind.

Interacting with the gate gives me a "Talk to the Guard" message, but when I talk to the guard he/she says the gate is not ready jet (fixing it or something). So I never get to enter the instance where the quest says I'm supposed to meet with Trahearne.

Have tried to enter from two sides, north of Lion's Arch and east of Lion's Arch, both places I meet a closed gate around the Asura Gate and a guard saying the AG is not ready for use jet.

Every mission walkthrough starts with what happens after I've talked to Trahearne so if I'm doing something wrong or something is bugged I don't know. Appreciate any help.

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