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Playing without choosing a home server

17 May 2012 - 07:20 PM

Let players create characters and play as guests on the servers before choosing a home server.

To prevent abuse, the player would get no world bonus until he actually chooses a home server. Given that playing without choosing a home server could be seen as having a "trial" nature, it might be a good idea to allow such players to participate in WvW on the side of the server they are currently visiting, though.

General reasoning: choosing a home server is a huge decision. In other MMOs with segregated servers, players can actually try them all by creating characters on multiple servers before choosing one to be their home; GW2 does not allow this, and asks the player to make a binding server choice, only changeable by spending almost half the full game's price, before even logging for the first time into a server. Being able to "try" the servers

My own selfish reason: I'm not going to commit to a home server before I'm absolutely sure I will want to keep playing on that server. With the current system, it means I won't log in until a few months after release, at least - and will most likely wait until then to actually purchase the game. If I was able to log without binding myself to a home server, though, I would be quite inclined to pre-purchase the game and start playing at launch.

(To be sincere, though, if I could permanently forego the world bonuses, but on it's place gain the ability to play in WvW on any side I choose, there's a good chance I would go for it; I really treasure the freedom to join any players would take me in any activities, and don't care at all about segregation-enforced communities.)

Misc A change to the WvW World Bonus

05 April 2012 - 07:06 PM

A small idea to increase the incentive to do WvW, specially in servers that are lagging behind, while reducing the incentives to server hop chasing larger world bonuses.

Make, besides the currently planned World Bonus, a "personal" bonus that is based on how much each player contributes in the WvW content, and that decreases with time in order to keep players going back into the WvW to maintain their personal bonuses. This should provide a greater incentive for players to participate in WvW.

In order to decrease the incentive to chase large world bonuses, and to make the incentive to participate increase for underperforming servers, cap the sum of the World Bonus plus the personal bonus at the largest possible World Bonus, or slightly above; in other words, make it so every player can reach the same max bonus with enough participation in the WvW, no matter how well their server is faring.

This way, for players that actually help with WvW, they won't have a bonus-related incentive to change servers, since they will be at or near the cap in whichever server they play; players on servers that already have a high World Bonus will have a small incentive to participate in WvW, just like right now; but players on servers with a small WvW bonus will have a much larger incentive to participate, an incentive that will hold even if their server's position seems untenable, thanks to the personal bonus.

There's a tweak to this idea that could be done in order to handle server hoppers, instead of the currently proposed restrictions on changing home servers: make the cap on the sum of the World Bonus and the personal bonus actually decrease as the server's World Bonus increase. In other words, make it so that the highest bonus for doing nothing would be had for being in a well performing server, but the actually highest possible bonus would be had for being in a low performing server and fighting hard to change the situation.

This would keep the incentive to join in the WvW fight, since having a personal bonus on top of the World Bonus would always be better. But it would reverse the bonus-based incentive to change servers for the players that actually plan on doing a lot of WvW; any player that actually fights in WvW, if chasing after the highest bonus, would then want to change to the worst performing servers, reducing the imbalance.

This seems to me like a better approach to handle WvW imbalances than what ANet has in mind right now. Their current approach to preserve the WvW balance involves restricting what players can do and punishing them for changing home servers even when they have quite valid reasons; what I'm proposing, if done together with allowing home server transfers without the loss of the personal bonus, would instead make players actually desire to find and help the worst performing servers in order to increase their personal bonus, hopefully leading to a better balanced WvW experience for everyone.