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Loyalty Chest in Login rewards: what are you picking?

30 January 2015 - 07:05 PM

Well, don't I feel stupid for not logging in everyday...

With 16 Tomes of Knowledge possibly available each month for free, it looks like getting 80 tomes by HoT is very possible.

But that requires you to choose the tomes from the Loyalty chest, which raises the question, is it worth it?

Chest of Loyalty:   Permanent 2% increase to account gold find, and a choice of:

Vision Crystal and 1-2 refined ascended crafting materials or

8 Obsidian Shards and 7 Mystic Clovers or

20 Laurel or

6 Tomes of Knowledge

Colin: we will never raise the level cap or tiers of gear

29 January 2015 - 04:28 PM

"Correct," he answers. "We will never add more levels to the game, we will never add more tiers of gear to the game. The tiers and levels we have today will be the tiers and levels we have for the rest of the life of Guild Wars 2."


Holy crap, might live to regret that promise!

Was level 80 cap, and Ascended a mistake?

29 January 2015 - 03:38 PM

"PCG: On stage, you asked the crowd if they wanted new levels and new tiers of gear, and got a resounding "no" back. Is that something you were confident the community wasn't interested in?

Mike: This was a very, very plugged in crowd. I was impressed with the audience at the show. Guild Wars players come to us very savvy about MMOs, and one thing we see over and over with our audience is they've been through it before. They know what it can be if we're not careful, and they are holding us to very high standards. I pretty much knew that if I got up there and said, yeah, this is the expansion pack where we're adding the gear treadmill that they were going to rush the stage and, you know, throttle me. So I had a pretty clear idea of what the fans are looking for. But as we went into every detail about Heart of Thorns on that stage yesterday, that was just such a plugged in audience. They had been anticipating and thinking about every detail of Heart of Thorns."


Based on this, do you think the devs realize now that such a high level cap and gear grind was a mistake?

I also see Colin's comments in another interview about little interest in starting areas being a decision factor in no new races (and little gameplay change as well).

My hope:  there will be easier ways to get to level 80 (especially if all the expansion is level 80 content), and since their will be new legendaries and precursors, Ascended items will start dropping more and/or be easier to craft.


Are Specializations really new Professions?

28 January 2015 - 03:18 PM


Johanson: Specializations is a new system that allows you to take each of the professions we have in the game and grow them almost into a new sub-profession or secondary profession. An example of this is, a Ranger can become a Druid. Once a Ranger becomes a Druid, they have the ability to use the powers of the jungle and that gives them new skills, new traits, they can use a new weapon that a Ranger could never use before, and they get new profession mechanics that fundamentally change the way a Ranger plays when they become a Druid. Each of the professions will be getting one of these Specializations and this also is a framework that we'll use to grow the professions in the future. This will be the way we add more skills, traits, and abilities to the game moving forward. That's how we're growing our existing professions.

So, what does this mean?  Can we switch from Ranger to Druid and back again, or is it a permanent change?

New skills, traits, and a fundamental change to the original profession....  Sounds like we are getting 9 new professions (10 if Revanents get a specialty).

One Specialization in HOT, some more details

27 January 2015 - 09:23 PM


Heard reference to this on official forums, and found the source.

Some more details about Masteries (not much) and Revenants.

Colin still won't say much on Guild Halls.