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Changes and bugs for Phantasmal Fury and Vengeful Images

13 September 2012 - 03:03 AM

I test it in the mists only but I believe it applies to all.

Phantasmal Fury and Vengeful Images give fury and retaliation respectively with 2hr duration.

The boons have 10sec duration now but reapply every 10sec. The boons should stay forever like before.

Bug (Affect all phantasms except pDuelist):
If you have Phantasmal Healing besides Phantasmal Fury or Vengeful Images, fury/retaliation only apply once (10sec) after summoning a phantasm. Thus, if you put 15pts on Inspiration, Phantasmal Fury and Vengeful Images are rendered as nearly useless.
In addition, the first regeneration given by Phantasmal Healing kicks in only after fury/retaliation disappear, i.e. 10 seconds after summoning.

As always, if you have Phantasmal Fury, Vengeful Images does not apply.