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In Topic: Toughness or Vitality, which should I stack for FT/EG build?

29 October 2012 - 01:15 PM

To a ONLY Flamethrower build i would chosse Precision over Conditional Damage, CD seems to be the best option but after test 2 different gear i choose Precision.

Yeah with Conditional Damage your bleed and burn damage do more damage ( bleed 6X to 11X and bleed 46X to 69X more or less) but with Precission your autoatack and flameblast raw damge is higher , and the condition made less damage yes, but to apply conditions with the FT you have to make critic attack.

With condition damage you cant perma stack burn, vulnerability or bleed (0-3 stack at max if you have luck ), but with precision you almost perma burn, 2-5 bleed stacks and 2-5 vulnerability stack a lot of time.

I suggest made the test in PVP lobby with the golems, less condition damage but more raw damage, and more condition stacks.

The traits that i use, and the gear is Power, Precision, Tougthness, with runes of Flame Legion.


In Topic: Choosing Engineer Stats

25 September 2012 - 08:54 PM


I just tested the FT gear to PVE/Dungeons in PVP lobby with the same trait build (10 Explosives/30 Firearms /30 Alchemy) but with 2 diffent gear always vs Medium Golem and FlameLegion runes:


I know this is with PVP gear, but it give me an idea to build the character

Power, Condition Damge, Vitality Amulet:

Well the FlameJet is about 1800-2100 medium damage, generally more close about 1900, the burns ticks hit about 690 and the bleeding about 112 each tick. The % crit is about 18%, with this i cant do perma burn and the bleeding stack is only 1 tick, sometimes 2, the Vulnerability tick is about 1 too but not perma.

Power, Precission, Vitality Amulet:

The FlameJet is about 1900-2400 damage, more close about 2200-2300, the % crit is about 48%  the burn damage is 467 but i can make it almost perma, the bleed ticks hit about 67 each damage only but i can reach 3-4 charges before the golem dies, same with vulnerabilty, i can get 3-4 charges before the Golem dies, i think that is better 3-4 charges of bleeding with 67 damage that 1 with 112, and the vulnerability give more damage to me and my party. Futhemore the Flame Blast hit harder, but the Napalm burn no.

I think that i will go for Power and Precision, more autoattack damge, more Flame Blast damage, less condition in each tick damage but i can put more bleed and vulnerability ticks wich mean more bleed damage in pve and more damage to my allies, i have less burn damage but i can make it almost perma damage without put traits in 20% burn duration.

In PVE there are no armor with Power, Precision and Vitality, but the Knight Armor use Thougthness instead of vitality but is fine to me.

I would love see the test result of more people, so you are welcome :)

In Topic: Choosing Engineer Stats

25 September 2012 - 11:26 AM

Hi thx

Today patch added CM armor now with lvl 80, now we have a Condition Damage, Heal, Vitality exotic lvl 80 set \o/

Now im testing FT, i wearPower and Vitality, but im not sure if put Condition Damage, or Precision, at first i thought that condition damage would be the best, but Precision seems to scale very well with FT.

In Topic: Choosing Engineer Stats

25 September 2012 - 12:04 AM

No advices or opinions about the armor stats  ? :(

In Topic: Does choosing Pistol or Rifle affect you at all when you have flamethrower et...

11 September 2012 - 02:57 AM

First all sorry for my english

Yeah, in PVP where the weapons dont have stats only sigil is "less issue" ( i remark the "") but in PVE is awful to me, i lost my weapon stats who is terrible to me ( ex. lost a lot of vit in a Flamethrower build ), imy sigil, and  have to put on the autoatack each time that i change  a kit is just unconfortable, yeah i know that is only a second but dont have much sense.

I would love to fix the lack of weapons of engineer with a single motivation like " Well know i want a rifle with power, vit and condition damage to my flamethrower build", "now i want a Pistol/Shield with Healing Power to my Elixir Gun Build", etc... and collect a lot of  Weapons to use with my kits.

This is and the auttoatack would be fixed since BWE1 where the people beg for arena.net to made this and not only improve damage of  kits, and if i dont remember bad i think that arena.net  promised fix the sigil/stat weapons with kits and the autottack in the BWE1 feedback, but now in the Launch we have again the same issue.