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Choosing Engineer Stats

24 September 2012 - 01:13 PM

Hi, first all Sorry for my english, is not my native language.

I just finish my Magic Find armor with my Engineer ( i had 126 MF right now ) and my first 30 Ectos, and now is time to start to make 80 exotic armors, but first all im choosing the stat to wear in each weapon/kit build but im not sure how the kits work well with "X" stats.

Right now thats the armor stats that i have in mind to the armors, i would like some advices, and i think that this post would help other Engies.

I know that the weapons dont affect the kits, this stats would be for the armors.

-Rifle: Power, Precision, +Crit Damage

-Pistol/Pistol: Power, Precision, Condition Damage

The doubs come with the kits:

-Pistol/Shield with Bomb Kit: Power, Condition Damage, Vitaly/Tougthness

Well Power seem work well with bombs , they have a direct high damage, and Vitality/Thoughtness to me is necesary to survive in melee range with engineer ( i use heal trait bombs with this build too ) The last stat would be Condition Damage because for burns, confusion and Pistol/shield damage, but i heard that preccision works great with bombs, so first doubt.

-Pistol/Shield with Elixir-Gun: Condition Damage, Heal Power, Vitality

Well, here i wouldnt have any doubts, i would go for Conditon Damagte, Heal, Power, but there one big issues, there are only 2 armors with these stats, one is only a lvl 70 exotir armor ( CM set ) and the only one ( Reyna set armor ) have Melandru runes, with i dont like to a PVE support build. So the only options left with be use Power or Preccision with Heal Power or Vitality, but i dont think that would work well with Elixir Gun

-Pistol/Pistol with Granades: Power, Precision, Condition Damage

Well this would be pretty easy, but i heard that Power, Precision and +Crit Damage works very well with granades.

-Rifle with FlameThrower Power, Condition Damage, Vitality/Thougthness

Like the bombkit, to me is necesary Vitality/Toughtness to work well in medium-short range with the Engineer in Dungeons, Power seem to work great with flamethrower, and condition damage is useful with the flamtrhower burns/bleeding, the only doubt that i had is if Preccision will add more damage to Flamethrower than Condition Damage, i used with a Power/Precision armor and works pretty well.

-Rifle with Toolkit with Power, Toughtness and Vitality

Well i would like use Toolkit like a Full damage melee weapon with power, precision and critical damage, but right now is not very good to this, i thouth in use with a full control spec to dungeons, weapon with knockbacks/CC/stuns/Cripple with turrets. If it change i woud make  a full damage armor too.

Well this would be my plan, but how i said, i have doubts about some stats so a little help would be good.

Thx a lot.

Message error triying login without Event

22 August 2012 - 03:07 PM


I have a little question, until now each time that i try login without BWE or Stress test the error message always been:

- "There no event  running etc......"

But now only give me the

-"Game client was unable to connect login-server...."

Well normally i wont worry too much but after the issues with the mail accounts yesterday i would know if someone have the same message and is normal or still recive the old event message.


Tool Kit buffed ?

22 August 2012 - 12:43 AM

Try the tool kit with medium armor golems, only  with Full Power Traits , no power ammu or runes, only traits.

I hit with skill 1 chain 700-800-1400 no critics, 1100-1100-2400 critics, and 2500 critic with Skill 3.

I cant try it with full power with ammu or runes but i think that is much higher that the last stress test, but maybe im wrong.

Edit: Ok same with full power ammu and runes, 4K critic with last 1 skill chain and no buffs:

Posted Image

With Skill 3, 4.2K damage:

Posted Image

Arena.net CM dont post here anymore ?

12 June 2012 - 10:35 AM


Im searching reviews and feedback about last BWE and view many post i didnt see any reply for arena.net, and thinking about it i dont see any arenal.net CM post for months.

I lost some issue with arena.net and guru and someone already give a resason for that ( maybe the new curse design site )? is only a guru  issue or is this happen in other web communities ?