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sPVP - Armor Runes

29 August 2012 - 08:24 PM

Anyone using anything other than the standard Thief rune set? I use a Sword/Dagger build that focuses on stealth and control (Daze, Immobilize, Blind, Scorpion Wire, Basilisk Venom, etc) and condition damage seems like a wasted stat since I don't have any poison or bleeds. The precision and flanking damage are nice but there may be better options. What do you guys think? Some I've been looking at: (From the wiki page)

Rune of the Mesmer - Crazy maybe, but it's got a good amount of power and precision and the +33% daze duration works well when you land Tactical Strike from behind.

Rune of the Pack - Maybe not that high up but some speed buffs and a good amount of power and precision

Rune of the Scholar - I'd have to test out how much I'm critting but it's got some good power and crit damage

Rune of Vampirism - Has anyone tried this yet? How is the life steal? It might add some sustain when I'm going up against beefier targets.

Rune of the Melandru - Lowering condition duration might help me escape better when ganged up on, but this may sacrifice too much damage.

Any thoughts? As strange as it may seem I'm kind of leaning towards the Mesmer rune. Assuming the daze increase works with Tactical Strike.