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In Topic: The Perfect DPS Thief Build

13 August 2013 - 12:11 AM

Great video. And now i´m baffled - DPS-wise i should opt for a full dagger AA chain and the following Double Strike of the next and THEN break the chain by using CnD? Interesting and should be possible to get used to after that 4-second-revealed disaster in PvE.

Well CoF isnt what i would call a difficult dungeon. My aiming goes towards high level fractals where i sometimes even struggle bo get a group (´cause a key crossed with a dagger means bad player for many PUGs sadly). Therefore i really need to show off what a thief is capable of - what i, MYSELF, are capable of. Which also involves getting better at thievery... else its impossible for me to do as a thief what others can do as warrior with less effort.

I guess for the runes vs orbs thing i have to crawl gw2buildcraft a bit and look at the numbers. Can´t detemrine those by myself yet (math isnt the problem, its the time i can´t put into getting used to theorycrafting).

In Topic: The Perfect DPS Thief Build

12 August 2013 - 11:30 PM

Thanks for that explanation - a lot more detailed than i expected ^^. So basicly all those damage enhancers like +5% from behind or beside, fury on steal as well as the existing intiative recovering on signets and steal do indeed out-DPS a backstab build where you´d opt for constant backstabbing via +2 ini from stealthing. Good to know (and as a side note - GW2´s pvE desperately needs some testing dummies much like the golems in the Mists, but with a bit more health so precise measurements would be possible - currently all we can do is relying on theory like spreadsheets and by direct-practicing).

This´ll help with my still lasting "thief-life crisis" i have in PvE.. mostly because it feels so pointless to use a thief if a warrior can do much better with way more offensive support. But that also may derive from me hating being just a mightstacker or bursthealer or rezbot which even made me hate the shortbow somehow while on the other side constantly dying in melee range because of the boss not being visible inside all that glowing from 4 other people. or, all in all, i am just a bad thief who seriously needs to L2P - i hate doing bad when i don´t come close to understand WHY i´m doing bad or when i do bad because i don´t play what the Meta dictates. or i just feel like i´m doing bad because nobody rewards the effort you put into group play by saying "you´re good" or stuff like that, you name it. First world problems i fear.

Would runes of the ogre fit this build as well? Because scholar are nice but once you drop below 90% their selling point is lost, and dropping below 90% may happen more often than not. or would that cripple me too much because of their lack of precision?

In Topic: The Perfect DPS Thief Build

12 August 2013 - 06:42 PM

I am quite puzzled right now and not enough into theorycrafting maybe, but why is 25/30/0/0/15 better suited or why does it give more DPS for a backstabber? Without at least 10 points in SA you can´t repeat the backstab combo over and over again. Since PvE is almost always the optimal situation where you can be behind the boss for CnD - BS - Double Strike - Wild Strike - Lotus Strike its about 3 times that combo in ten seconds which would mean a solid 6 initiative regained by SA V. So can you please explain me why 25/30/0/0/15 would yield more DPS than 25/30/10/0/5? Group-wise those 10 points would of course be better placed in Trickery - but what is the actual math behind that build?

In Topic: Challenge: Best Backstab

23 May 2013 - 09:47 PM

if thats the reason, then its fine... it´s just that i see so many people bragging about their builds but won´t share any detail on it. Was a bit prematurely charged, i admit.

In Topic: Challenge: Best Backstab

23 May 2013 - 06:07 PM

Why would you want to hide your skills? And why would you want to hide your build? You are wanting participants to be honest and dont even want to show what you are doing? I like people bragging about numbers without sharing detail on it. I really like them. Almost as much as i like whale crap.