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In Topic: Zerg diving hit and run Ele, viable?

13 January 2014 - 04:42 PM

Yeah, you are right about the build. Just wanted to try something else then staff. :P And of course I meant the chruning eart THEN lightning flash combo, sorry if that was unclear. But I have actually started testing this a bit, and yeah, it's just not viable. Maybe If they changed up the skills on earth shield. (As it is now, it has no uses whatso ever.) And Yes I too thought that the invincibillity was mobile, and would let me still cast skills... was a bit of a bummer :P

Thanks for the reply though.

In Topic: Questions about Shout Heal Viability

27 October 2013 - 09:15 PM

Well that does show that I'm not an experienced shout build user :P

And no, runes of altruism do not proc on shout heals, but you're already have enough skills and a short enough cooldownd on healing signet to give your group perma might and fury.

The cleric's gear is there to kinda make the heals 'feel' like they count. The build as is is all over the place, being a bit supportive, maintaining some sense of survivabillity and trying not to give away too much damage in the proces. It's not a min max build, put from your post and my personal tastes in builds I'd say it does pretty well (Except for the obvious flaws Kruschev pointed out)

In Topic: Questions about Shout Heal Viability

27 October 2013 - 02:12 PM

Well, personally this style of play doesn't fit me very well, but if I would run a shout build, this is is probably how I would
run it:


Switch empower allies into empowered if you play solo. Alternatively, you could go for soldier runes, and spend the 10 trait poits in discipline now in strength in stead for the slashing power trait. You can then also switch out your heal for healing surge, and your elite for the banner. But I kinda liked the perma might and fury you can give to your group with the runes of altruism combined with 'for great justice'.

Haven't personally tested this, so see what you make of this build. :)

In Topic: Pretend you worked at Anet...

27 October 2013 - 11:20 AM

I'm going to be short about this, since I have a lot of ideas..

Thing I would change:
- Personal story as is now doesn't feel neither personal nor as a real story. Change it to make it truly branching and impactfull (Will take a lot of work, but the lore is awesome and deserves an equally awesome story) Automatically also changes story missions, to make them more varied and challenging, and of course changing the final encounter with zhaitan. (Dragons in general will be a much bigger threat in this story)
- The "cinematic 'artsy' people standing still talking to each other cutscenes", changed into dynamic in game footage cutscenes.
- Holiday events and ingame festivities cycle through each of the major cities, to make for a change in scenery.
- Dynamic events no longer cycle through at fixed timed intervals but are either randomly generated, or triggered by othe events, be it players or the state of the zone.Living story updates will always add at least 1 or 2 events to zones to constantly update events.
- Each zone will get a truly massive 'meta' event which changes the zone in a very significant way. For example the dam's in queensdale breaking and flooding half of the map, making it play underwater. Or a massive orrian attack that really feels like war. Or just dragons flying over laying waste to the land.
- Changing each of the borderlands into unique maps.
- Allowing for more ways to capture and defend poitns in wvw. (Think, infiltration, staging uprisings etc.)
- Allowing keeps and towers to be built on certain fixed locations with enough supply. Under strict rules.
- More npc's  and events in wvw, making it really feel like open world with the risk of pvp all around, and not like an empty battlground.
- Mob change with a focus on AI and responsiveness. Making Mobs more dangerous, and more importantly; making them feel more dangerous.
- More interesting mechanics for mobs and bosses, and in general more attacks and options for increasingly mobile bosses.
- Living story should not be driven by new shiny things to be sold at the gem store, but by actual story. If the choice between more living story or better living story should be made, always choose better.
- Special annual tournaments for pvp, with special conditions or maps. (like a halloween tournament where, after you're killed you can continue as a ghost, or something of that sort of thing.)

Things I would add:
- A big full sized expansion, including a fight with a new elder dragon, and progression of the (fixed) story. Will add a lot of new zones. May also include new race and all that jazz.
- Dueling
- Mob specific drops (which include new armor skins, also for low levels)
- New activities, and promised activities in game for each of the major cities.
- Customisable player housing in the home instance.
- Guild halls and GvG.
- Player created content in the form of bounties, (mini)dungeons, and quests
- New weapons, utillity skills and traits for all professions for more variety and horizontal progression.
- more game modes for pvp wit new maps.

and probably a lot more.. but I gotta eat :P

In Topic: Looking for that Old Feeling

02 September 2013 - 05:34 PM

This is most likely clouded by nostalgia, but I think Lufia 2 is one of the best of the classic rpg's ever made. It does have a good, slightly cliché-ish story, but it still feels like I personally know the characters. The combat is actually fun, the music is great, it has puzzles, tameable monsters, and just about everything that all the old rpg's have. If you're looking for that good old feeling, similar like Final fantasy, then you have 100s of hours of fun in this one. Not even including the randomly generated dungeon that I still pley even to this day.

You'll need either a snes or a snes emulator though, but those ar quite easy to install, so just try it. Actually, everyone should try it :P