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In game chat question

12 September 2012 - 09:05 PM

Here's a silly question (well hope not too silly). Let's say I'm in Divinity's Reach, or whatever town or map location. I see the chat going by in the box. Most of it is in red. When I type something it's in green. Does that mean that my chat covers the entire town's map and it's just a way to see where I am in the conversation?

My confusion comes from seeing at times other people's chat in green too, even though the majority is in red. It has kept me from trying to use chat until I can tell what is going on. The couple of times I've typed an answer to a question, someone else will answer the same question and I can't tell if they were talking to me or not. When I ask a question, and it's been maybe two times, it's been met by silence lol.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can answer. Oh, and for the chat options in the drop down menu next to "Main", all the boxes are checked except for combat.