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The District Nudists - US, Family Friendly

23 May 2012 - 12:43 AM

The District Nudists [NUDE] were formed out of the fun-loving, care-free atmosphere of the earliest Guild Wars events in 2003. We came together out of the desire for a fun and relaxed environment where we could enjoy the game we loved.

After playing GW together for many years, we kept in touch while many of us individually or in small numbers moved on to games such as WoW, Warhammer, Aion, Rift, and SWTOR. But at heart, we were always a Guild Wars guild! And now we are ready to charge head first into Guild Wars 2.

We are a small, casual guild, where members will gladly give the shirts off their character's backs to help each other out. The easy-going nature of the guild masks the spectrum of talent within, with core members ranging from those who play casually when they're not taking care of their families, to the hardcore ex-WoW raiders who run on 3 hours sleep if it means finishing that dungeon. If you have a question, someone knows the answer. If you need help, someone will be there, no matter the task.

The guild as a whole tends to lean towards the PvE side of the game, while some individual members do focus more on PvP. We won't be fielding any tournament wining teams in the near future, but as long as you are a respectful, helpful person, you'll find the fellowship and camaraderie to help you best enjoy whichever area of GW2 you enjoy most. With players being able to join multiple guilds at the same time, we strive to be a place of drama-free stability where people can just have a good time doing what they love. Members are more than welcome to find that PvP focused guild, or the large WvW monster guild, but we will always come back to take care of our family.

We are currently located on the Crystal Desert server for the duration of the beta events, but this is subject to change come release. The majority of our player base is located throughout the US, though we've gladly accepted members from other parts of the world. Members are required to register an account on our forums, and Ventrilo is encouraged but not required. You can find our forums here:


If you think this could be the guild for you, then we encourage you to stop by.