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a few GD related questions. Thx for help!

16 August 2012 - 05:25 PM

long time follower of gw2 here. big attention on warrior until made a switch in bwe2 due to gd interesting gameplay n bore of BC&100b combo.

i have some things that need clarification. apology if they have been asked/addressed before.

- how does zealot's flame work?
upon activation is it on me for 10 secs and does it burn enemies when they are close?
do i have to channel it or do i press just once and it stay on? can i do auto attack while its burning? can i use instant ability while its burning (even when its being channeled). and when it burn nearby enemies and then they move away from me, how long does the burn condition stay on for? 1s? 10s?

- searing flames application
if the target already has burn condition and then i apply more burn on him do i get to have 25% chance boon removal from the newly apply burn?
how does searing flames work with utility like purging flame and hallowed ground? these area utility does burning pulse do i get to have 25% chance boon removal every pulse?
how does searing flames work with spirit weapons with a fire inside trait (spirit weapons cause burning)?

- inner fire
when you are set on fire, you gain fury. how does this synergise with any of our weapon skills, utilities and traits? or do we get fury boon from getting burnt by enemies only?

- quick question about virtues
can i activate virtues when iam being disabled/stunned?

- perfect inscription trait
what the improved effects of each signets?

that be all. thx guys!

Internal CD indicator on traits

18 May 2012 - 07:19 AM

Apology if this was brought up earlier.

I just think it would be helpful to have a countdown on readiness of auto activated traits such as Warrior's Shrug it off or Last Stand.

Surely this would not be too hard to implement no?